Sex Dolls Frequently Asked Questions

4 min readFeb 23, 2022


Q: Where do you ship your sex dolls from?

A: We have 7 overseas warehouses covering Asia, USA, Australia, Europe and more. Most of our dolls can be shipped from local warehouses. Sometimes when they are out of stock, we send them from our factory in China.

Q: Can I track my order? How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: Absolutely! Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number. The tracking number will be active within 24 hours. You can therefore track it yourself whenever and wherever you like. By the way, some logistics companies may require the customer’s international shipping phone number in order to have a point of contact in case of any problems with the delivery. It is therefore advisable to leave your phone number when placing your order.

Considering that all products on the website are in stock, we offer fast delivery. As a rule, products shipped from local warehouses usually arrive within 5–10 days, while orders shipped from overseas factories arrive within 14–28 days.

Delays can occur during holidays and peak seasons. Your understanding will be appreciated.

Note: If you would like to collect your own items, please write a note when placing your order or you can contact the shipping agency when you receive your shipping number.

Q: Will your sex dolls look like the ones in the pictures?

A: Due to the different monitors on each computer, the picture and the actual object may be slightly different. Even if it is the same person, there may be different make-up in the pictures you see. This is because from time to time we will improve or fine tune the doll’s make-up. Adjustments include, but are not limited to, eye shadow, lip colour, eyebrows, eyelashes and hair. As a result, the make-up look will vary a little from photo to photo. It is impossible to be exactly the same, as each doll’s make-up is done by hand. Lighting, technique and camera angles may lead to visual errors.

In addition, the clothes in the photos are not included with the dolls and are for display purposes only. Wigs are given at random. If you want your doll to look like the picture, we recommend that you purchase these clothes and wear them as pictured.

Q: Can I make up my sex doll?

A: Yes, you can. Firstly, clean the face properly with cotton. We recommend that you purchase a make-up remover specifically for silicone/TPE sex dolls. The main areas you need to focus on are the eyebrows, eyes and lips. Later, you can come to the cheeks. Avoid putting too much powder on the cheekbones, it will make her look unnatural.

Remember that TPE skin is already perfectly toned, without any redness or blemishes, which is why you don’t need foundation.

Likewise, you can put lipstick on your beloved sex doll. When you kiss her and have sex with her, you want to see the colour of lipstick on her sweet lips.

Now your beautiful love doll is ready for you. She is ready to be pampered and spoilt by you.

Q: How long does a sex doll last?

A: Sex dolls can last between 2 and 10 years, depending on use and care. The more carefully you use them, the longer they will last. Sex dolls that are used and moved around a lot are more likely to wear out.

Q: Free delivery, really?

A: Yes!

We offer free shipping worldwide, covering Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, Russia and more. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Q: What about returns?

A: Although all our dolls go through a strict quality control process, sometimes your doll may be damaged or defective.

Returns will only be accepted if you have received the incorrect item (including the wrong size) due to an error on our part or a defective and damaged item. In this case, we will be happy to repair or replace the item and send it back to you free of charge. However, you are not eligible for any exchanges if the item has been damaged through misuse. In order to process your return, the item must be unused and must have a label attached. You may obtain a refund within 30 days of our receipt of your returned product in the same form of payment originally used for the purchase.

Sex dolls are sex toys and cannot be returned for any reason if used due to health and hygiene concerns.

We take the quality of our products very seriously and each doll is thoroughly inspected and tested before it leaves our warehouse. In accordance with our return policy, we guarantee your satisfaction with every product we sell. For more details, please see our return policy at the bottom of the page.

Q: What materials are your sex dolls made of?

A: All of our dolls are made from silicone or a material polymer called TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). These materials comply with European standards (CE) and give a very realistic feel. Both silicone and TPE are high quality and recommended materials for making sex dolls because of their striking resemblance to human females/males. tpe material has become more popular because it is easier to sculpt and sex doll sculptors create very sexy and realistic models. Silicone can be heated for longer periods of time, so we offer heating systems for silicone dolls.

What types of sex dolls are available, we have anime sex dolls, elf sex dolls, large breast sex dolls, large ass sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls and more!




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