Passion Beach

6 min readMay 31, 2021

The scorching sun outside the house is like a fire, and the house is extremely hot and sultry.

Staying at home alone, it was very boring. I found a few porn videos and enjoyed it alone. The result was lust, and I couldn’t help myself, so I decided to find a hole to vent. Naturally, I thought of Hui again.

Hui is a twenty-nine-year-old young woman and my oldest netizen, very coquettish. Because my husband travels frequently, we have developed into our closest sexual partners. She is very open, and she is just enjoying my taste. In her house, Jane is full of our love night, on the bed, on the floor, on the balcony, as long as we can do it, we have tried it. But I didn’t take her to Yehe, so I decided to take her to Kaixun today.

After dialing the phone, I explained my intentions, but unexpectedly she readily agreed, so I asked her to wait for me at the beach where I often go to Yehe, and asked her not to wear underpants, as long as she wears a skirt.

When we arrived at the beach, Hui had arrived early. She was sitting on the big rock that had been baptized with Love Night by me and several girls countless times and beckoned to me.

So I sat opposite her, lit a cigarette, and asked, “Did you wear underwear?”

Hui didn’t speak, but smiled at me, then slowly rolled up her skirt and spread her legs. My eyes lit up immediately. Hui’s sparse pubic hair, curled slightly covering her plump pussy. This picture looks even better to me than the world famous paintings. Immediately let my little brother look up uneasy.

Hui smiled and looked at my lower body, skillfully pulled the zipper on my pants, grasped my hard penis, and smiled: “I’m so happy to receive the call, I really want to kill you. It’s a stick, can I eat it?”

Hearing her lewd words, I almost vomited blood in excitement, and with her help, I immediately disarmed all of them. Hui also started her action readily.

I was sitting on the edge of the rock, Hui knelt in front of me, buried her face, and sucked my penis in her mouth. Her thin body is sandwiched between my thighs, one hand is on the words, and the other is supporting my waist.

Hui has been in this position for more than 20 minutes, and the hand holding the waist is attached to my inner thigh and tailbone. I just smoked a cigarette, letting Yuhui’s finger touch it. The subtle movements of Hui’s tongue made me close my eyes and enjoy it from time to time. After a while, Hui spit out my meat stick and began to suck on the skin of the glans with her lips, making a chirping sound. I have reached a high state and can only hold on to it reluctantly. So I put out the cigarette, put a hand into Hui’s neckline, and grabbed her soft and elastic breasts.

Hui still held my penis in her arms. I gradually became anxious, and the other hand reached into Hui’s neckline and grabbed the other breast. Megumi’s breasts flared as soon as she was fondled, and her nipples were protruding.

Feeling about to explode, I pulled Hui, took the penis out of her mouth, and quickly took off her clothes, and then let her sit on my knees.

I began to suck on Hui’s breast frantically with my mouth, and put one hand between Hui’s legs. The palm of her hand was pressed against Hui’s vulva in a rhythm. I can feel Hui’s pussy sticking to the palm of my hand slightly, it’s so exciting!

Then I opened my legs, Hui’s feet were also stretched, and the flesh hole opened. My fingers run along the cracks, one by one, which is not in Hui’s vagina. I completely immersed my three fingers in Megumi’s hot and humid vagina, but I used my little finger left outside to probe Megumi’s anus and stroked her swollen clitoris with my thumb.

“Ah… um…”

Megumi groaned from her nose. Hui tried to pinch her legs, but my knees were held so that she couldn’t get her wish. The three fingers expanded inside Hui. The free hand wandered around Huijin.

Hui screamed excitedly, already out of control. My fingers clearly felt that Hui’s vagina became smoother and smoother. So I pulled out my finger, and Hui’s transparent, slimy love liquid was attached to it, which looked white and wrinkled.

I took my finger to the side of my nose, and smelled Hui’s love liquid in my nose. It smelled so good. Then I put my finger to Hui’s mouth, Hui opened her mouth without hesitation, rolled her tongue and licked her love liquid.

It was almost an hour before I knew it, and I felt very tired, so I put Hui down and let Hui sit on her lap with her back facing herself.

My penis is high, and the glans is against Megumi’s pussy. Megumi opened her labia with her hand and let my penis slip into Ejin’s hot and humid vagina.

“Ah~~~” Hui said contentedly.

My hands came to the front and grabbed Ejin’s breasts, and pumped them rhythmically with the opening and closing of my knees.

Hui then let out a short joy.

I lighted another cigarette. Hui turned her back, completely immersed in the pleasure of sex. I was smoking a cigarette absent-mindedly. The penis covered by the hot and humid meat cavity became harder and harder in the deep part of Hui’s vagina, and you could feel Hui’s meat cavity twitching slightly. Megumi also squirmed while shouting excitedly.

“It’s time” I thought to myself.

So I stood up holding Huijin’s waist. However, Hui pushed back tightly, fearing to separate.

I cooperated with the enchanted Megumi, pumping vigorously. My movements are getting faster and faster, hoping to reach the limit of sex as soon as possible-orgasm.

Hui’s body slid down on the rock, and I also fell down like sticking. But the body still kept sprinting back and forth at Hui, who was lying on her stomach.

Gradually, I felt a twitch in the depths of Hui’s vagina. Suddenly sucking my glans like a sucker. I knew that Hui had reached a climax, and immediately after that, I couldn’t help it, and shot the energy that I had accumulated for a long time into the depths of Hui.

After resting for a while, I pulled Hui and walked towards the sea. At this time, our bodies were covered with sand and Aiye, and we looked very embarrassed.

“Will you wipe my body?” Megumi said suddenly while I was washing my penis.

“Good! Of course good!”

So I held her in my arms and stretched out my hands from her neck, back, breasts, waist, and thighs. I carefully wiped it down all the way, and finally came to me the most I want to wipe (I think Hui most wants to be wiped) ) Pussy.

I wiped it more carefully at this time, starting from the two labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, and finally deepening my fingers into the vagina. I can feel Megumi’s vagina tightly holding my fingers. Obviously the pleasure just now hasn’t completely subsided, and the congested secret muscles make the Yin acupoints appear tighter. I naughty picking my fingers, Huijin immediately became excited again from the pleasure that had not faded.

“Huh! Oh~~~”

Seeing Huijin’s exaltation again, I played with it more assuredly, poking around with my fingers indiscriminately, hooking and twisting.

Hui immediately touched my arms softly, and her body began to tremble.

But after all, she should be a married woman. I can’t be with her all the time. I knew it well, so I went to the Internet and looked at the physical dolls. I found that you can choose to customize and the manufacturer will follow us He asked us to customize a full-size sex doll for us, so I told the manufacturer some basic information about Hui, hoping to make me a sex doll of my own. This way I never have to worry about her leaving me again.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.