Should robot sex dolls be banned?

3 min readFeb 22, 2022


When it comes to robot sex dolls should first talk about physical sex dolls, now the new dolls are still mainly made of tpe and silicone material made of tpe sex dolls and silicone sex dolls, this full size sex dolls and mini sex dolls are still relatively popular now, but there will always be a lot of people who will feel dissatisfied and want to further better sex experience feeling, then the physical sex dolls are slowly progressing and starting the path of robot sex dolls.

Artificially intelligent sex dolls have become popular in recent years. Although they are still not available to the general population, selected users have fulfilled their deepest fantasies thanks to these devices. However, artificially intelligent sex dolls have been controversial since their introduction.

The popular sex doll Roxxxy includes a model called Frigid Farrah. In this way, the AI would resist sexual activity, which would allow men to realise very specific fantasies, most of which involve rape. However, this doll happens to be a hoax! It simply does not exist.

Although this all happened in mid-2017, more than four years on, the future of the industry now seems to be heading in that direction. In fact, you can find several AI sex dolls online, and all at ridiculously high prices.

What the experts say

Several experts have been proven to oppose the idea of AI sex dolls because they are a “moral threat to society”. Despite this, there is a belief that robotic sex dolls will replace human relationships in the future, even though this future is highly unlikely.

Human relationships are unpredictable and based on reciprocity. These elements are something that sex dolls cannot offer to humans, as machines do not have the ability to perceive them.

So, should AI sex dolls be banned?

Despite opposition from feminist groups and experts, you can currently find several AI sex dolls on the market. However, it is unlikely that these items will be banned any time soon, as they remain unavailable to the public. The fact that they appeal to a very specific public, combined with their huge economic disparity based on price, makes them far from an everyday purchase.

Many people enjoy playing with sex dolls, whether they are AI sex dolls or traditional dolls. However, please note that even though there is a lot of controversy surrounding them, you can still use them for a long time.

We still don’t know what the future will bring, and the world is being introduced to technological advances every day. But, for now, we can continue to enjoy what we do as long as they stay within the legal norms — and sex dolls are part of that plan.

In summary, there are differing views on whether AI sex dolls should be banned or not. Unfortunately, these opinions won’t carry much weight at this point.




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