Physical doll VS cosplay, real people will lose to silicone dolls

4 min readJun 19, 2021

When it comes to adult dolls, I believe many men are no strangers. Some people will definitely think of inflatable dolls. Although they are the obsolete products of the previous generation of nerds, this title can be said to be deeply ingrained in the hearts of some nerds. Compared with the previous generation of inflatable dolls, the emerging adult solid bone silicone dolls, whether it is tactile or visual, can definitely be called the stunner that contemporary otaku dreams of.

The current domestic physical silicone dolls are basically complete in terms of materials and functions. A few years ago, if the cover of the doll sold by a treasure is very realistic, it is estimated that they will be more fake, but now they are basically genuine at a fair price. As long as it is not a few hundred thousand pieces, it will generally be true. Let’s take a look at how attractive the physical silicone doll with bones is!

Tongyan big breasts, I believe this is the body that many people yearn for. Such a figure will only live in games or anime characters. However, almost all of the current anime games use this continuous age group to make the protagonist of the game. Therefore, the cosplay of the 1–1.3-meter physical silicone doll will be very playable. Every uncle has a loli in his heart. dream. And among all the silicone dolls, this height doll is the most cost-effective.

The 1.4–1.5 meter silicone doll is relatively mature, just like a flower in bud, which feels like first love. Generally, this is the height of cosplay beautiful girl or magical girl. According to the after-sales statistics of a certain treasure and a certain store, this type of height is the most unbearable, and of course it is not a quality problem, just because the players are too fond of it!

The dolls of 1.5 meters-1.65 meters are the most perfect and mature. Wearing COS clothing and swinging in a few postures are enough to make your blood spurt. However, due to the increase in materials used due to height, the price of this figure doll has also risen, and the price of around 12,000 is not what ordinary people can be willing to pay for her. However, she can play many roles at the same time. The roles of girls, young women, women, etc. are all suitable. As a doll with perfect body proportions, many businesses choose to use her as a model and a film and television stand-in.

Nowadays, the pressure of work and the pace of life are increasing and accelerating. It is not a shame to have a true and perfect person who can understand you and release your pressure.

Individuals have physical needs, and physical illnesses caused by long-term separation, divorce, and singleness will outweigh the gains. So I think it’s a good thing to have a doll that can help you release your physical and mental stress, as long as you are within your abilities. Discrimination and mockery of people who buy dolls are denial of human nature.

There are many kinds of dolls that you can buy according to your preference. If you like women like Japanese AV actresses, then you can choose Japanese sex dolls. If you like anime and cosplay, then you can choose anime sex dolls. If you want For a girlfriend with a perfect figure, it would be a good choice to choose a curvy sex doll

Dolls can help us solve our physical needs, and it can make us no longer lonely. Many people buy dolls just to ask her to be with us. It is a spiritual sustenance and a satisfaction, so many people choose silicone dolls instead of silicone dolls. Choose real people, because they won’t quarrel with you every day like real people, saying that you are not the other, and the doll will be very quiet by your side




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.