Sex doll technology will never make humans obsolete

3 min readJul 1, 2021

Sex dolls may cause increased tolerance

We already have robots that can deploy bombs on the front lines and perform life-saving procedures in hospitals. Just last October, the world-famous robot Pepper became the first robot to speak at a meeting of the British Parliament. Speaking of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”-the new digital age-Pepper believes that artificial intelligence doll technology will never leave human beings behind in the future. Nonetheless, experts predict that by 2030, 9 million British jobs will disappear due to artificial intelligence. Should we be afraid?

It may be that those who desire TPE sex dolls can be evaluated based on the existence of various “promoters” of sexual violence. For example, if they find that they have severe cognitive distortions about sex, relationships, women or children, or if they are particularly anti-social, then they may not be viable candidates for the so-called “sex doll preventive treatment.” However, those who lower the level of such abuse facilitators may be more suitable for this intervention — especially if their sexual interests have no other legal channels.

But how inevitable are sexy robots? Dr. Kate Devlin, author of “Turning: Science, Sex, and Robotics,” encountered harmony — and didn’t believe they would become mainstream. As the doctor’s article points out, there are some reasons to believe that from a pornographic point of view, exporting mini 100cm dolls as a pedophile may reduce rather than increase the actual incidence of child sexual abuse. Do you want pedophiles to get a diagnosis of their condition before being drawn out of such dolls to prevent some of them from entering the exit? It remains to be studied.

Even at that time, was the depicted woman objectified in a defined context? After all, it portrays her being used as a means to achieve goals, not herself. This is a philosophical question, and people who oppose the use of sex dolls have not yet solved it.

He worked with several colleagues to develop a problematic pornography scale, which was statistically reflected. In this regard, it can be considered that the use of silicone-like dolls may lead to increased tolerance, and the related behavioral response to this is to seek more extreme materials. This may start with more different activities than the doll itself, but even if it becomes unsatisfactory, it may expose real individuals to the risk of sexual violence.

I can only agree that this is an area where more research is needed to determine the legal availability of child sex dolls, regardless of whether they have a prescription or not, which will have a positive or negative net impact on the incidence of real life. Abuse. Until then, it seems premature to regulate the acquisition of products that we know little about.

Many people think that sex robots can help solve relationships or prevent loneliness, but others worry that they may encourage sexual crimes. “Child sex dolls have been developed for use by pedophiles. The origin of sex robots can resist progress and make them have rape fantasies. It is believed that these robots will prevent users from committing sexual crimes.” The lecturers of the Responsible Robots Foundation explained.

Do sex doll buyers have privacy? Prescribing child-type sex dolls is an interesting compromise between laws, because it now exists in legal places in the United States and Japan, as well as illegal places in Canada and the United Kingdom. It is worth considering whether an appropriate balance has been achieved between buyer’s privacy and social interests to protect children from sexually attractive children.

this is correct. Currently, there is no evidence that sex dolls (children and adults) have any cathartic effect on sexual assault. In other words, it is not clear how researchers design such studies to determine this effect. For example, if this may increase the risk of sexual assault on women or children, then randomized controlled trials are unethical.

The objectification of silicone sex dolls is defined as the process by which people use the “means-target” approach. In other words, if someone is used by others as a means to achieve a specific goal, then they will be objectified. Of course, when we delve into this argument, we need to consider the definition of “objectification”. The most recent work was published in the journal Psychological Science.




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