Super cool H nirvana, exclusive for Japanese bubble bath

4 min readApr 12, 2021

The air bed has great and profound skills!

Speaking of bubble bath, it is reminiscent of air bed play. On the air bed full of air, you will have a close relationship with the ladies who are naked and coated with lubricating fluid.

A scene that often appears in AV, right? Just looking at it is full of excitement. In fact, the air bed has a wide variety of nirvana! There are more than 50 kinds!

Next, let’s introduce some of the well-known moves, and they are also the unique tricks recommended by old Japanese drivers!

It is said that in order to shoot the work, the AV actress will also learn the tricks of air bed play, not to mention that the professional bubble bath lady is definitely a master of these tricks.

The coolest air bed play nirvana

Lie down to suck and lick the waterfall stream: Omote thousand stream down ri (おもてせんりゅうくだり)

The whole body was coated with lubricating fluid, and the tongue licked the trick as if sucking out the soul. It’s not just licking, but “sucking + licking.” While sucking, you don’t lick your tongue all over your body idle. It’s a unique trick in bubble baths. Although it is not a fixed service, it is very popular.

Facing the lying male, from the beginning of the kiss, slowly suck the ears, head, collarbone, chest, and move to the nirvana of the lower body.

Lie on your back, suck and lick the waterfall

It’s the same as lying down and sucking and licking waterfall flow just now, but it’s a version of lying down and licking. There are many surprises with sensitive boys behind, and the technique of sucking and licking on the stomach is quite popular. As when lying down, slowly move from the ears, head, and back to the lower body. At this time, let the young lady’s hand touch the testicles, which can be said to fly straight to heaven.

Frog kick: カエルキック

The bubble bath lady will get under your body, like a frog pose in swimming, and gently stimulate your testicles with the tender groin. The touch of the thighs and buttocks is really unbearable, it is a very cool nirvana.

Foot milk extraction: アメンボ

Use the soles of your feet to rub Miss Opie’s trick.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of rubbing a girl’s nipples with the soles of your feet! ? Although it’s a little itchy… but the pleasure is beyond words.

Pine leaves sinking: pine leaves collapse し(まつばくずし)

The man is lying down, and the young lady lays on his side and clamps your one foot with your feet to rub each other’s pussy.

Your anus and your lady’s anus will make an exciting sound while touching each other.

This kind of friction that is about to be encountered but not encountered can be said to be overwhelming.

Crab scissors: カニばさみ

The young lady makes an intimate position as if lying next to you, and clamps the penis on the inner side of her knees, gently twisting it up and down to left and right, as if she is thrusting. Because it is close to the continuous stimulation, it is unbearable, and it is said that many people have shot here.

Frog scissors: カエル漢み

The lady gently wraps your penis with the soles of your feet. Although the movements of the soles of your feet are not very smooth, but it has reached another level of happiness. At the same time, you can see the lady’s anus clearly, which is really great. Good location!

Carp Climbing Waterfall: Carp の滝登り(こいのたきのぼり)

This kind of closeness and scenery can be said to be the highest state of the riding position.

As the waist swayed, the chest also swayed. Unknowingly, it makes people want to rub it!

Extraordinary Editor: Satyr Chair

Next is the satyr chair that is indispensable in the bubble bath! Usually before you get on the air bed, you will be put on a chair to let the lady wash your body. At this time, the lady’s hands can be extended from the hole in the chair, and the male’s penis, testicles and anus will be stimulated while taking a bath.

Bathing brush to freshen up: たわし洗い

The service of bathing with girls’ pubic hair is named after the bathing brush (たわし) commonly used in bathing in Japan.

Full stimulation of the back side of the satyr chair: Thousands of flowing down the chair

The young lady let her go behind the boy and press her chest against her back, while stimulating your back, nipples, anus, and penis with her hands. As for where will the other hand attack? Let everyone experience it for yourself!

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