Psychology reveals why men like inflatable dolls

4 min readJun 9, 2021

Men have a special feeling for inflatable dolls, because the tenderness of men looks strangely great and brave in front of this lifeless doll.

A married man named Nakajima in Tokyo fell in love with his inflatable doll Saori. Even if he has two children, he goes on dates with Saori every day, taking “her” to go shopping, boating, and choosing clothes.

In a forum, buyers of inflatable dolls shared their experiences. In the forum, the male to female ratio was 64.74% and 35.26% respectively. For some buyers, they projected their true emotions on the doll, and the doll also brought them spiritual satisfaction.

Recalling the news about “A 28-year-old man in Beijing married an inflatable doll” that I saw some time ago, no wonder there are so many older women left now. Men are either going to engage in basics or inflatable dolls?

The editor is also puzzled. Although the inflatable dolls are beautifully made, they are lifeless after all, and they have no emotional communication. But why do so many men still like inflatable dolls?

After collecting various information on the Internet, the editor discovered the reasons why men like inflatable dolls:

1. From the perspective of sexual psychology, many modern empty and lonely men have stronger desires for women. However, in social reality, it is difficult to satisfy one’s desires due to moral laws and other restrictions. However, inflatable dolls are a kind of adult sex products that simulate humans, which can replace real people to satisfy orgasms and satisfy men’s sexual desires. Human nature, in fact, is just like that.

2. In the real world, people are always imperfect. The maintenance of a good partnership requires long-term running-in, so that both parties learn to accept each other’s imperfect side. If you refuse to accept it, then you may lose this intimate relationship. The existence of inflatable dolls just provides a better possibility for this kind of rejection.

You don’t have to worry that she will empathize and leave you, and you don’t have to worry that she will get princess disease, she is always arrogant, and even you don’t have to worry that she will look old and lose her youth. She will be a sincere object forever, as long as you don’t abandon it, she will definitely depend on life and death. She can also satisfy your innate desire for control, conquest, dominance and possessiveness as a man to the greatest extent, and satisfy your male chauvinism.

Therefore, for those who choose inflatable dolls as their partners, I think their personality is all pursuing perfection. If the love I want only requires sex and quietness, and does not require communication, inflatable dolls are indeed a perfect choice. Therefore, an inflatable doll is an external projection of the inner perfect self.

3. The simulated sex doll “provides an opportunity to reflect feelings,” said psychologist Kanaris. Having sex with an inanimate object is similar to “fornication”, only limited by imagination. Kanaris emphasized the importance of sexuality and intimacy to humans. “In addition to the basic needs of eating, drinking, and breathing, the importance of sexual needs and interpersonal connections is only due to them,” he said.

Although some people will say that it is best to establish this connection with someone who can think and talk to you, Kanaris says that there are many psychological reasons that can cause a person to like to fuck rubber, including: “lack of interpersonal communication, shyness or social anxiety, Lack of social experience and awareness, or have a partner who is unwilling to engage in certain sexual behaviors.”

Kanaris said: “Sex and intimacy play an important role in a person’s life.” He explained that with age, social isolation can have a devastating effect on people’s mental and physical health. He said that for those “people who don’t have a life partner,” simulated sex dolls may be of little benefit.

Therefore, when we once again see news such as “men watching movies with inflatable dolls” and “Miaoling’s girls are actually men”, we can restrain our inner discrimination a little bit and understand instead. Because they are all people who need to be cared for by this world!

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