Sexual health education for college students

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Sexual health education for college students is based on the research of sex biology, sex psychology, sex sociology and sex education.

The discipline of studying the laws of scientific development is the theoretical basis. From the three perspectives of human biological attributes, psychological attributes, and social attributes, the process of systematic sexual health education for college students is carried out. At the same time, combined with my country’s national conditions, family planning, prenatal and postnatal care, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual aesthetics are also discussed. Through systematic sexual health education, college students can initially master the basic knowledge of sex, eliminate sexual ignorance and sexual ignorance, prevent sexually transmitted diseases, promote the normal development of sexual physiology and sexual psychology, and the formation of healthy personality; guide college students to establish healthy sexual concepts Harmony image, regulate their sexual behavior, establish harmonious interpersonal relationships, and prepare for love, mate selection, marriage and family life, and promote the improvement of personal quality and the progress of social civilization. The book implements the principles of combining seriousness, scientificity, systemism, practicability and theory, while paying attention to combining theory with practice. This book is suitable for colleges and technical schools to serve as sexual health education textbooks and sexual health education training textbooks or teaching reference materials in quality education. At the same time, it is also a useful reader for general readers to improve their own quality.

Sex is a problem that no one can avoid, no exception can be made by men, women, young and old. “Mencius·Gaozishang” puts forward “: food and sex, sex is also”, that is, sex is regarded as the basic needs of people. The British scholar Russell once said that “all ignorance is regrettable, but ignorance of things like sex is a serious danger”, indicating that sex is very important for a person’s life and even the entire society. Freud also said “: (Sexual) instinct is a wild horse. Reason is like a rein. An untamed wild horse without a rein is useless. Only a horse controlled by a rein is a useful horse. “This sentence tells people incisively: Sex needs to be managed rationally. Human reason is not innate, it needs education and guidance. Premier Zhou Enlai has repeatedly instructed: “We must teach young men and women about hygiene during adolescence, and let them use scientific knowledge to protect their health and promote normal development.” He also emphasized that “Sexual mystery is a feudal consciousness, a sexual problem. It should be on the agenda.”

Due to the long-term influence of traditional feudal ideas, Premier Zhou’s words could not be implemented. With the east wind of reform and opening up, the research and popularization of sex science in our country finally ushered in ray of sunshine. In 1983, the publication of “Sex Medicine” compiled and compiled by Academician Wu Jieping, a urology scientist, marked that the forbidden zone of sex science in my country had been broken. In June 1986, the National Family Planning Commission and the State Education Commission jointly issued the “Notice on the Development of Adolescent Education in Middle Schools”. Schools across our country have successively launched adolescent education to varying degrees. In 1990, the State Education Commission and the Ministry of Health issued

The “School Hygiene Work Regulations” expressly stipulates that “Ordinary colleges and universities shall carry out health education elective courses or lectures”.

In 1993, the State Education Commission and the Ministry of Health issued the “Basic Requirements for College Students’ Health Education Curriculum”, in which sexual health education is an important part of adolescent education and health education. In 1996, the State Family Planning Commission and the State Education Commission issued the “Notice on Further Development of Population and Adolescence Education in Regular Middle Schools.” Since then, colleges and universities in some of the more open areas in China (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Wuhan and other cities) have successively opened courses related to sex education.

In our country, sex has always been a sensitive topic and a forbidden area. The long-term influence of sexual isolation and sexual ignorance still exists, and the phenomena of “sexual illiteracy more than illiteracy” and “discrimination of sex” still exist in the society. The current situation is: parents are ashamed to say, teachers are provocative and students are watching. Many people are ambivalent about sex. on the one hand,

I want to gain knowledge in this area; but on the other hand, I am afraid that others will know what I am understanding in this area. As far as sex science is concerned, due to the lack of systematic and correct sexual health education, the wrong feelings of uncleanness, mystery, guilt or repression of sex, leading to sexual ignorance. There was once a report that a postgraduate couple had been married for three years and still had no offspring. They went to the hospital to find out that the woman was still a damsel; there was also a rural couple who took the condom to boil soup.

Drink it, and the result can be imagined; there are even female college students asking the embarrassing question of “would co-ed swimmers get pregnant?” However, in the past two to thirty years, due to the deepening of international exchanges, some western sexual concepts have been continuously infiltrated into “sexual freedom” and other Western sexual concepts. The influence is quite serious, causing some people to go to the other extreme — -sex proliferation. They do not distinguish between good and evil, beautiful and ugly, they absorb everything, blindly imitate, leading to sexual confusion and even sexual crimes. According to reports, people under 15 in Taiwan

Among them, 10% have premarital sex; 50% of men and 30% of women aged 15–19 have 2 or more sexual partners; 15% of men and 10% of women have 3 or more sexual partners . Our 2002 survey

The results show that on university campuses, students who have had sexual intercourse currently account for about 9.0%, and about 70% have different positive attitudes towards premarital sex. Of course, more people are still at a “crossroads”, and sexuality is at

A state of chaos, at a loss as to what to do, and feel infinite sexual confusion. How to deal with sexual problems has become a very urgent

Social problems that need to be resolved. One of the pioneers of sex education in my country, Dr. Zhang Jingsheng was proposed as early as the 1930s.

When talking about sex education, I said “: When it comes to sex education, life is more important than science and art…. Many politicians now concentrate on studying economics, but educators in the world have forgotten that this is more important than economics. The issue of sexual desire.” Strengthening sexual health education is an important issue facing today’s society.

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