Seductive stepmother

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Chapter One Glamorous Young Women

“Xiaojie…this is Aunt Guan…hurry up and say hello to others…”


Li Yingjie turned his head deliberately, unwilling to see the woman next to his father, and lowered his head to eat alone.

“It’s okay… After getting along for a long time, maybe it won’t be like this after getting familiar…”

Although Guan Qiaodie felt a little embarrassed, she still helped Xiaojie round the field first. The three of them were in such an awkward atmosphere. The family ate the dinner specially prepared for Xiaojie to go home. Today, Guan Qiaodie used her stepmother for the first time. Identity, accompanied Xiaojie to dinner with her husband. She is still patient with Xiaojie, who has always been hostile, and hopes to win Xiaojie’s favor. After all, she still loves her husband Hongyuan, who is only 25 years old this year. Qiaodie, to be a 16-year-old Xiaojie as a mother is indeed too young. The correct way to say it is to be his stepmother and husband Li Hongyuan’s original spouse (Xiaojie’s biological mother) Zhenzhen, who killed herself a year ago Yes, because she could not stand the romantic nature of her husband Li Hongyuan, she kept having affair. After a fierce quarrel, the couple swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills angrily. Although they were sent to the doctor urgently, it was too late to find out and the doctor returned. In the end, Xiaojie’s mother died of fragrant jade.

“It’s all the foxes outside Dad… Mom will die…”

Xiaojie can’t forgive his father’s girlfriend. For the mother who passed away just one year later, his father would marry a new mother immediately, and he can’t forgive his father. Therefore, Xiaojie can’t accept Qiaodie’s new mother. If it wasn’t for the summer vacation at school, he would really not want to go home, and would rather live in the school dormitory and use the computer.

“Don’t think about it… Xiaojie will return to school in September as soon as the summer vacation is over. I believe he will get to know you during these two months… Accept you as his new mother… So don’t think so. many…”

Hongyuan patted Qiaodie’s shoulders with a pair of big hands, comforting her softly, smelling Qiaodie’s charming hair, and seeing her wearing a set of sexy silk pajamas, and her attractive breast peaks were looming. The hem of the lace rusty skirt couldn’t hide her snow-white buttocks, so she couldn’t help but reach in to touch her thighs. On the smooth and delicate skin, she touched and rubbed infinitely lovingly, “I hate it…People are talking about serious things…”

“Qiaodie… As soon as I saw your beautiful body… I couldn’t control my dick…”

As soon as Hongyuan finished speaking, he immediately took out a rope from the drawer and tied her hands together “Ah… I hate… I need a rope again… I’m afraid…”

He said that, but there was a spring in the corner of his eyes, “Hehe…Wait later will make you comfortable…”

Hongyuan fixed her hands on the head of the bed, then blocked her mouth, slipped her tongue into Qiaodie’s mouth, reached into her chest and fumbled for her breasts, played with a pair of hard nipples, and acted as his mouth. After parting, she immediately gave her a light bite on her thin white neck, gently leaving a stamp of love “Qiaodie…I love you…”

Hongyuan pulled her thighs aside, using the ropes in his hands, tied her ankles very skillfully, then pushed her delicate body up and folded them in half, and then separated them with ropes. Fixed on the two sides of the bed, the charming part of Qiaodie’s lower body was strongly exposed. She only wore a black T-shaped underwear on the shame hills of Qiaodie’s lower body. The small narrow cloth could not cover it at all. Throughout the vulva, thick curly hair ran out from the trousers. The labia majora was too excited and sucked the long muslin into the labia, forming a crack in her labia majora. She clamped the slender cloth by herself. The gurgling water quickly overflowed the whole pants “Wow… so beautiful…”

After Hongyuan watched the beautiful scenery of his wife’s lower body, he hooked the front and back of the thong with his fingers, and slid vigorously up and down along the cracks of the labia, causing the bottom of the thong to violently rub against the Yin Fu acupoints, and Qiaodie was about to faint with excitement. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Seeing Qiaodie’s climax approaching, Hongyuan played hard on the pubic nucleus. He used the long and narrow cloth of the thong to rub his head on the pubic nucleus, sometimes twitching back and forth, sometimes turning around. Qiaodie was on him. With clever fingering, the lower body was about to twist into a ball of comfort. Hongyuan used the friction of the thong to make Qiaodie orgasm several times. While she was still breathing, he took out a dark massage stick from under the pillow. After opening and opening, push the edge of the trouser seam forcefully, and put the massage stick against the vaginal opening. The massage stick is dipped in kinky water, slowly rotates and slides into the vagina, and quickly swallows the stick body completely, and the massage stick emits a low The motor sounded “Ah…oh…so thick…”

“How is it… This is your favorite toy… Have fun…”

Hongyuan pushes an electric massage stick into the vagina vigorously, inserting the heart of the honey core quickly and slowly, the massage stick makes a high and low vibration sound, and the massage stick has a soft beard that keeps swaying. Mao, he used the soft beard to scratch the pubic nucleus, causing Qiaodie to shiver immediately, and immediately squirted water from her vagina, “Oh…ahhh…I’m going to fly

Qiaodie’s aphrodisiac taste with a vibrator made her excited body glow red, her coquettish face was full of shy and shy spring mood, her brows groaned tightly and her white hips swayed from left to right. Happily, Hongyuan was very happy to see her being fucked by the vibrator. The cock suddenly turned upside down. He quickly took off his pants and pulled out a black cock. The horse eye on the front of his glans, immediately She shed transparent tears of excitement “Ah…”

A thick cock of Hongyuan was inserted into Qiaodie’s vagina. At the moment of the combination, both of them groaned happily. Although Qiaodie was tied to the head of the bed and could not move, it was inserted under the passion of Hongyuan. , The body still twists involuntarily. The narrow hole in Qiaodie’s lower body is like a clam shell that can suck people. It sucks and clamps a big dick of Hongyuan tightly. It is hot and tight. He couldn’t help but urged, swinging his lower body vigorously to make his penis deeper, and dribbled his vagina as he went in and out. The egg and egg also accompany the knocking on the white buttocks and Qiaodie took the initiative to deliver the fragrant tongue for him to eat. The tongues of the two people were tangled together, Hongyuan rubbed his breasts with his hands, squeezing a pair of plump breasts into a ball of deformed meat, the lower part of the body did a rapid piston movement, and the thick cock was in the narrow hole. Stirring constantly, it brought out a tuft of yellow and white foam, and quickly dried her vaginal skin to the outside. “Ah… I’m going to spray… Let’s go together… oh… hurry… ah.”

With a low growl from Hongyuan, a pair of mad bees and butterflies were shot with semen at Qiaodie’s belly button. After an earth-shattering passion, the two hugged and slept tightly, “Fuck… this couple of dogs… Shaking the bed so intensely… won’t you be tired…”

Xiaojie, who was sleeping in the next room, suddenly heard the groan of his father making love with his stepmother just before going to bed. He couldn’t close his eyes curiously. He was still in the developmental stage of the lower body, because he heard the sound of making love, he actively got an erection ( If I also had a woman who could have sex… I don’t know how good it would be…) Xiaojie was eavesdropping on his father’s sex while rubbing his erect penis. He imagined the naked picture of his stepmother in his mind. He waited until the next room was quiet. The speed of masturbation, it only took a while, he ejaculated comfortably, and fell asleep contentedly

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