Know why they like sex dolls with wide hips

3 min readAug 20, 2021

Many men think that women with big buttocks are more attractive, which is a very specific reason for male psychology.

This kind of strange pattern will also affect the choice when buying sex dolls in Spain, because consumers prefer this type of dolls.

The hip area is the most obvious part of a woman’s body curve, and a certain part is the best-looking part of a woman, which will cause greater pleasure and desire.

Women with wide hips will increase brain activity on a biological level, which directly affects sexual needs.

Although it sounds strange, a study showed that 14 25-year-old men showed brain activity similar to drugs or alcohol after observing pornographic photos of these women.

Why is it beneficial to buy sex dolls with wide hips?

The same research that tried to provide answers to this sexual orientation of sex dolls also emphasized other aspects, such as:

It has a high content of polyunsaturated fats and is useful for blood cholesterol.

The separation of toxic particles helps make important processes more effective and healthy.

The children of women with wide hips are smarter than others who are less sexy.

Men whose partners have this particular sex are more sexually active.

Body shape is a very important aspect, which is why men with curvy women are happier than other men.

Is it okay to buy a sex doll with a wide hip and big breasts?

This is another debate about choosing the best sex dolls in Spain, because many men decide to choose products with all physical properties.

Dolls with full breasts and buttocks are an important trigger for world-class and Spanish sales rankings.

Full breasts are related to the mother-child relationship during breastfeeding, while hips are more due to sexual orientation. There are many types of dolls nowadays, whether you like sex dolls with big ass or sex dolls with big boobs, they will give you a satisfactory answer. They can satisfy all your fantasies and needs

According to research conducted by Larry Young, a psychiatrist at Emory University, physical aspects affect neurological and social behavior.

This also proves that the more curves of women or sex dolls, the higher the satisfaction of men. So curvy sex dolls have always been popular with men.

More than 56% of buyers decide to buy this type of sexy doll, but it makes sense to admit that they are much more expensive.

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