Sexual pleasure is important

7 min readApr 26, 2021

Inequality between men and women is harmful to sexual health

Promote sexual relations through communication

The key to maintaining sexual health is to know the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them. But how can we know the harm of the disease and the way to prevent it? If a woman agrees that sexual pleasure is a right, she may think about sexual behavior and its consequences more clearly. Sexual behavior and sexual pleasure contribute to people’s health. Sexual behavior can help people release stress, strengthen immunity, and gain happiness. Sexual behavior helps us to feel the relationship with others and satisfy our needs in sexual relationships. If a woman recognizes and takes advantage of the right to sexual pleasure, she may feel that she can gain health and other rights in life. She will treat herself well, think she deserves basic human rights, can think of ways to protect herself, and at the same time experience intimacy and sexual pleasure.

3 women having a conversation. People are dying of unsafe abortion and AIDS. I don’t understand the use of masturbation and orgasm in the discussion! I think so. What will people think? They will say that I am encouraging unmarried people to have sex. I know how you feel. But if we can help people talk about sexual pleasure, they may also be willing to try safer ways of sex!

The inequality between men and women is harmful to sexual health and promoting sexual relations through communication can help people discuss what to do to make the sexual experience safer, healthier and more satisfying. You can prepare these topics in group activities, such as: What does sex mean for men? What does sex mean to women?

Masturbation is a safe sex

Masturbation means getting sexual pleasure by touching oneself. Usually people start masturbating when they are sexually conscious during adolescence. But many people are told that masturbation is harmful, wrong, or unhealthy. In fact, masturbation is a safe sex and does not harm your health.

Masturbation can also help a partner get a more satisfying sexual relationship, because masturbation may help a woman understand what to do so that she can feel happy. Masturbation can also help men learn to control ejaculation. When having sex with a partner, masturbation can also help the other person to reach orgasm, that is, to feel strong pleasure (also called orgasm).

Activity Which parts of our body can feel sexual pleasure?

You can use anatomical diagrams to discuss the different parts of the body that can be sexually pleasant.

How to carry out the human structure diagram activity:

For mixed gender groups, first group by gender. You can also do this activity only for men or women.

Ask each group to draw a rough outline of the male and female bodies on the ground or on a large piece of white paper.

a group of women drawing the pleasure areas of a woman’s body; 2 women speak.

Our skin may also be a sexual organ? There is a pleasant sensation when the skin is touched. The clitoris is very sensitive. Touching the clitoris can help us reach orgasm.

Ask them to mark on the body chart where men and women may have sexual pleasure. Remind them that different people feel different parts of sexual pleasure. It is also possible for everyone to supplement the part of their sexual pleasure.

Bring the groups together for discussion. Let them talk about the physical differences between men and women. If there is a male group and a female group, let them compare the body pictures of the other group. Did they miss the part marked by the opposing team? Ask them how they can obtain sexual pleasure and help their partners obtain sexual pleasure.

Safe sex can increase people’s sexual pleasure

Safe sex refers to ways of sex that help prevent sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS). The use of condoms is emphasized in the promotion of safe sex because this is the most effective way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases during vaginal or anal sex. At the same time, safe sex also means adopting other sexual behaviors that can obtain sexual pleasure (except vaginal or anal sex), which can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. These methods include:

a woman speaking while holding a condom. When he wears a condom and has sex, I feel more interesting because I have less worry and more relaxed.

Talk about sexual fantasies and sexual topics

Touch the sex organs with your mouth and tongue

Kissing with your mouth or touching other parts of the body with your hands

Touch the sex organs with fingers or hands

Use sex toys and oscillators (make sure they are clean and hygienic before use)

Touch our own body, or masturbate

Sexual violence and shame about sex can cause harm

A woman may be reluctant to participate in discussions about sexual pleasure for many reasons, and she may also feel that her feelings have been ignored. Some women have been raped or have other sexual traumas, and they need time to recover from these experiences. Women who are ashamed of sex may need more time to accept the notion that “feeling sexual pleasure is not a bad thing”.

a woman speaking. If my mother sees me masturbating, she will punish me. I feel ashamed to see people.

a woman speaking. I was raped during the war and it is almost impossible for me to think about sex.

a woman speaking. I was circumcised when I was young. I have no pleasure in my sex organs, making love always hurts.

a woman speaking. I want a child, but I have not been pregnant for 5 years after being married. Having sex will only make me feel uncomfortable.

Support groups can help women better manage their sexual relations during the recovery period.

Help couples build healthier sexual relationships

“International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights” (INCRESE) is a Nigerian community organization that works with couples to improve the sexual relationship between couples. Before starting their work, they first did a community survey in a traditional area. The survey found that people’s concerns are discordant relationships and divorce. The center found that people are willing to talk about sex, which is a bit unexpected.

Their husband and wife support center is dedicated to improving the sexual feelings and satisfaction of married women. At first, it was difficult to persuade men to come to the party. Usually only women come alone. After a while, more and more couples came to join the training.

The training first introduces basic information about body parts, especially the sexual organs related to sexual pleasure. Then, the trainer helps people to say good and bad sexual feelings. The trainer also assigned homework for the couple. For example, let couples practice touching each other and share their preferences. The center also distributes oscillators for couples. Some people in charge of managing community affairs worry that doing so will harm society and culture. In this regard, the center explained that this is just a simple adjustment of some aspects of culture to meet the needs of today’s society. After all, recent generations in the community are no strangers to sexual aids.

After the training, people were asked how the training helped their relationship. Some couples talked about how women can express their feelings more fully through training; some couples said they might take measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies; some said, The violence in their husband and wife relationship has decreased. Most couples who participated in the training said that they felt closer to each other.

a woman speaking. By allowing both spouses to participate in activities, we can allow women to talk about their thoughts on the relationship between husband and wife. In this way, some women will be treated equally, not only in terms of sex, but also in other aspects of life!

After the training, people were asked how the training helped their relationship. Some couples talked about how women can express their feelings more fully through training; some couples said they might take measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies; some said, The violence in their husband and wife relationship has decreased. Most couples who participated in the training said that they felt closer to each other.

a man speaking. At first I thought I didn’t need training, but in fact I learned a lot through training. The sex life with my wife is better, and our relationship is closer than before. I didn’t know that women can get so much pleasure from sex.

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