Sister’s colleague

7 min readMay 12, 2021

It has been more than half a year since I joined the company! Because of the work relationship, he quickly became good friends with a colleague in the factory, and because they were about the same age, the two became buddies who talked about everything. One day Adi told me that Saturday was her sister’s birthday, and Adi invited to her home to help her sister celebrate her birthday. At first, I didn’t plan to attend her sister’s birthday party on the grounds that I didn’t know her sister, but my brother kept asking me to say why I must go to her sister’s birthday party. I couldn’t stand him. Asked me to agree to attend her sister’s birthday party.

That day, when I got off work, I hurried home to take a shower and change into clean clothes. When I hurried to Adi’s house, I realized that I had forgotten to buy a gift, so I hurried to a flower shop and bought a bouquet. flower. When I really rushed to Adi’s house, they couldn’t wait any longer and ate first. After Adi helped me introduce his sister and her sister’s friends, I learned that Adi’s sister is Yiqi, and Adi’s parents have gone abroad, so today’s dishes are all made by Adi’s sisters. made. After we finished our meal, we drank the XO that Adi brought from his parents’ room in the living room. It was at this time that I had the opportunity to really see Yiqi’s appearance. Yiqi is quite cute. Although she is quite petite, her figure is outstanding, especially today she is wearing a tights and narrow. The skirt even showed her attractive figure. Another sister, Xiaowen, who is Adi, is also a beauty. Xiaowen’s beauty is the mature beauty and Yiqi is the beauty of a girl. The figure is as good as Yiqi. Next is Adi’s girlfriend, Yijing. Although she is not as pretty as Xiaowen and Yiqi, she is still a good girl. We just drank wine while chatting.

When a group of us even had six of me (the other is Xiaowen’s boyfriend), I don’t know how much alcohol I drank, but everyone looked a little drunk, and even I was a little top-heavy! Yiqi swayed back to the room but accidentally hit the chair with his foot. I saw that everyone in the room fell on the sofa, so I had to help Yiqi back to her room, when I let her lie down When I was on her bed, I looked at Yiqi’s attractive figure and her breasts that floated with her breathing. When Yiqi saw me staring at her breasts, she only looked at me with a smile. When I couldn’t help but lowered my head to kiss her, Yiqi also stretched out her hands to embrace my neck, and my hands started to move on her breasts, even though I was stroking Yiqi’s breasts through the clothes. But Yiqi’s soft breasts made my hand reluctant to leave. Yiqi’s tongue enthusiastically responded to my kiss, and my other hand reached into Yiqi’s narrow skirt on her raised hill. I started stroking, my hand reached into Yiqi’s clothes to touch Yiqi’s attractive breasts, I pinched Yiqi’s nipples with my fingers, and when I stretched my hand into her underwear, Yiqi herself was already Take off the tights on your body. I moved my mouth to Yiqi’s breasts, and while sucking and kissing Yiqi’s nipples, I also took off Yiqi’s narrow skirt. Slowly I slipped my tongue onto Yiqi’s panties. The panties teased Yiqi. Her panties were already wet with love fluid. After taking off the last piece of clothing on Yiqi’s body, I began to taste Yiqi’s lower body. When I stuck out my tongue and churned it in Yiqi’s vagina At the same time, I also took off my clothes. Yiqi seemed to be unable to bear my teasing and the love fluid was flowing more and more. Yiqi’s waist also slowly shook, and a moaning sound began to come from her mouth.

Yiqi’s mouth kept groaning, and her hands kept grabbing the sheets. Seeing how intoxicated Yiqi looked, when I lifted Yiqi’s leg and placed it on my shoulder, Yiqi But the love liquid of my love flowed out like a flood and wet the sheets; Yiqi’s hand held my already erect cock and guided me to insert it. When my cock was inserted into Yiqi’s hot and humid vagina, Yiqi’s love liquid My cock was forced out.

My cock was tightly wrapped by Yiqi’s meat wall, and my cock was swallowed inch by inch by Yiqi’s vagina until the whole cock was inserted into Yiqi’s vagina.

Yiqi’s waist began to shake again, and I also began to shake my waist to let the meat stick in and out of Yiqi’s hot and humid vagina.

I kept shaking my waist, and the cock continued to thrust in, and the room constantly heard the sound of “pop, pop, pop” and Yi Qi’s groaning, my meat stick was constantly inserted into Yi Qi’s vagina, Yiqi held the bed sheet with her hands, and moaned constantly in her mouth.

Seeing my cock constantly being swallowed by Yiqi’s vagina and continuously pulled out made me even more excited. I pressed Yiqi’s legs against Yiqi’s breasts, I swayed my waist frantically and my cock was also Then he thrust Yiqi’s vagina quickly.

Yiqi’s flesh wall spasm came from my cock. I think Yiqi has reached a climax. When I put Yiqi’s feet down and hugged her and planned to rest for a while before continuing, Xiaowen and Yijing suddenly smashed into each other. Bumped and walked in. I looked at them embarrassedly, while Yiqi lay there with her eyes closed, seemingly still intoxicated by the climax just now. Xiaowen and Yijing didn’t say anything, they just looked at us with smiles, but their actions afterwards made me startled, because they hugged and kissed each other, and Xiaowen stretched out her hand to Yijing’s In her clothes, she constantly stroked Yijing.

When I was flabbergasted there, I didn’t know what to do, Yiqi turned over and pressed me underneath, while she was sitting on my waist. I watched Xiaowen and Yijing already lying on the floor, their clothes began to take off one by one, Xiaowen’s tongue was licking and sucking on Yijing’s nipples. Yiqi sat on my waist, while my cock was still inserted in her vagina, Yiqi began to shake her thin waist, and my cock was pumped in her vagina again.

Yijing also started to moan because of Xiaowen’s sucking. When Xiaowen climbed onto Yijing’s body and the two became 69 and licked each other, Xiaowen happened to face me with her back so the whole pussy appeared in front of my eyes. , I was so excited that it was just so exciting. My hand held Yiqi’s waist and swayed and turned her waist.

Slowly, Yiqi’s waist was getting faster and faster. I also lifted my waist and pushed it up, watching Xiaowen and Yijing constantly licking each other. I think the alcohol has numbed us, and now we only Want to get an orgasm. Yiqi also wiggled her waist frantically, so that my cock was constantly inserted into her vagina, so that she could reach an orgasm again. Yiqi’s waist moved faster and faster, and I continued to push me with her movements. The waist rises so that my cock can be inserted deeper.

Soon, Yiqi reached another climax and lay on my body panting. When I hugged her and panted together, Xiaowen walked over and pushed Yiqi away from me. When she saw my cock standing upright, she immediately climbed onto my body and grabbed my cock. Stuffed her vagina.

When my cock was stuffed into Xiaowen’s vagina, Xiaowen made a sound of admiration. Under the bewilderment of alcohol and the temptation of Xiaowen, I didn’t care if her boyfriend was outside or not, so I stretched out my hand. Touching her breasts, Xiaowen’s vagina also kept flowing out of love fluid, which flowed out along my cock. Xiaowen began to swing her waist, and my cock began to go in and out of her vagina.

This feeling is really amazing. At first, something that I couldn’t even think of happened to me, but later on, it seemed that I never encountered such a good thing again. Maybe it was lucky everyone. After drinking, I was back as a single person again, but after this time I realized that to make my partner happy, I must have a good sex technique. After that, I decided to buy a silicone doll online. Come to exercise my ability to have sex. When I opened the store and took a look, I was stunned, because although I knew the sex doll, I didn’t know that she was so complete. There were all kinds of mini sex dolls and torso sex dolls. Anyway, as long as you dare to think about it, they dare to hope that this time the doll will bring me a different surprise.




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