Japanese life-size sex doll love

3 min readJul 12, 2021

Sex dolls come in many colors, shapes, and are made of different materials. You will find that when you bid for sex dolls, you will be asked to choose between silicone and TPE materials for sex dolls. Silicone and TPE are refined plastic materials developed over the years using high-quality chemicals; no wonder they feel and look like real skin. So, if you want to know why you should choose silicone sex dolls, the advantages and disadvantages of silicone, and what you need to do to make sure your sex dolls stay in good condition, please read on.

Silicone dolls are hypoallergenic.

This means that sex dolls are made of materials that are less reactive with human skin. Therefore, even when using silicone sex dolls for unprotected sex, don’t expect allergies.

Silicone sex dolls have a more realistic feel than any other dolls.

For men, sex must go through small holes, and silicone dolls just make you easier. The materials used to make the anus and vagina are of high quality, so the sutures feel as real as a normal vagina or anus.

The silicone sex doll material has antifouling and antifouling functions.

If you have a silicone sex doll, you can wear fabrics of any color at will without worrying about being stained by colors or dyes. This is an advantage because it means that caring for silicone sex dolls is very easy.

Why choose silicone sex dolls?

The right question is why you should buy a WM doll and what purpose do you plan to use it for. First of all, are you going to take a hot bath in the bathtub with her? Do you want to dress her in colorful clothes freely? Does appearance and touch excite you? What is your budget range? How much can you spend to maintain it?

Silicone sex dolls are easy to maintain, which is one of the reasons you should choose them. The upfront cost may be high, but you have to realize that you can’t spend a penny to take care of it, which means it’s worth it. You should also choose a silicone sex doll, because you can use it to take a hot bath without harming your body and skin. If you are a colorful person, you can also choose silicone sex dolls, because silicone will not stick to the color and tone of the skin. But there are also situations where it is impossible to choose a silicone sex doll; if it is opened by sight and touch.

Most Japanese doll seller websites have all the advantages and disadvantages of silicone materials so that you can access the information before purchasing the doll. Whether you want a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll, it depends on you and the doll you want. What we can assure you is that they all feel great.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.