Military prostitute Fang Yun

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Part I: Special training without prostitutes

“Split your legs, I’m going to come in.”

Fang Yun subconsciously separated her legs and welcomed a new penis into her body.

I don’t know who is the first person. She didn’t know how long she had been lying on this simple steel bed. It seemed that there was no end. There were men entering her body constantly, shaking quickly, and then injecting a pool of semen into her vagina. With such a continuous cycle, her lower body was already numb, but her mind was still sober.

The sturdy penis moved in and out of her body quickly, hitting Huanglong every time, and she made a slight “umh” groan. It was not that she had no pleasure, but that the continuous orgasm had already made his body already in place. The state of collapse.

These young men who went in and out of her are all sailors in their early twenties. Only after a whole week of training can they have such a day to enjoy the service of military prostitutes. Naturally, everyone is extremely hardworking, and even still has a lot of intentions. Yes, after going out, stand at the end of the line and have to make another serve.

Military prostitutes, or more formally called servicemen with the military, are an important means of ensuring morale and combat effectiveness, and they are also a very important military material.

Yes, supplies. According to the International Law of War, military prostitutes with the army should not be considered combatants unless they participate in combat. Military prostitutes captured by the enemy should provide sexual services to the other party, and the captors can dispose of military prostitutes accompanying the enemy in accordance with the country’s combat customs and war laws.

In the international market, military prostitutes with the military are also an important means for some countries to export foreign exchange. Under the control of BB, country C is a very glorious thing to become a military prostitute. There are about 4 million national defense forces in country C, including Close to 500,000 military prostitutes. These 500,000 military prostitutes are young women between the ages of 20 and 28, and each of them has passed a very strict physical examination before being selected. Someone once joked that the criteria for selecting military prostitutes exceeds the criteria for selecting pilots. Although this is a joke, it is an indisputable fact that every military prostitute has excellent physical fitness. Because there have been cases in which military prostitutes were raped to death by strong soldiers just after they were assigned to the company because of the fact that the favor of the people was only looked at the appearance but not the quality when recruiting. Therefore, every military prostitute nowadays is an all-rounder who pays equal attention to beauty and physique.

After Fang Yun graduated from Wuyi Affiliated High School, she was chosen as the military prostitute of the year and was successfully hired, signing a seven-year service contract. After signing the contract, Fang Yun was sent to a military prostitute training center in the city for three months of training. After the training, she was assigned to this company.

Although in terms of the ratio of the number of people, almost ten people can be assigned to one military prostitute, but in reality, only one company can have one military prostitute. Where are the more military prostitutes? They are all in the general’s villa.

This is not an unspoken rule, but the level of treatment explicitly stipulated. At the level of the battalion commander, you can enjoy one of your own full-time military prostitutes, two regiment commanders, five brigade commanders, ten division commanders, army commanders, and even The commander of the higher group army and the commander of the military region is no longer the treatment of a few, but the treatment that all military prostitutes can choose at will.

And she was in this company. It has been three months since the former military prostitute had resigned. The company commander ran to the regiment and said cruelly that he would not return to the company if he couldn’t get a military prostitute. Therefore, Fang Yun came here in a daze. Among a group of hungry men.

On the first night, she was gang-raped by more than one hundred and twenty big guys all night. For the next three days, she separated her legs mechanically every day, allowing the man to ejaculate in her swollen vagina.

After a week’s rest, there are special medicines available from military doctors to treat sexual trauma. As long as one course of treatment, the vagina will return to a healthy state. She began to receive these lovely soldiers on a regular basis.

They are just too hungry!

These soldiers are actually very kind and try their best to be considerate of her. Although the action is sometimes rough, it does not intentionally hurt her. They usually come in a class as a whole after nightfall. There are nine people in a class, which means she has to deal with nine stout penises in one night. A company has six platoons, and each platoon has four platoons. With the addition of company members, almost a squad can only come to her once a month, so Fang Yun will not complain that they are with her. Relying on not leaving or sending one after another.

However, today’s situation is a bit special. The soldiers are going to sea to participate in the exercise. It is estimated that it will take more than a month to come and go. Together, the company commander decided to let the big guys have a good time today, all the staff were there, relax, and then go to the exercise in a happy mood and full of energy.

The result was that Fang Yun had been fucked by them for a day and night with her legs apart, and she still couldn’t see her head.

She felt like she had completely lost consciousness from below her waist. When the first person came up to fuck her, her slender and powerful legs could still wrap around his waist. She was still sweet when the first five came up. Moaning, when the tenth came, I could just appreciate her flushing under the endless orgasm, and her breast milk trembling flattery. When the twentieth came, her vagina was slippery and her eyes were silky, two pieces The labia majora opened completely, the labia minora bloomed like petals, the clitoris was erected high, the nipples were erect and straight, and white milk was continuously secreted from her full breasts. Every penis is smooth when it enters, and Fang Yun’s artifact called the mouth of the aquarium keeps the semen they shot in her body firmly in her body. Maybe they will wait until they come back. You can see Fang Yun, a military prostitute with a slightly raised belly.

Just when she was so distracted, a pair of big hands turned her over, and the penis was poked in from her ass: “Thank you for your hard work.”

It seemed to be the voice of the company commander, but she had no strength to respond, and could only hum two or three weakly.

“We’re gone, you can take a good rest. When we come back, everyone…” The company commander shook her ass while arranging the next step. Fang Yun was already too lazy to think about it. Things after more than a month, anyway, will not be killed, just a little harder.

After the company commander had a shot in her ass, he asked the military doctor to send her to the break room. Her legs couldn’t close together, and the ligaments at the base of her thigh seemed to be broken and sore. The military doctor took a pointed soft leather tube and inserted it into her vagina, and stuck it all the way into Huaxin. Fang Yun cried out in pain. The military doctor was still poking it inside. Fang Yun’s painful tears were all About to stay, the pointed mouth finally pierced the cervix and entered her uterus filled with semen. The military doctor connected the other end of the hose to a machine, pressed a button, and an acidic bubble liquid spurted out of the pointed mouth. These things were terrifying natural enemies for the sperm wandering in her body, but the bubbles were yet again. It is all-pervasive. It not only fills the space in the uterus quickly, but also enters the fallopian tube, and some flows back into the vagina. Fang Yun saw that a long tentacle grew out of her vagina. Countless bubbles poured out of beer are pouring out of the vagina, like a bottle of champagne that has just been opened.

“You take a rest, and you will get better soon.” The military doctors have taken no surprises about the trauma on her body. They only need to apply some nano-robot ointment on the sore and it will be white and flawless tomorrow without scars.

After he put on an oxygen mask for her, he sent her into the biochemical medical cabin, and countless tentacles began to bustle on her. Soon Fang Yun felt exhaustion coming from all directions, unknowingly. Falling into a sweet dreamland.

Some of those spiritual self-discipline mechanical tentacles turned into a pair of plump stalactites with suckers tightly wrapped around her chest. This pair of treasures is her most cherished treasure, but in the military camp, The most beautiful breasts are also the fate of being rubbed hard by those big guys who have been tired all day on the training ground. As a military prostitute, she had to inject lactation potions into herself every week as required, so her milk never stopped, and she was surprised by the abundant amount. Fortunately, it’s not bad to eat in the barracks without money, otherwise she will worry about whether her nutrition can keep up.

Compared with those big guys who always rub a woman’s breasts like a ball, these self-discipline machines are much gentler to her, even the sucking mouth that clamps her nipples rhythmically sucks and sucks, and the source The constant milky milk sucked out her breasts. Other self-discipline machines gently wiped the scars on her body. The two tentacles separated her labia and began to apply a cooling ointment to remove blood stasis-prolonged sexual intercourse made her labia swollen. If it is dropped, there is a high chance that it will become the so-called black fungus. After being processed by the self-discipline machine, her vulva, which has been in and out of more than 100 meat sticks, is still as beautiful as she was when she was sixteen.

There was another thin, long, self-disciplined machine that inserted its tentacles into Fang Yun’s anus. The feeling that Chrysanthemum was violated made her murmur twice in her sleep, but she did not wake up.

More self-discipline machines entangled, they circled her jade feet and massaged each of her jade toes. When she woke up the next day, she would feel that she was completely bloodied. Full of magic.

After Fang Yun pulled out the tube that was still in her vagina, there was a “poof” between her double thighs, which was filled with unknown liquid, and it was a bit warm. She hurried to take a hot bath. In the steaming mist, she carefully checked her body again, and she was still so sexy. The slender and white thighs, the slender waist, and the plump milkmelon like a bell are all peerless creatures that charm all living beings.

I don’t know how many days have passed since this kind of life. It’s not a way to keep going like this. Fang Yun really doesn’t want to live this kind of life anymore, so she proposed to buy high-quality sex dolls, saying that the sex dolls nowadays are very realistic and attractive. What’s the difference between the feelings of her, Fang Yun never thought that the army actually listened to her advice and bought sex dolls, and they are all different. One is black sex doll for women. This doll looks very sexy and gives People have a strong sense of sexual desire. The sailors are very excited when they see it. The other doll is a mini sex doll 65cm. This doll is also quite tasteful, not worse than the first one. The last doll is a mini anime sex doll, these 3 dolls. Fang Yun breathed a sigh of relief at the arrival of the doll, and finally didn’t have to be so tired, and the soldiers could also choose the doll they wanted according to their own preferences, so this was a very good decision, Fang Yun thought in her heart.




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