Male sex dolls: pleasure for men and women

3 min readSep 6, 2021

If you study the history of sex dolls, you will quickly realize that traditionally most dolls have been made for the pleasure of men for women. This was not the case until recently. Yes, there are definitely male sex dolls. They just make up a very small percentage of the dolls sold. The male dolls that were sold were usually sold to bisexual people, or lowly gay men.

Now, male sex dolls are becoming more and more popular. We may not sell as many male partners as we do female partners, but the numbers are still significant. So, what has changed? We don’t think the idea of male dolls is as taboo as it used to be. Here are a few reasons why.

Women are becoming more active

While things certainly aren’t perfect, we’re finding that women are becoming more sexually active than ever before and are seeing more women using sex dolls. They are pursuing sexual relationships on their own terms, buying sex toys without shame, and expecting the fun and companionship of male, silicone and TPE dolls. In fact, sex toy consumption is almost entirely dominated by women. It was only a matter of time before women made the leap from discrete items such as vibrators and dildos to something more “substantial”.

Male Sex Doll Sales Increase Due to Male Coming Out

Male sex dolls

Just as women are becoming more sexually powerful, so are men who are members of the LGBTQ community. They are becoming more open about their relationships and less likely to hide their sexual orientation. An important part of this is that gay, trans and bisexual men are becoming bolder in their search for options to meet their sexual needs. There is a new sense of empowerment among members of this community, and we have found that this has led to an increased interest in male dolls. There are even straight men who are interested in male dolls.

Male sex dolls are now better constructed and more functional

For a long time, dolls were made that were much better than the dolls we made, dolls that were made to accommodate men and women who liked to receive. The result is that sex with these dolls is often awkward and uncomfortable. Women and men who were interested in this simply used the option that worked better.

Today, the situation has completely changed. We work with companies that make male sex dolls with very realistic genitalia. They look and feel like the anatomy you would find in a human being, and they provide a very realistic sexual experience.

It’s not just the sexual organs that have been improved. Our dolls are realistic from head to toe. Everything is absolutely realistic, from the touch of the skin to the feel of the muscles. All of this leads to better sex and better companionship. If you are curious, we will explain in detail how to use sex dolls in another blog post.

Are you interested in male sex dolls? You can now build the man of your dreams

If you check out our collection of female male sex dolls, you’ll find that we have some great options. Whether you want a cute slim doll, a gifted companion, a subtle doll, or a doll that looks like he just stepped out of an anime fantasy, we’ve got you covered.

But what if you want something more personalized? If so, you’re not alone. Many of our customers don’t want dolls that anyone can buy. They want sex dolls that look like humans and reflect their fantasies and preferences. That’s why we offer our clients the opportunity to work with us to create custom sex dolls to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

We will create a full size sex doll of their own based on the requests they make.




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