Someone is working with two husbands

11 min readApr 10, 2021

Today I will tell you the story of a fan. With her consent, the story is like this

In our country, having sex with a man other than her husband is called “goo”. I never thought that such a thing would happen to myself. This is the reason why I want to write this article, and it is also my own person. experience. I am 33 years old this year. I married my husband Chen Chaoyang 10 years ago. He is a section chief of a unit. He is not bad and looks good. He is 3 years older than me. I work in a bank by myself, and he is pretty handsome in the unit. , My colleague talked about me as a sexy little witch, the young couple had a good life. In order to live a happy life in the world of two people, I gave birth to my daughter when I was 30, and I am now in kindergarten.

My husband has always loved me very much. Whether in the past or now, his energy is very strong. In the days of the two of us, he had sex every day, and there were many tricks. He often watched him bring some pornographic VCDs when he came home. When I came back from movies and sex products, I knew there was going to be a big fight in the evening. Often from dinner, he would constantly tease me, pinch my ass, touch my breasts, and often make me unable to make dinner. I am often embarrassed by the neighbors. He never stops enjoying the happiness between husband and wife. I am also very satisfied and cooperate with him. Sometimes the time for one-time sex is more than an hour. He is especially good at playing and often gets me up. 4.5 climaxes, and I still feel too tired to go to work the next day. In the last few months of pregnancy, when he had sex with her husband, he could only get in from behind, and he could not be too strong. It felt that he was very difficult to be satisfied. I had to often help him with mouth or anal sex, so as not to disappoint him. Lest he mess around outside.

Under my husband’s training and nearly 10 years of experience in sex life, my sexual desire was unprecedentedly strong, especially after my husband’s encouragement, after having a “hooking” experience, my sex life began to be colorful and erotic. Reached another peak. When the child was 3 years old, the husband asked his mother to take the child back to his hometown to live for some time. As soon as the child left, I felt very bad and felt empty. Women are like this, always thinking about their daughters. But the husband seemed to be bright, he was very excited about the life of the two of them, and he was promoted to the deputy director of the unit, which seemed particularly impulsive and happy. He saw that I was unhappy because the child left, so he kept coaxing me. On the night the child left, he worked harder during sex. He stayed with me from the beginning of the bath and kept teasing me. When stroking on the bed, he took out the crystal case he had just bought (the kind of transparent and enlarged with a little bit of transparency). Set on his cock, it shocked me. It was 5 cm long and it was a lot longer. I said, “It’s too big to bear.”

He said: “A child can be born, that’s nothing, you just want this big and this long stick to be enjoyable.”

Hearing what he said, I thought it was the same. My sexual interest also immediately got up. I had the urge to try it. I laid my love pillow under my butt and said, “Come on, come on, come on, I see what you have. ability.”

After seeing my thigh stretched out, I assumed a lewd look. He forcefully inserted the enlarged and elongated big cock into my cunt. Although I have a lot of water, it still feels tightly packed, obviously. Unlike usual, my husband kept pushing and chanting words: “I will fuck you, fuck you every day, fuck your big cunt… I want people to fuck you together, fuck you big cunt… OK Comfortable, so comfortable, refreshing, refreshing… Ah, ah, ejaculation, ejaculation…”

As my husband trembled, I felt that his sperm kept shooting into my cunt, making me too comfortable. I said: “More, more…”, it was another orgasm. After a long time, the husband took out his soft cock and said, “You are too powerful. It seems that it is okay for another man to fuck you. I will see how I fuck you tomorrow.”

At that time I didn’t pay attention to what he said, because I was so excited and I hadn’t come to my senses. He saw that I was still intoxicated and teased, “Do you still think about it? How about another man?” I said, “Yes. , No problem,” he said seriously: “Tomorrow I will call Ahui to play, is he okay?”, I said: “what’s okay?”

He saw that I didn’t understand what he meant, and while digging my cunt with his fingers, he said: “Ahui’s cock is so big, I want you to play with him.” I stared and said: “You are crazy, who is like You men, as long as you are women, you can do it. Women want love!” He said, “You also know Ahui. Although he played with a lot of women, he is not married after all. You are in your 30s. Find more men. Make a sense of what’s wrong. Don’t think that you are at a disadvantage. Feel like you’re playing with another man. Just enjoy it. I don’t care about you. I also like you to be lewd and have more sex with us. Exciting, you won’t have a chance to play when you are old…”

After what he said, I think it makes sense. Even though I have had sex with other men before getting married, even though I have tried oral sex with men, I have never had sex. Some colleagues in the work unit often eat my “tofu”. She just touched her butt or pinched milk, and has not had sex with other men except her husband. But the husband is different. There must be a lot of women outside, especially when I gave birth to a child, I know that he did not hide me and Ahui to play with women.

Seeing that I was hesitant, he encouraged me and said: “You also know that Ahui is interesting to you. I can see it. It’s just because he and I are friends. He dare not. If you take the initiative, he will definitely not If you have this concern, men chasing women over the wall and women chasing men with a piece of paper. Don’t be emotional, just think about playing a male prostitute, okay?”.

I see his serious pleading, and I can accept Ahui, not to mention that one time when my husband was not at home, Ahui saw me wearing a transparent pajamas from the bathroom, his eyes never left my plump breasts and buttocks. I have already felt that he is very impulsive. I was also a little impulsive. He often played at our house. He also said: “Yuqing sister-in-law, you are really sexy. Men like women like you the most. I will have to Find a wife like you.”

I said, “Really? I thought I was old.” Although I knew he was teasing me, women were half a beat slower than men, so I didn’t think much about it at the time. Today, since my husband put it forward, I will follow the flow: “Good pull, you just love to play with these, there are many ghosts, you say how to play.”

After my husband listened to my agreement, he told his plan and his plan. I was impulsive after listening to the process. My husband took the opportunity to insert an old cock into my wet cunt. There was another battle. I was exhausted. I still I’m really worried about having sex too much.

Ah Fai is now a permanent resident of Hong Kong. He came back to invest a few years ago and set up a three-star hotel. He is still famous here. Ah Fai is 30 years old this year. He is very humorous and there are many women around him. Actually I also like him very much, just because he and my husband are getting along well, so I don’t think much about it. According to my husband and I’s plan, I started my own “steal” operation. Before I got off work in the evening, I called Ahui and told him that my husband was on a business trip and I was going to his hotel for dinner. Ahui was very happy and said, “Okay, I will arrange some food to accompany you. Do you want to pick you up?” “, I said: “Okay, come at 6 o’clock.”

It was less than 6 o’clock. I saw from the window that Ahui was already waiting for me in his car. I felt a little nervous. Although I was often called to pick me up in the past, I had no other thoughts after all. Today, I was premeditated. What’s more, my husband didn’t travel on business and waited for me to finish my plan and go back to share my happiness. I got off work 5 minutes early after I was nervous. In the car, Ahui said, “I just called Chaoyang, and he said he won’t be back until the day after tomorrow.”

I said, “Yeah, I see. He often travels on business and what he can do. I will have fun at your hotel tonight. It will be uncomfortable to go home alone.”

He said: “Don’t you speak, you can play whatever you want, I’ll accompany you.”

Ahui deliberately arranged a small box. Just the two of us. He opened a bottle of red wine. We chatted and drank. After a few glasses of red wine went down, I said: “Ahui, do you have a male massage in the sauna? You can find one. Give me a massage, I want to enjoy it in the evening”, he said, “Haha, I didn’t expect you to enjoy it, Aqing. The massage should be naked. You are so beautiful and you are not afraid of being raped by the little white face.” I said: “I can’t ask for it, I’m a 30-year-old woman, I still rape him, who is afraid of whom.”

He couldn’t wait to say: “Don’t worry, there are ready-made masseurs by your side. I will open a room for you to play and serve you for free.”

I knew he had understood what I meant, so I said, “It depends on your level. I’m a picky woman. Chaoyang can’t handle me.”

Taking advantage of Ahui’s chance to go out to arrange a room, I called my husband, and my husband excitedly asked, “What’s the matter? What’s the situation?”

I said: “Everything is normal, and I am still drinking. He opened the room and went, don’t worry, wait for me.”

Husband said: “I have fun and come back to report, I’ll wait for you.”

After the phone call, I deliberately unbuttoned the mouth of my shirt, so that my neckline showed plump cleavage. When Ahui came back, he came directly to me and hugged me, put a hand into the mouth of my shirt and touched my milk, and said: “I will give you a massage, I want to give you a massage, you are so sexy, little beauty…”

I said, “Don’t worry, can you go to the room? I want to take a shower first.”

At this time, my cell phone rang, “Hey, my husband, when will you be back?… Oh, a few more days, are you coming back soon? I miss you, I’ll eat here at Ahui, call Ahui, okay, you can tell him.”

Ahui answered the phone and her husband said, “Ahui, make some good things for Aqing to eat, so that she won’t be upset.” Ahui squeezed my breasts and said, “Brother Chaoyang, don’t worry, I Let your wife give it back to you, come back early, bye.”

After he answered the phone, he couldn’t wait to say, “Go to the room first, upstairs 911#. This is the key card. The masseur will come later.” He squeezed my butt again.

As soon as I entered the room, Ahui arrived. As soon as the door closed, he moved to my side and started to touch my button. I closed my eyes, and my heart beat quickly. I clearly felt the buttons of the clothes untied, and then the shirt was taken off. I said, “What should Chaoyang know? He is your good friend.”

“No, how could he know that I like you, can you not mention him? Let’s play happily and enjoy it, maybe he is also playing with women outside.” He didn’t continue to take off my bust, but he pulled down the zipper of my skirt. I cooperated with his movements and lifted my butt to let him take off my skirt smoothly. Then he found the button of the bra on my chest.

With a bang, the buttons were unbuttoned, and my plump breasts jumped out and fell into his palm. In front of another man besides her husband, everything went so funny, which was beyond my expectation. My liking for Ah Hui has gone a step further. Although he has played with countless women, he is not married after all. What’s more, I am 3 years older than him. He also treats my desires very carefully, as well as the encouragement from my husband. , I completely relaxed myself. Ahui squeezed my elastic breasts, and then kissed each of the two nipples. My upper body trembles involuntarily with every light kiss.

He let go of my breasts and touched my panties. I instinctively pulled my pants waist, but, after all, I let him take off my underwear. I was so ashamed that I closed my eyes and said, “May I go to the bathroom to wash first?”

Ahui said: “Let’s take a bath with a mandarin duck.”

I said softly in his ear: “May I help you undress?”

Soon I stripped him naked and stripped naked. In the bathroom bathtub, he touched every part of my body, and I helped him scrub every corner with my hands. When the two of them were covered with soap bubbles, he finally couldn’t help but insert his big hard penis into my flesh. I was immediately weakened and let my body soften, letting his stick sprint into my flesh hole. Because I was dug and touched by him just now, I was already aroused, so I quickly climaxed. I hugged his body tightly and called out involuntarily. He knew that I was already excited and pumped even harder. I let him play for a while, and his legs became weak, and he still thrust the meat stick into my vagina enthusiastically.

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