My colleague’s stockings broke in the office

9 min readApr 19, 2021

It was the morning of Blue Monday again, and I took a mug to the pantry to make coffee.

“Morning! Make coffee?” A greeting came from behind, it was her!

I feel a chill on my back, but my face is hot, I’m afraid my ears are red! She is the most pleasant person in my office, and she suddenly appears shy as if her thoughts are seen through. Last night, I was still dreaming of her, why suddenly appeared behind me early this morning.

The pantry became crowded because of her appearance, her brilliance oppressed the space, and there was no shield to escape.

“Good morning.” I lowered my head and said in a low voice, pretending to concentrate on stirring the coffee.

“You are so fragrant.” She brushed my long hair lightly, enjoying herself.

“Because I put on perfume.”

“I like the taste.” She washed the cup neatly and warmed it with hot water. But I feel my eyes always fall on me. I tried a sip of coffee and smiled at her. Time to go! Am I still stuck here? The coffee has already been brewed.

“Give me a sip of your coffee?” she said.

“Huh?” I was shocked. But, like an imperial decree, I obediently handed over the cup. However, instead of picking up the cup, she wrapped my hands and coffee cup with both hands, and took a sip of my coffee with her head down.

“Ah! It’s delicious, what you soak is different.” My hands were stiff as if they were electrocuted, and her hands were still covering the back of my hands, both aggressive and forceful.

She didn’t intend to let go, so she touched my hand at zero distance, gradually warming her body, and a rush of heat passed through the most secret place under her. She looked straight at me and lowered her head. I knew she wanted to kiss me, so I hurriedly lowered my head to avoid her. “Don’t run away from me!” she growled.

Take off the coffee cup in my hand, forcibly hug me, kiss me fiercely, and caress my chest with uneasy hands. My mind was blank, but footsteps sounded like alarm bells, and someone was coming! someone is coming! I screamed in my heart, rationally asking me to leave her embrace, but her lips were as sweet as honey, and I couldn’t help responding and tasting, and even sucking on the tip of her tongue.

“Well someone” I finally got a moment of gasp. Her hand still doesn’t let go of my chest, teasing the high point, no matter how I shrink, the body is responding to her fingers, the breast is as hard as a small stone, and its shape can even be seen through the clothes. “No! No! No!” If this goes on, I will definitely not be able to restrain my tide of desire for her. I tried my best to push her away when someone stepped into the pantry. I turned and escaped like a troubled kitten with my tail in my hands.

Back to my seat, my heart beat fiercely, pursing my lips, and quickly putting on the kissed lipstick. The phone calls, voices, and the serious atmosphere in the office calmed me a lot. I turned on the computer and prepared for tomorrow’s The meeting materials, make the final modification and confirmation on the computer.

“Miss, your coffee.” She came to my seat lightly and put my mug on the table. She took back the coffee cup I left in the pantry. I don’t know how she left the pantry? Seeing that she is always self-sufficient, she is so flustered and helpless like me.

“Thank you.” I still dare not look at her directly. Please leave me quickly! I screamed secretly in my heart. Otherwise, I can’t work at all. But instead of going away, she squatted down and slowly laced up her shoes. However, once inadvertently, the next second, she had already stroked my leg, my restricted area. She lowered her head and said softly, “I want you to know”

The OA partition makes my colleagues’ vision under my shoulders out of reach, but now it is a space where her hands can move freely. The phone just rang, and I answered it, but her fingers went into my skirt and touched my most sensitive place through the stockings and panties.

Oh! No way! I almost jumped up, don’t do this to me, I can’t resist. I held the microphone in my left hand, and grabbed her hand with my right to prevent her from moving forward. She looked like a wolf, observing the situation of her prey, then reluctantly closed her hands, tied her shoelaces, got up, and walked back to her seat in front of me.

I was soaked, and after such intimate touch, I ignited my desire for her from her fingers. I bury my head in the pile of information, trying to ignore her and the desire for her.

After a while, LINE came her message: “I didn’t see you in two days, I knew how much I wanted you!” Colleagues who had a good impression of each other knew that they were both friends, their desire was like a sudden eruption of a volcano. Read the desire. The blue and busy Monday, because of her kisses and touches, has become even more intolerable and chaotic.

“See you in the stairwell on the top floor during lunch break. I desire you very, very, very much.” It was her message again!

I hurriedly closed the window, fearing that other colleagues would see something that shouldn’t be there, and then tried to concentrate on the office, but the closer I was to the lunch break, the more I couldn’t restrain my excitement. It turned out that I had longed for her hug and touch. Stairwell on the top floor of the company? A place I’ve never been to before. The cool and dry air, with a different smell, shows that few people pass by.

“You are finally here.” She stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at me, like an eagle looking down at its prey, her arrogant posture made me timid, and I stopped and wondered if I should continue walking towards her.

“Are you afraid of me?” I nodded and shook my head. She was wearing a black shirt, white trousers, and her handsome face with thin, short hair, which made me look up and stare. She walked downstairs straight and slowly, with a firm and courageous attitude. I knew it was this moment. She wanted me, and I was looking forward to her love.

She dialed my long hair. “Oh my God! You drove me crazy, I miss you so much! I really want you! As long as you!” She embraced me, kissed me deeply, and put her tongue into my mouth unceremoniously. Wandering, wandering again, trying to snatch my soul away, I softened in her arms, and a kiss almost made me unable to bear it.

I slowly backed up and stood against the wall, clinging to the wall as if I found a support. Her kiss didn’t intend to stop, moving from my mouth to my ears, her breath was blowing heat next to my ears. , The tips of the ears swirled around my ears gently, licking my earlobes: “Do you want me?” she asked.

“Yes.” My whole body was numb but I answered her without hesitation.

Her tongue is an elf, constantly jumping around my ears and neck, I close my eyes and can only deliver to her and her elf. “Do you want me!” she asked again, holding my chest tightly with both hands, as if to make up for the pain of missing her.

“Yes!” I replied, without a choice, the nipples were already firm.

She quickly unbuttoned the two buttons on my chest, put her right hand inside, kneading and teasing my left breast.

“Ah.” I exclaimed at the same time as her. Her hand seemed to be soaked in magic, and the place she touched was pulling the nerves of the whole body, and the passion was igniting.

Her lips kissed my chest through the clothes, biting my already hard nipples. I couldn’t help but hugged her head and panted lightly. She held me up when her feet were so weak that I couldn’t stand up. “Don’t worry, let me love you well.” Her hands became gentle and no longer as fierce as before, she The kiss is like spring breeze, and it no longer makes me unbearable.

I sensed her frequency and groaned softly: “Yeah.”

“Your voice is so nice.” She praised me. I gradually made a sound as if I was encouraged, and it sounded particularly turbulent in the empty stairwell of the top floor.

My whole body was hot, and after her unreserved touching, exploring, and kissing again and again, my most secret place has been flooded. She reached into my skirt, pulled down my stockings, and touched me through her panties: “You’re so wet, do you miss me?”

I nodded vigorously. Frowning and closing his eyes, feeling the unprecedented passion. Her fingers circled, kneaded and stroked, rubbing the forbidden ground over and over again; her kiss still fell on my chest, faintly biting marks.

“Oh.” I can’t stand her contact anymore.

“My dear, don’t worry.” She coaxed me. The strong expectation led me to respond forward, her hand was full of charm, and she kept attacking me, making me want to stop.

“Do you want me to love you? Do you want?” She knelt down slowly, “Yes,” I was anxious.

“Would you like?” Her hand was still there to provoke me.

“Yes!” I answered more firmly than before.

She seemed to be satisfied with my answer, and then she was immersed in my body, and slowly came in from the side and penetrated into me!

“Ah!” My mind was blank, and I yelled aloud, waves of stimulation from bottom to top. Her left hand entered my body, and her right hand supported me. My feet no longer looked like my own, uncontrollable weakness. I am yours, and from this moment on, I belong to you completely!

“Lean on me.” She raised my right foot and placed it on her shoulder. The stockings were torn, the top was opened, revealing half of the breast, the skirt was lifted by her, the bottoms were taken off, and she Buried deep, her lips are greedy for my secrecy, and her hands are frequently sent into my body, like waves hitting the coast, wave after wave; her tongue licks my ocean, like a whale loves the sea.

I surrender to this sea of ​​desire, and I can’t get up again. However, I am greedy at the same time, I want to fly to the clouds, I want more love. She gasped and couldn’t stop her fingers, and looked up at me: “You woman, charming woman, I don’t miss you all the time! I want to love you like this.”

She speeded up, increased her strength, and forced me to the fringe of madness. I was about to be unable to support it, and bent down to hug her tightly.

“Ah” I finally climaxed and sat on the ground, my body contracted involuntarily, and I held her tightly, like a drowning man’s cry for help, leaving my scratches on her arm. Then, for a while, I felt helpless and let her hold me.

“You are beautiful!” She kissed my cheek and my lips. She still has my wetness on her left hand.

Now I fully understand how much I trust her, how much I love her, and give her a complete life, including soul and body. I don’t know how long the time has passed, only her and the throbbing she gave me in my life.

“We should go downstairs to work.” I said quietly and shyly.

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