Seven things about sex dolls

3 min readSep 22, 2021
  1. Sex toys are for use by people who are not sexually coordinated or sexually active

Virtually anyone can use sex toys. People who are sexually active are more likely to use sex toys than people who are not sexually active. Sexual partners tend to have a higher quality of sex and better emotional intimacy.

About 20 to 30 percent of people use a sex toy more than once in their lifetime.

2. Sex toys are addictive

Utilizing sex toys such as sex dolls will in no way be as addictive as you are. You will probably love your realistic sex doll, you will name her and buy her clothes, but having sex with her will never seduce you.

Of course, using sex toys won’t hurt you, if you use them properly. Therefore, there is no need for them to force you to stop using your sex doll, because you can stop using your partner at any time.

Another false myth about dismantling sex toys. Let’s go to the next one!

3. Sex toys are only used when you are not having real sex

Most people think of sex toys as “tools for masturbation,” but when the word pops into their heads, they’ll masturbate while watching adult content.

Think of the millions of men who enjoy the pleasure and companionship of adult sex dolls every day, whether they are single or married.

Using realistic erotic toys or sex dolls does not mean we are “losers”, in fact, those who later practice with erotic toys do better in bed because they are interested in sex and are mindful of pleasing and pleasuring themselves. Anyone who talks about the false myth about sex toys is that you can’t buy sex dolls when you really want to.

4. Sex toys make sex unnatural

Before saying that custom sex dolls cause sex to be unnatural, I read a few articles. Nothing could be further from the truth. The naturalness of sex toys depends on how we use them. In fact, there is basically nothing unnatural about expressing and satisfying your desires as long as you find the right erotic toys for you.

Erotic toys are for you to enjoy sex with yourself and your couple, and you shouldn’t be bound by any ridiculous taboos. Sex is another aspect of life that we must fully explore and enjoy.

Among the false myths about sex dolls, this is probably one of the most absurd ones.

5, the more expensive the sex toy, the better

High-end sex toys or quality sex dolls can be more durable or of better quality, but not because they are more expensive, they won’t provide you with more pleasure. Sex toys, just like any other general product, are not necessarily of poor quality because they are cheap, although quality obviously comes at a cost.

Usually, you need to find the right sex toy for you. That these must be expensive is another false myth about sex toys that we must eradicate.

6. There are very few people who own sex dolls.

This is a mistake that many of us have made at some point. Really, you think it’s weird that you have sex dolls? …… Let me tell you something, rare and normal are relative. You may think it’s uncomfortable to talk about it in public, but I assure you that there are more and more people who own and enjoy their realistic sex dolls. Sex toys can bring you joy and happiness. Why is it “weird” to make yourself happy?

If you enjoy the pleasure of having a customized sex partner, then there is no reason not to have one. You can choose a full size sex doll or a mini sex doll which will bring you pleasure.

7. Sex toys can cause harm

There is no evidence that sex toys can harm the genitals or intercourse in any way, although there is certainly some danger if they are not used properly. We must always use each toy correctly.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.