Myths about sex toys

4 min readJun 4, 2021

What are sex toys?

In European and American countries, people call sex toys Sextoys, which means “adult toys”. It has an improvement effect on women with x-coldness, men with dysfunction, or couples with difficult sex in middle-aged. It is even more a toy for young couples.

But I found that many little babies have a lot of questions about sex toys, and even look at sex toys from a colorful perspective. There are more misunderstandings about sex toys, so the truth about sex toys you are curious about today is here!

Misunderstanding of sex toys

(1) Are sex toys harmful to the body?

As long as you pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, there is currently no evidence to prove that sex toys can damage people’s feelings or genitals, and there are some dangers in addition to incorrect use.

(2) Are sex toys used by people who have no x life or disharmony?

Not really. Anyone can use sex toys. The consumption of adult products is the right of all adults.

Some surveys show that people with x life use sex toys more often than those without x life. Couples who use sex toys usually have a higher quality of life and better emotional intimacy.

(3) Women don’t need men if they use sex toys?

Sex toys are not substitutes for people. The most important thing about sex toys is to assist in amusement and self-pleasure. Some people say that I am not as big as sex toys. What if she dislikes me when she uses it? Don’t worry, love between each other cannot be replaced by sex toys~

(4) Sex toys make sex unnatural?

We have heard a lot of incorrect statements about sex, one of which is that sex means only being in contact with the body.

On the contrary, if we use sex toys, it will make it more interesting, and it will not make sex unnatural. After all, sex toys are constantly experienced by our imagination.

(5) Are there good or bad sex toys?

Except for those that may be dangerous, sex toys are not good or bad. Sex toys are all about how we use them. A vibrator may be too strong for one person, but it may be perfect for another person.

The trick is to find the sex toys that suit you.

(6) Girls who use sex toys sleep well?

I often receive letters from some fans in the background, complaining that my husband or boyfriend is too rude, they are always rampant, and do not consider their own feelings at all.

When the men have reached the cake tide, they feel a little bit, but this time is over. They are not satisfied at all, but they have no choice but to pretend to enjoy themselves in order to satisfy the self-esteem of their husbands or boyfriends. Please be sure to face up to your inner needs and desires, and when you know that sex toys can meet your needs, abandon the worldly vision and bravely make new attempts. The popular physical dolls are a very good choice. Many men will buy female dolls, so women can choose male dolls.

Sex toys can also bring positive effects:

For example, women who are in menopause and have given birth to children can use sex toys to maintain the flexibility of their private parts or avoid other diseases. Doctors will often recommend sex toys to women who cannot reach the tide of cakes.

Although “sex toys” and “sex” today cannot be discussed by the public in the relatively conservative China, the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for these two things has been slowly rising and I believe that there will be more and more in the future. The more people will stand in a higher perspective to give respect and understanding.

Sex toys are not just toys, but also gadgets that allow you to enjoy joy and orgasm. You don’t really need to be shy about it. It is so healthy and happy.

In fact, life is really short, just a few decades, and the time to enjoy sex is even shorter, so don’t wrong yourself, it’s never too late to understand sex and love. Because the tide of love is the most beautiful tide in the human body, everyone can learn to wander and appreciate it.

Nowadays, there are a lot of sex dolls. Especially during the epidemic, the sales of physical dolls are dozens of times more than usual. The most sold are mini sex dolls and torso sex dolls. Everyone has sex needs, and they can reasonably solve their sex needs. Is good for one’s own




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.