Sex dolls can help you overcome psychological problems

5 min readMay 2, 2021

Can sex dolls help us solve some of our physical and psychological problems? Let us look at a story together.

Axiong, in his 40s, felt that his sexual function was not as good as before, so he went to the urology clinic for help. The doctor asked, is the other half satisfied with his performance in bed? Will he also dislike him for being semi-soft or not? At this moment, his eyes flashed suddenly, and he shook his head earnestly, praising his partner for being kind, righteous and persistent.

Obsessed with silicone dolls, considerate and not complain

After being questioned by the doctor, Ah Xiong said that the other half has a great background. The silicone doll from Japan imitates the well-known AV actress. The price is as high as 70 to 80,000 yuan. The appearance is almost real and the touch is like a real person. Named “Ellie”.

Axiong said emotionally that in the past six months, her erection has become worse and worse, but even if her performance is not satisfactory, Allie never complains. Because she was so considerate and considerate, he felt guilty, so he went to the urology department for help.

Chengjie Cheng, vice principal of Gao Medical, said that most men like sex with warm and affection. For sex toys such as silicone dolls, they are not sensitive and even unable to get an erection. But for Axiong, having sex with silicone dolls is a little bit stressful. No, even if he has premature ejaculation and impotence, he will not be complained.

I’m afraid of her unsatisfactory performance

Cheng Jie Cheng said that a very small number of men are seriously lacking in self-confidence, worrying about poor sex performance, inability to last, premature ejaculation and softening, and fear that the other half will look down on and speak coldly. But the more you worry and fear, the worse you will be. In order to solve your sexual needs, you have to do it yourself or through inflatable dolls or silicone dolls to get satisfaction.

Cheng Jie Cheng suggested that Axiong should seek the assistance of a psychiatrist to resolve symptoms such as sexual anxiety and performance anxiety. If you find that the other half of the bed has regressed in homework, don’t smile or show contempt. You should encourage them, accompany them to the doctor, and adopt a positive attitude.

Facing sexual demand is also an export

Wang Qijie, professor of urology at Xiaogang Hospital of Gaoyi University, has a different view of his obsession with inflatable dolls. From the perspective of sexual medicine, it is indeed not normal, but from a human perspective, it is acceptable. After all, not everyone can smoothly find a partner, get married and have children. When facing sexual needs, they should still look for an outlet.

Take Ah Xiong as an example. He was an otaku when he was young, he was keen on Japanese porn, he had made girlfriends, and had sex, but he was too concerned about the feelings of the other party, as long as he felt that his girlfriend’s eyes were wrong He started to blame himself, and only after thinking about it, the little brother immediately softened.

After breaking up, he bought inflatable dolls online and used them as training objects. The old ones were replaced with higher levels. Allie was his favorite and was already a part of his life, the sex partner on the bed. But now even having sex with her is halfway through, which makes Ah Xiong quite injured, so he mustered up the courage to seek the help of a doctor.

In order to successfully make love with a silicone doll, taking aphrodisiac drugs, which sounds a bit weird, but Wang Qijie said, “What’s wrong?” Through diagnosis and treatment, Axiong understands that his blood vessels, nerves, testosterone, etc., may be There has been a problem, which is not a bad thing.

Solve the difficulty of ejaculation after marriage by yourself before marriage

It is worth noting that in the urology clinic, there are more and more cases of masturbating before marriage, having sex with his wife after marriage, and unable to ejaculate, and some couples have divorced because of this. Wang Qijie explained that men use their hands to solve sexual desire and the stimulation intensity can reach 90 points. In contrast, the penis enters and exits the vagina, and the intensity is only 70 points. The stimulation intensity is not enough, and of course it is not easy to ejaculate.

It is recommended that men who are troubled by this aspect should actively seek medical treatment, receive treatment, and try to take aphrodisiac drugs to increase hardness and promote sexual stimulation. Or through behavioral therapy, to lower the standard of ejaculation orgasm, the taste becomes weaker, and you can gradually overcome the dilemma of “masturbating and having sex but not being able to ejaculate” if you no longer eat heavy salty.

Nowadays, many people are afraid that they can’t do it or how they can’t satisfy their girlfriends, so they will be in a state of depression. Often the more we do this, the more disadvantages we are. We can’t do it anymore, we have to work hard to be positive and go all out.

There are also many otakus in the current society. They rarely go out and stay at home and do not communicate with others. When they want to solve their sexual needs, they can watch pornography and use their hands to solve them. Some people buy them. Some high-quality sex dolls, according to the data show that there are a lot of people who buy jy dolls, which may be because her experience is better. This is not bad, but it must be solved reasonably, not too frequently, your own health is the best What is important is the best wealth.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.