Is sex really all there is to a simulated doll?

2 min readJan 5, 2022

In fact, for those who want to have a physical doll, you don’t need to tell what the role of a physical doll is, if you have to say, you can name a bunch of them: venting desire, not having to be a jerk Sir, a healthier way to have sex, etc

But does this really mean that physical dolls can only be used for sex?

The answer is wrong!

Although you can call her a silicone doll, a replica doll, or a physical doll, you can’t help but know that — she’s not just a doll or a doll for you to ravish and pleasure, she’s a person!

To put it simply, she is a companion, moreover a mental and physical one!

The role of a physical doll or silicone doll cannot be all about sex, but more about companionship and solace.

Take our manufacturer’s many models of solid dolls, whether it is the temptation of the plump breasts and buttocks or the charm of the beauty Daji, or the innocence of a fairy coming down to earth, the pouting nobility of a golden branch, or the vibrant health and sunshine and sporty atmosphere

We should all pay more attention to these qualities and her characteristics as a human being, rather than simply calling them or treating them as “it”

As she is with you, over time, whether you are poor or prosperous, mediocre or uneventful, she will walk with you and slowly become an integral part of your life

When you walk through the years and look back, perhaps you should be able to say to her the words — never to part!

Let yourself say goodbye to singleness and find a lover who can be with you quietly, who will never want anything, who will never be jealous. This lover will only be there for you. Take her home, the physical doll that belongs to you. Nowadays there are various types of sex dolls you can choose the one you want according to the type you like, they can be anime sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, black sex dolls and so on, they can not only help you to solve your sexual needs but also can be very good to accompany you, so you will not be so lonely and isolated.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.