Is the physical sex doll of the simulation person as beautiful as the photo advertised by the manufacturer?

6 min readMay 21, 2021


If you want to buy a real human sex doll that is consistent with the picture, we must first have a certain understanding of the physical doll.

1. What is a physical doll

The artificial human sex doll is an adult doll that looks very like a real person and feels like a real person to the touch. It has soft breasts and buttocks, and has a realistic soft vagina, anus and mouth that can be sexually intercourse. It is a real human sex doll. There are also great spiritual fantasies and spiritual companionship functions, which can be dressed up and role-played, and can be combined with their respective sexual fantasies to engage in sexual desire, stimulate male sexual desire, and satisfy male sexual fantasies. The height of the simulated human sex doll is about the size of a real person, or slightly smaller than the real person. It is an adult doll made of silicone or TPE material.

According to the material points, the artificial human sex dolls are divided into the following types:

(1) Simulated human sex doll made of silicone material. Pouring at room temperature is easy to paint and more expensive.

(2) Real human sex doll made of TPE material. Pouring at high temperature, painting is more troublesome, and the price is cheap.

(3) The head is made of silicone and the body is made of TPE material. Combining the advantages of the above two, the price is moderate.

(4) Real human sex doll made of super polymer SEEPS material. The doll with the highest quality and high price at present.

2. What materials are made of the physical doll and what are the characteristics?

There are two kinds of materials for the physical sex dolls of the simulator: silicone material and TPE material:

(1) TPE material entity doll

TPE is thermoplastic and does not require a vulcanization process, and has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber. It can be described as a combination of advantages of plastic and rubber, so TPE can be several times lower than the Shore hardness of silicone. The density of the doll’s body parts can be freely arranged during TPE injection molding. The lower the density, the softer, and the higher the density, the more elastic. The manufacturing process of the TPE doll is to add the TPE material to a high temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius, and then inject the softened TPE material into the mold, and then disassemble the mold after cooling down, take out the formed physical doll, and perform the next modification.

(2) Entity doll of silicone material

The main component of silica gel is silicon dioxide, which has stable chemical properties, strong adsorption capacity, good biocompatibility, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-allergic to human tissues; it has good physical and chemical properties and is compatible with gas and liquid. It can maintain its original elasticity and softness during the contact process without being degraded. It is a fairly stable inert substance, can withstand high temperature, can be sterilized, is convenient for processing and molding, and has a smooth hand feeling. Silicone rubber hardness can be adjusted to be the softest at 0 degrees and the hardest at 20 degrees. Silicone oil can be added to adjust the softness.

3. Coating differences of physical dolls of different materials

The coating process and technology of the artificial human sex doll directly affects the appearance quality of the artificial human entity doll.

Physical doll made of TPE material: TPE material is relatively soft, the surface is easy to dye, easy to deform, easy to oil, makeup and body details are relatively simple, can not transplant hair, can not plant eyelashes, easy to take off makeup. There are currently some manufacturers in TPE body coating that can do it, such as Shenzhen Jingjun doll, XY doll, Yuqu doll, RZR doll and other companies. Their TPE body coating process is comparable to that of silicone, but it is still durable. Will be a little bit different from silicone.

(Tpe head carving)

Physical doll made of silicone material: soft material, slightly hard ductility, not easy to stain the surface, not easy to produce oil, not easy to deform, body curve and skin texture and other details can be done very well, can be simulated skin texture and blood vessel painting, face The makeup can be applied in multiple layers, hair and eyelashes can be planted, and the overall makeup feel is realistic and long-lasting, very beautiful.

(Silicone head carving)

4. Is the physical sex doll of the artificial person as beautiful as the photo advertised by the manufacturer?

The physical sex dolls of imitations are not necessarily as beautiful as the photos advertised by the manufacturers. This is because of the following reasons:

(1) The makeup drawn by different paint masters may not be exactly the same. For example, a doll made by paint master A is used for promotional photos and put on the website. After the customer placed the order, the production was arranged. After the production was completed, the painter B was arranged for painting. It is impossible for different people to have exactly the same technique and color sensitivity. Therefore, the actual picture and the photo will appear a little different in the makeup. , But they are actually the same doll.

(2) When the mold is updated, each mold will be lost. Once the loss reaches a certain level, it can no longer be used. The mold needs to be replaced. The new mold may have some small deviations to a certain extent, resulting in the use of new molds. There is a slight difference between the dolls that were shot and put on the shelves before.

(3) The light and the reason for the photo retouching. Each doll will have enough light when shooting to ensure that the most beautiful photo is taken. After the photo is taken, the light will be adjusted in the later stage, and it will also The outline and body shape of the doll in the picture are adjusted in detail in order to present the most beautiful state of this doll. Therefore, the dolls we see on the website are very, very beautiful, because behind the efforts of the photographer. Our actual doll looks the same as on the website, but there is a slight difference due to the shooting light and refinement.

(4) Because of the material of the doll, the real silicone doll is very exquisite, because the painting of his makeup is very delicate, very realistic, and the photos taken should not be too retouched. The gap between the real thing and the picture is very small. TPE dolls will look more transparent and fake because of the material. Therefore, when shooting, the photographer will use light to make her look more beautiful and realistic, and the taken photos will also be modified. Because the actual picture of TPE doll and the picture on the website are quite different.

Of course, manufacturers with strict quality control, their dolls are almost the same as the dolls in the pictures, such as Shenzhen Jingjun, XY doll, RZR doll, etc. They will strive to be authentic in the painting and shooting of the dolls, and give customers the best Experience.

5. How can I buy a simulated human sex doll that is consistent with the picture?

(1) Before purchasing, you are required to view unmodified real shot pictures or videos. If there is a big gap between the pictures on the website, you can choose not to buy them.

(2) Buy dolls on regular websites, don’t buy from unknown small factories or shops, because you don’t know if the photos on his website and the real photos sent to you were stolen.

(3) The probability of buying a silicone doll that is consistent with the picture is greater than that of a TPE doll. If you are more concerned about facial makeup, you can choose a doll with a combination of silicone head + TPE body, so you can get a physical sex with a beautiful face and a soft body doll.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.