Personalized sex doll; to create your perfect partner

7 min readAug 16, 2021

How do you imagine the girl you dream of? Tall, slender, full or slightly lower breasted, blue eyes or green eyes, today, thanks to a personalized sex doll, you can have the ideal partner! Yes, when you read it, you can hold the girl of your dreams in your arms by designing your own personalized sex doll.

Today, many manufacturers allow you to design sex dolls according to your own specifications, provide you with the opportunity to realize your dreams, and provide you with a variety of options and combinations of details.

It must be realized that when buying a realistic silicone doll, you want it to reflect the woman of your dreams in the most authentic way. After all, a lifelike sex doll is a major investment, and it is natural that you want to be able to connect with her.

This is why we offer you the possibility to design a personalized doll according to your personal taste so that you can release your fantasy. Create your sex doll to measure, just as you want.

This may seem difficult, but it is not. This is easier than you think, and as always, we will help you in the process. To this end, we provide you with a complete guide that contains all the details you must consider in order to choose the right one among the many available personalized dolls.

What can I customize on my sex doll?

At SiliconGirls, we hope to provide you with personalized sex dolls according to your needs. For this, you only need to choose between each available option at the time of purchase, so as to achieve a very complete customization of the appearance of SexDoll. Choose your favorite SiliconGirl model, and then decide on your ideal partner’s hairstyle and hair color, eye color, skin tone, and even the color of your fingers and toenails.

It is possible to find sex dolls with huge breasts, much larger than what nature can give to women, or dolls with smaller breasts and a younger appearance.

When designing your custom doll, the first thing to be clear is what you want it to be. Knowing the end result will help you make the best decision in the process. We can make customized dolls that look like anime characters, movie stars or celebrities. Knowing how you want the final appearance of your sex doll is an idea you must prepare for this process.

Make sure to brainstorm beforehand to prevent your personalized doll from ending the way you want.

Customized dolls

Our personalized sex dolls are waiting for you.

Silicon Girls Large

1. Choose the body of your custom sex doll

One of the most important choices we must make for a personalized doll is the correct choice of body. For me, this is the first choice we must make, and it is also a choice we must spend more time thinking about. Please remember that the breast size of your realistic doll is determined by the body type you choose. This factor cannot be changed in the future, so you should consider it before deciding.

Determine the breast size of a sex doll

The body of the doll must be taken from the model you like, that is, if you like big breasted girls, you must choose a sex doll with big breasts as the basis, if you like curvy women, then you must decide on a love curve doll Start customizing.

You can find realistic sex dolls in all the most common breast sizes, from AA to D breasts, as well as some special breast sizes and some unique things.

I assure you that there are personalized dolls for every taste, so you will be no exception. You can check the bust size chart to guide you. When you have your sex doll, you need to know its size to buy clothes and underwear

2. Choose the height of your customized doll

Once the body has been selected among the personalized dolls in our store, now we have to choose the height. The height of a sex doll is a detail. Although it will not make you enjoy sex with her more, in the long run, you may regret and prefer to have a more realistic sex doll.

For the most common sizes, you can choose a height of 140 cm to 170 cm in the custom doll model. Depending on the manufacturer, we can find intermediate models such as 145, 152, 158, 162 and 168 cm, allowing you to easily choose the height of your ideal girl.

It is also possible to obtain mini sex dolls with heights of 100 cm and 125 cm. Mini sex dolls are cute and very convenient.

Small sex doll models can be conveniently stored anywhere when needed. However, the experience of using them is usually not as real as using a larger model. My suggestion is that you choose a sex doll that you feel comfortable with. It is reasonable to think that your partner’s height is similar to or slightly lower than yours. When choosing a larger size model, you must also consider the weight of your wrist. 35 kg may be a considerable weight for a person, and they have to handle such a heavy doll.

A wide range of customizable options allows you to specify as many or as few options as needed. No matter what features you are looking for, you will be able to create the perfect modernity doll.

Choose the head of your realistic doll

Another feature that allows you to enjoy the personalized doll most is the ability to select the face and head it contains. Choosing a head with an ideal girl’s face will allow you to establish an emotional bond with a realistic sex doll, which you have never imagined.

Customized sex doll heads can be interchanged. The advantage of having interchangeable heads is that you can get new heads with new faces and new features later if you want.

Choose your SexDoll eye color

There is nothing like a beautiful face with beautiful eyes. The eye colors are fully customizable, and you can easily change them at any time. In the future, if you wish, you can purchase other eyes to change the appearance of your sex doll.

You can choose the eye color shown to you above, the eyes have real effects, so that your doll will surprise you with its beautiful appearance. The deepest color in the range of intense blue, brownish green, chocolate brown or almost black. All of these are real and common to any real girl, the difference is that now, you can choose the one you like best.

In our shop, we always offer the possibility to choose between colored eyes as an initial option: black, brown, blue or green. But you can always get them individually, choosing another color and type of eyes. Who knows if you would prefer your personalized doll to have cat eyes or any less common colors such as gray or purple in the future

Choose your realistic love doll’s hair

hair color

The hair of our customized sex doll is a high-quality wig that can be exchanged. In fact, depending on the manufacturer, many of our models are equipped with a wig, so you can choose your favorite wig at any time.

When buying dolls in our shop, you can choose different hair colors: golden, copper or red, brown and tan. Four hair colors to help you create the perfect girl. We think that the real color is the best color for our sex doll, but it is always possible to choose another type of hair for your doll and easily replace other fantasy wigs, such as pink, blue or gray . The possibilities and combinations are endless, so the appearance of your sex doll always suits your taste and preferences.

Choose the skin tone of your real doll

Skin type

Skin tones range from the lightest to the most tan or black hair, and if you want, you can have blue or green dolls and pointed ears. If you have any ideas, just tell us and we will realize them. Unleash your imagination with customized sex dolls. You just need to remember that this is a factor that you cannot change in the future, unless you buy another body

In our shop, we have four different types of selectors that can make your personalized doll in the way you like. You can choose light skin to simulate delicate skin. Secondly, natural selection, a little more roasted and typical Latin women. The third option is brown, which simulates tanned skin exposed to the sun, a nice mid-tone. Finally, the dark skin is the darkest. All of these have an unparalleled touch, simulating smooth, youthful and firm skin.

All in all, you can customize a sex doll that belongs to you directly according to what you want. If you want to know more information, you can go to There are many free doll videos on it. If you are lucky, you may get a free sex doll.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.