Mom’s panties

7 min readMay 13, 2021


My father passed away at an early age, and only my mother and I depended on each other in the family. I remember that I was only 12 years old the year my father passed away. In order to support me, my mother had to do two jobs every day to make ends meet. Therefore, I have often been at home alone since I was a child.

I remember that it was a certain day in the year when I was 15 years old. When I was in the shower, I accidentally found my mother’s changed underwear.

I was very curious for a while, and wanted to smell the scent of girls, so I picked up the underwear and brought it close to my nose. Suddenly, I realized that the taste was so good, I couldn’t help sticking out my tongue and licking the secretions left by Ma Shang’s mother.

My penis has long since grown too big. While licking my panties, I fiddled with my penis.

Finally, I ejaculated! And the amount is much more than usual. Although I had already ejaculated, my mouth still didn’t stop. I almost stuffed the entire inner side of my panties into my mouth, just because I couldn’t bear to leave the smell.

I went out of the bathroom, still holding my mother’s panties in my mouth, and I started looking through my mother’s closet. When I saw the secretion marks on the little underwear, my penis swelled again.

I put on my mother’s underwear, masturbated again on my penis with a pair of underwear in my hand, and kept licking my mother’s secretions in my mouth. I ejaculated again, and it was on my mother’s panties.

In this way, I fell in love with my mother’s panties from then on. Later, every time I took a bath, I had to wait until my mother finished washing, just to lick my mother’s secretions on the panties.

I am not satisfied with my mother’s underwear, I found that I have fallen in love with my mother. I began to peep into my mother’s bath, and began to imagine masturbating with her mother. I will secretly wipe my semen on clean mother’s panties while my mother is away.

When my mother’s menstruation comes, I will pick up the sanitary napkin used by my mother, lick and masturbate. I have been addicted to my mother’s underwear and fantasies of sex with my mother.

One day, as usual, I picked up my mother’s panties in the bathroom to masturbate, and ejaculated on my mother’s panties. Unexpectedly, because of the malfunction of the washing machine at home, my mother went into the bathroom to wash my clothes after I finished the shower.

I was so nervous at the time, I was afraid that my mother would find my semen on her underwear. Mom picked up pieces of small clothes and started poking them up with her hands, and when she picked up the panties with my semen, she stopped suddenly and picked it up and smelled it lightly. .

I know that my mother recognizes the taste of semen. When I was at a loss and wanted to hide in the room, I saw a smile on the corner of my mother’s mouth, with a hint of ruddy.

Soon, a few clothes were washed by my mother in a few minutes. I sat on the sofa in the living room, trembling, afraid to make a sound. Mom dried the clothes and went into the room without saying anything.

In the next few days, I stopped masturbating in the bathroom and never picked up my mother’s underwear to smell it. But I found that since that day, my mother would turn over her underwear before washing, and she seemed to have a trace of disappointment every time.

In this way, about a week later, I began to find that my mother seemed to have deliberately put her underwear on the top of the change of clothes.

At first I thought it was accidental, but then I found that my mother’s movements became more and more obvious, and even put the side of the underwear with the secretion up. Moreover, the color and volume of the secretions also seem to be darker and more than before. I began to suspect that my mother seemed to be tempting me.

One day, when I couldn’t help peeking at my mother taking a bath again, I discovered that my mother was masturbating in the bathroom, and she was wearing underwear. Not only that, when she finished masturbating, she deliberately turned the inner side of the panties outside and placed them on the top of the change of clothes.

I finally understood my mother’s intentions, so since that day I have taken up my mother’s panties more boldly and masturbated, and deliberately shot them on my mother’s panties. After ejaculation, I will deliberately turn the side with my semen out and put it on the top to give back the secretions that my mother left me.

Later I learned that my mother had fallen in love with my semen, and she would pick it up to masturbate. although. At the spiritual level, the two of us have surpassed the mother-child relationship, but in fact there is no physical relationship.

In this way, our mother and son enjoyed mental incest for about half a year.

Until one day, that year was my summer vacation. In the evening, I followed the usual routine and went into the bathroom after my mother finished washing. When I just wanted to pick up my mother’s underwear, I suddenly found a note on a basket. I opened it and it said:

“Xiao Yi, come to mom’s room tonight!” I was ecstatic, I knew what was going to happen tonight, and my wish for many years was finally fulfilled. In order to have sex with my beloved mother, I took a bath very hard.

At night, less than 10 o’clock, my mother went into the room. I couldn’t wait to turn off the light in the living room. After waiting for about 10 minutes, I walked to the door of my mother’s room and clicked it twice.

“Come in” When I entered the room, it was so dark that I couldn’t see anything.

I walked gently to my mother’s bed, not knowing what to say for a while. My mother was more sophisticated. She first said, “Sit down.” So I sat on the bed. In this way, we were silent for a while. At this time, because my pupils have adapted to the darkness, I can clearly see my mother’s figure. I can see that she is wearing a tulle pajamas, but she can’t tell if she wears underwear.

“Xiao Yi, do you know why your mother asked you to come to my room?” “I don’t know” I pretended to be confused on purpose.

“Then I’ll make it clear! Your father has passed away for so many years, and your mother has finally worked so hard to raise you, and your youth is long gone. Mom is so emotional that what you did in the bathroom recently is emotionally surprised and happy. These are these. Over the years, my mother has been busy with work, and she has long forgotten about the relationship between men and women. Although there are some physiological needs sometimes unavoidable, they have suppressed it with willpower. Until a while ago I smelled it. The smell of your semen on my panties and the thought of an incestuous relationship between you and me made me interested in sex again. I guess you should still be a virgin!?” I am embarrassed and a little bit embarrassed. nod.

“It doesn’t matter, my mother hasn’t been in so many years, so she’s almost like you.” Mom said with a smile.

“Today, my mother wants you to experience the real femininity. I don’t know what you think?” I nodded happily. Mom laughed too.

“Okay, come on.” Mom lay down. I couldn’t wait to pounce on my mother’s body, and I kept touching my hands. My inexperience seemed to hurt my mother, she suddenly stretched out her hands to stop me, and said:

“Xiao Yi, treat women with gentleness. Alas, forget it, let me teach you!” So Mom grabbed my hand and gently placed it on her pussy. She spread her legs and gently put my fingers into her vagina. At this time, I found that my mother was completely wet.

The feeling when my finger entered my mother’s vagina for the first time was very peculiar. That slippery and hot feeling is something I have never experienced in my life.

And as my fingers slipped slowly in my mother’s vagina, my mother began to groan softly. At first it was gentle, but then her breathing became faster and faster, and her voice became louder and louder.

Suddenly, I felt a lot of lewd water flowing out of my mother’s vagina, and my mother’s body suddenly became tight. I know that Mom has reached the first climax.

After a while, my mother said:

“Xiao Yi, thank you. This is my mother’s first orgasm in decades. Now let me help you.” After that, my mother suddenly grabbed my penis and started sliding it up and down gently. I couldn’t help but screamed because it was a feeling I had never felt before, and the person who was helping me with oral sex was my biological mother. That kind of anger and excitement is something I have never experienced in my entire life.

But then I never did anything like this again. After all, she was my mother anyway. After that night, I felt that my sex ability and sex skills were still a bit weaker than that I bought a full-size sex doll. Wawa, wanted to improve her sex skills and ability through sex with her. When she saw my mother alone, she asked her if she wanted to buy a male doll for her, but she refused. Maybe she thought Not good, but she has a lot of sex toys, and she often hears orgasmic sounds from her room that bring pleasure.




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