Silicone dolls help you solve your sexual needs

7 min readMay 2, 2021

Sexual needs are something that every adult of us has. The physiological conditions and wanting to have sex are everyone’s nature, so you don’t have to deliberately hide your love or be embarrassed. The ratio of men to women in this society has been seriously out of balance. People have no way to find a girlfriend who is always single, but there is no way to hold back the joy of making love, so many times they can only solve it by watching pornographic films by themselves and then using their hands. Some middle-aged people are already married In order to support the family, it takes only one year for a person to go to work outside the city, so a person will feel emptiness when outside, and some people have psychological problems facing real people, so they can only use some other means to themselves To solve the problem, the development of the sex doll industry now solves the problem of sexual demand for many people. Nowadays, most of the dolls on the market are silicone dolls and tpe dolls, and some robot sex dolls.

The story of silicone dolls in Shenzhen

There is a silicone doll experience hall in Shenzhen called “Aile”. It only takes 15 minutes to walk to the largest Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. The price of renting a master bedroom with a single bathroom is as low as RMB 260 per month. Boss Li Bo went to work in a shoe factory in Fujian at the age of 13. He knew that the sexual needs of migrant workers could not be fully met. “There is only one toilet on the first floor, and there is no place for masturbation.” The price of the silicone doll itself is very expensive. The basic model costs around 10,000 yuan. The “Aile” experience hall is for the factory brothers and younger brothers, and the fee is 188 yuan per hour. In the two years since its opening, it has served thousands of customers, some of them After the experience, he said to Li Bo, “You are our bachelor’s savior.”

Although Li Bo has consulted all relevant departments and confirmed that the matter is “not illegal,” this silicone doll experience hall is still subject to controversy and is constantly reported. For this reason, he has to act in a low-key manner. The entrance is used to solicit customers. A doll was also moved into the store.

Boss Li Bo entered the society at the age of 13, worked as a shoe factory worker, sold tofu, opened a restaurant and an intermediary company, and all ended in failure. This silicone doll experience hall called “Aile” was his deep drift. The last blog in more than ten years. For one chance, Li Bo learned from Foxconn workers that the ratio of men to women in the factory is now seriously unbalanced. “There are more than 300 talents in one line and more than 40 women.” A more extreme example is a 280 yuan, the cheapest type of inflatable. The dolls were purchased by 6 workers in the same dormitory and used in turn.

Li Bo felt the same way. When he was fifteen or six years old, he lived in a 12-person dormitory allocated by the factory. There was only one public toilet on the first floor, and there was no place for masturbation.

There are successful precedents for opening a silicone doll experience hall abroad. In February 2017, the world’s first silicone doll experience hall opened in Barcelona. It was fully booked by customers within a few days and it does not close 24 hours a day. One year later, before the FIFA World Cup, Russia’s first sex robot hotel opened for business. The founder believes that silicone dolls can ease the aggressive behavior of some men and make their sexual fantasies a reality in the experience hall. Li Bo told the people around him about this idea. Almost everyone said that he was “crazy for money.” The five partners also withdrew after personal experience. The investment that he had said was turned into borrowing, but Li Bo firmly believed in “sex.” It’s just needed.”

In September 2018, after 7 months of preparation, the “Philharmonic Experience Hall” with an investment of 300,000 yuan was officially opened, priced at 188 yuan per hour. Li Bo said that at his peak there were more than 40 guests a day, and he received a payment every two to three minutes. The doll must be cleaned and disinfected every time it is used. Li Bo and the clerk ran up and down to clean the doll’s body, while the guests sat in silence on a small bench and swiped their phones in line, and hurried away after the experience.

We arrived at the experience center one afternoon in June, and a sign “Minors and Ladies Do Not Enter” was posted at the door. On the first floor is the meeting room. In front of the fish tank are placed a tea table and two sofas. Li Bo often keeps guests here to sit and drink tea. There are 8 rooms on the second floor. 7 dolls have finished dressing and sitting in the room waiting. The remaining bathroom is still being remodeled.

Li Bo believes in “harmony makes money.” Whenever a guest comes, he will greet him graciously and tell him “Go upstairs slowly.” After the experience, he will hand over a cigarette, add tea, and invite the guests to chat. In the three days we visited, 15 guests came one after another, but only less than 20% of the guests were willing to sit down. Guests will talk about the beauty and ugliness of the doll, the feel, and the sexual experience of using the doll for the first time. There are more times, and there is a story behind everyone.

Less than two years after opening the store, I often hear customers come down and say to me: “You are our bachelor’s savior.” There are more than 100 people in my hometown factory, only 3 women, and all of them have families. So now in the factory, as long as a woman is a plant flower, a bunch of men are circling around, and only the manager of this level can catch up. What about the men who have no girlfriends?

When our shop first opened, there used to be a tall and handsome worker. If I were a female, I would definitely marry him only by my appearance. He heard people say that silicone dolls can be played here, but he only has 100 yuan. At that time, my friend and I were discussing things in the store, and didn’t pay much attention to him. He just sat in the store alone and didn’t feel shy. He kept bargaining with me “Boss, let me play once.”

Finally I let him go up. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to get down. The second time I came, I didn’t bring enough money, so I only gave 150 yuan, and I let him go. If not only this place can solve his needs, a big man wouldn’t be like this twice.

Most people who work in factories are born in rural areas and have simple minds. They are often cheated by women when they go out. Among the guests I talked to, there were more than a dozen people who were deceived. They were all routines, but they couldn’t identify them. For example, I met a woman on the Internet, went to the other party’s house, and when they met, several people came in and said that they wanted to catch the rape, and all their mobile phones, watches and hundreds of dollars were taken away. A few days ago, I heard that a worker was cheated by 13 thousand. What is this concept? An ordinary worker can save so much money by saving for a year.

Not only young boys, but also the sexual needs of the elderly are neglected. A 70-year-old man who is here to help children look at the house came here and repeatedly confirmed whether he would be arrested by the police, worried that his son and daughter-in-law would know. He went upstairs and chose a small doll. Half an hour later he came down and said to me, “This thing is great for people like us.”

After chatting with him, I realized that his wife was in his hometown, and he was embarrassed to find a young lady, and his sexual needs couldn’t be solved normally. He felt that playing with a doll would neither be caught nor blackmailed. He came again later, saying that the weather here was too hot and he was going back to his hometown. I guess that when he returned to his hometown, sex also accounted for part of the reason.

After starting a business so many times, I realized that there must be a market for valuable things. The value of this silicone doll experience hall is to provide services to those in need. The strong have the ability to solve their own needs, and the ones who really need to understand and care are the disadvantaged groups, so I not only provide services, but I am also happy to chat with customers. People often ask me, how can I stay positive when I come into contact with these negative things every day? I said that because I saw them, I felt my own value exists.

Therefore, everything has its meaning and value. Since it will appear around us, it means that some people will need it. Now the merchants are also very good, and the ideas are also very advanced. She will follow everyone’s needs. To make her products in specific circumstances, because everyone’s hobbies are different, some people like fat girls, some people like thin girls, and some people like girls with big breasts. Therefore, there are many kinds of dolls for any kind of person. There are many styles and types of dolls, including black sex dolls and irontech dolls, so dolls are a very good thing. They can satisfy all your needs and desires.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.