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7 min readAug 21, 2021

The pandemic has disrupted traditional dating, so letting sex dolls fuck will be a good choice. Whether it is to get sexual satisfaction and add interest to the room, or to meet the relaxation needs of adults, you can choose your sex doll style…sex dolls are great. Have you ever watched a movie, “Russ and a real girl? Well, in the movie, Russ asks for a doll named Bianca and starts to introduce her to family and friends as his girlfriend, which makes They were frustrated. But the fucking sex doll was not what Lars thought, but a deep and meaningful relationship. His sister-in-law worried about him, and his brother thought he was crazy, but in the end, the whole town accepted it. His delusion supports this kind-hearted boy. They have always loved them. Lars has never had sex with Bianca. She met a more important need, his emotional needs. Simply put, if not No one knows that he feels like this on the wrist. Sex dolls are not only suitable for an adult. But for any adult who thinks a healthy sex life is indispensable and essential, this kind of sex life can be in the next few years. Provide sexual satisfaction, companionship and enjoyment.

Before driving and fucking sex dolls, you need to know a few things. This blog will teach you how to fuck a sex doll. If you doubt where to buy a reliable fantasy doll, click here to get it. .

1. Fuck a sex doll in Titty Fuck

Titjob, breast sex, breast explosion, breast sex…No matter what you call it, it’s really amazing. Because of the pornography, most people know that they are messed up by exemplary nipple sex dolls, and many people dream of giving it a try.

When fucking a sex doll, you should start rubbing your penis on the breast of the sex doll. Then basically place your penis in the middle of your breasts and fold them around him. No one will object to this. When you first try to have sex with a sex doll, you will think it is actually inappropriate. But relax, it will become easier when you determine which locations are best for you.

Can I use my little breasted sex doll to make fucking milk?

Due to pornography, many people have unreasonable assumptions about women’s body shapes. It seems unusual for porn stars to use their energetic and meticulously enhanced DD cups to have sex with plump sex dolls, but some sex dolls may not have these equivalent resources to use.

The encouraging news is that you don’t need to bother with the monster door knocker to participate in this operation. Regardless of the size of the sex doll cup, you must have the choice to discover the situation. The trick is to adjust your program to suit your hardware.

If your sex doll has small breasts, similar to a B/C cup or below, the penis may not be completely “sandwiched” between them. After all, it’s more about rubbing the sex doll’s nipples against your penis rather than crushing them between them. However, relax, anyway, you will enjoy it when you fuck with a sex doll.

2. Fuck a sex doll in Oral Fuck

Many people like to use oral sex as part of their sex life, but this is a very personal thing and not everyone likes or chooses to do it. When you are alone or your partner is unable to perform oral sex for various reasons, beautiful dolls give you the opportunity to experience oral sex with sex dolls.

When starting oral sex (oral sex), the man’s penis does not have to be erect, but you may want to stimulate him with your hands first. If you hold your penis during oral sex with a sex doll, you can control how deep it enters the sex doll’s mouth. You can also move your hands to let the penis enter your mouth as much as possible.

Men’s penises are very delicate, so they should be delicate from the beginning and work at a faster speed gradually. You can try various positions and be eligible to see which one is the most effective.

The oral depth of sex dolls on the market is about 10 cm (3.9 inches), but VSDoll takes into account the needs of most customers and a better oral sex doll exercise experience. We produce dolls with a depth of 12 cm (4.7 inches) and above. This allows you to reach the deepest part of the throat that a real person cannot reach, even if you feel a strong sucking stimulus from your mouth.

Unlike real couples, sex dolls do not have sharp teeth. Instead, they have soft tongues and sucking mouths. You will have the opportunity to experience a more exciting sexual experience than a real person without feeling ashamed. Pleasant oral sex with a new partner means no neck stiffness, vomiting reflexes, or moaning. Wawa can perform oral sex from any angle, her only wish is to please you.

Tips: If you plan to use a sex doll for oral sex, use a condom. Avoid getting semen (semen) into the sex doll’s mouth unless you use a condom during oral sex with the doll.

3. Fuck a sex doll or anal in the vagina

The penis enters the vagina/anus during vaginal intercourse (also called penetrative vaginal intercourse, intercourse, anal intercourse, and intercourse only). If you watch movies or watch porn, you may feel very inaccurate about sex. There is no one-size-fits-all method for vaginal/anal sex. It can be a very gentle and private encounter, it can be passionate, adventurous, or everything in between. You can give it a try. You can fuck the sex doll as you like.

How is the penis inserted into the vagina/anal opening of the sex doll?

When you are ready, you can gently guide the penis into the vagina/anus with your hands, as if you were having real sex. Take your time and don’t worry about whether it takes a few tries to get it right, especially when you are still accustomed to the doll’s body. After the penis enters, you can move your body to push the penis into the vagina/anus, and then partly come out again. Do anything that comes naturally to you to make you feel good-relax, stay friendly, and make sure to feel comfortable when you fucking sex dolls.

It is important to remember that just because you started something does not mean you have to finish it. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing, you can pause or stop at any time.

Tips 1: Vaginal sex dolls imitate real vaginas. Sex dolls will surely make you excited. It is recommended that you use water-based lubricants to make vaginal lubricants before inserting the penis. Another feature of the doll is that it can have a detachable vagina, which is easy to clean and can be carried around.

Tips 2: Dolls can allow you to enjoy anal sex without complications due to lack of a willing partner. Using water-based lubricant, you can place the doll in your favorite position to get the fucking sex doll satisfaction.

Sex doll swag tips

If you know what material the doll is made of, then sex in the shower and bathtub will do. TPE is a porous material, so shower and bathing sex are not recommended.

You can use any pose you want, because these dolls now come in full frame. You can also upgrade the doll to a reduced shoulder skeleton or a yoga skeleton to learn a better sex doll experience. Update link shrug or skeleton yoga.

Dressing up your full-size sex doll, whether in role-playing or adding interest to your doll time, wearing different costumes and role-playing with your partner can be exhilarating and magnifying, especially when watching silicone sex dolls During porn


Having sex doll trophies is a wise choice for your health, which can provide sexual satisfaction, companionship and enjoyment in the coming years. It can alleviate the worries of interruption in mainstream dating scenes while maintaining human interaction. The happy feeling that the spoils of sex dolls are magnified is real. Here, kissing and touching the material of the doll resembling human skin feels super soft and responds to touch. Whether it is for sexual gratification, adding fun to the room, or satisfying the relaxation needs of adults, you can choose your sex doll style… Having sex with a sexy doll is great.

Sex dolls are not only suitable for certain adults, but also for any adult who thinks a healthy sex life is essential and essential. Anyone who is new to sex dolls should pay attention to the quality of their sex dolls, because not all brands are created equal, and some brands may cause health problems if they are purchased from meticulous and irrefutable sellers. Therefore, here is a list of the best sex dolls selected in our sex doll series.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.