Swimming pool in the afternoon

10 min readApr 19, 2021

I used to live in a small university town to take graduate courses. That university is very good, but because the university is located in the “Bible Belt”, the university town is a lively and boring village. One of my aunts left me a considerable legacy after the death, so that I can focus on my studies, at least most of the time. I am a girl and single again. However, I have suffered from the loss of several men before, and the damage they left me is so deep that I will not miss them for a long time.

Nevertheless, I am a human being after all, and my sexual desire is still lurking in the back, making me sweat and boring. One thing Xiaocun shines in my eyes is Susan. She is a lovely and slightly shy married woman, only one or two years older than me. She was studying in university at the time, and she had several classes that were the same as mine. From time to time we would read books together, and gradually we also became friends. Her husband is a typical villager in the small village of Manren. There is a swimming pool in their back garden with high fences around. When I only spend half a day in class, sometimes she invites me to go swimming at her house after class. I like swimming very much and I swim very well.

When she went to her house on the first day, she wore an unremarkable one-piece swimsuit and hid her graceful figure. I complimented her, and it seems she is also very happy. Every time I go, her swimsuit seems to be smaller and smaller. Of course, every swimsuit is different. When I went there for the fourth time, her swimsuit was as small as a bikini, with only one rope behind her. The front of the swimsuit almost couldn’t cover her private parts.

As usual, I praise her for her beautiful style. That day, her big, round breast was only covered by the swimsuit, and her nipples stiffened under the thin cloth. Oh my god, she’s so good-looking. I told her that the Bikini she was wearing would be arrested even in Cannes. She seemed to be holding it up to me. After we drank two glasses, she became more open. I can see that she is also admiring my figure.

In the past, every time I was in her house, I always wore bikini to dazzle my body and my 38C breast (not squeezed out, please). I noticed that she was looking at my breast several times, and I tried my best to uncover my breast. Her toned body was lying down, her swimsuit only covered her carcass, but her butt was soaking up the sun. The scene looked delicious. I “eat” her whole with my eyes, and I can see that she is also paying attention to my every move.

I asked her if she had tried to take off her clothes and get some sun. She said she wanted to, but she was afraid that I would be embarrassed. I told her that I have been to many nude beaches. Then I took off my own Bikini without saying a word, and she followed suit. Her well-tanned nudes are beautiful. She has a lovely round breast with a large, pink areola, and her nipples stand tall.

Her golden pubic hair is trimmed neatly, almost to the point of her beautiful pussy. I was already impulsive just looking at her. I decided to see if her interest in me would bloom like a flower if I nurture it carefully. How can you get a tiger if you don’t enter the tiger’s den? I lay down, raised my leg, and slowly slid my leg to the side to show her my lovely look (someone said mine).

I shaved my private parts neatly, except for a small triangular area above. My labia minora protruded a little, revealing my beautifully shaped cracks. She caught her eyes, and she couldn’t look away anymore. I dangled my knees, and I felt that I was very wet. In the end, I sat up, raised my feet, and separated my calves. I feel the cool air in my vagina. I parted my wet labia and showed Susan a good look at my wet pussy.

“Susan, you are staring at me.” I smiled. She just nodded. “Do you like what you see?” She nodded again, her face almost flushed. “Get closer, I like beautiful women to look at me.”

She hesitated for a while, then came up and sat next to my beach chair, but her eyes were glued to mine. “You look at my light look at me making me hot. I can’t hold it anymore. Just looking at your beautiful naked body really makes me impulsive. You are so beautiful. Do you know what I want to do? “I asked, looking at her lovely blue eyes. She shook her head slowly. “I want to do it for myself once, you have to watch. I want to use my finger to make my cunt, and I have to use my finger until I come. You want to see it, don’t you?” I asked quietly.

She nodded, and said “yes” in a voice that was almost inaudible. I flexed my heart, bent forward to meet her, and gave her the softest and gentlest kiss I could do. Her eyes closed, and she seemed a little disappointed, as if to blame me for not kissing longer.

I lay back on the beach chair and separated my legs so that she could see me clearly. I slipped a finger into my mouth, and then pulled out my finger that was so shiny as to moisten the saliva. A gleaming silver thread of saliva was hanging there until it broke. Susan watched me as if hypnotized, sliding her fingers down and slowly into my private parts. I put my fingers as deep as possible, then slid my fingers out and moved them to the separated labia, and moistened the lips. I put my other hand down and lifted my pussy a little bit higher.

My stiff clitoris squeezed the foreskin and ran out. I wiped it lightly, and the clitoris swelled even worse. My clitoris is large, and when Susan saw the pink nucleus popping out, she took a breath. When I pulled it up again, the clitoris had slid out almost half an inch, the diameter of which was as thick as a pencil. She opened her mouth and looked intently.

“Oh my God, I’m very hot.” I whispered hoarsely, “My clitoris is on fire. It has to be licked and slurped like a penis. Do you want to sip my clitoris, Susan? It needs a pair. Sip with her lips wrapped.” She leaned forward, her lips parted slightly, her tongue licked her lower lip, and then she moved back. Her eyes were full of doubts. She wants to do it, but she doesn’t want to. I smiled at her slightly. She closed her legs tightly. Good symptom.

I slid a finger deeply into my body, pulled it out, and slid it into my mouth. I licked, then put the finger back in, then pulled it out, and then into my mouth. She watched nervously, her brows furrowed, her mouth imitating the shape of my labia. I slid my finger into the body again, and then slid out, sliding around the nucleus. I groaned faintly. God, not only did I get hot, I was masturbating within a few inches of her. I pushed my hips forward in front of her. My passionate and slutty sex scent filled her nostrils, and I could see her nostrils burning. Slowly, I performed a good show for her. While letting my fingers go in and out of mine, I inserted two and then three fingers inside me. In my wet vagina, the love liquid dripped out almost like a hose, and my fingers squeezed out a small sound of water as they went in and out. Her body was bent forward, and her face was only half a foot away from me.

I took my finger out again and stayed still. She looked at my wet fingers covered with my love fluid. Her lips opened slightly. In order not to disturb her, I slowly put a few of my fingers in front of her mouth. She can smell my desire, my liquid of love. Very slowly I put my finger on her lips and gently wiped her opened vermilion lips.

She screamed slightly, and she just stepped back a little. I put my finger on her lips again. I slipped my finger into her mouth. Her lips bit my finger, and I felt her tongue move on my finger at the same time, and her mouth was also sucking my finger. I gently used my finger to her mouth. She closed her eyes and sobbed. I pulled out my fingers and bent forward and kissed her softly. She in turn pressed me tightly. Now her tongue slipped in and out of my mouth. Her hands wrapped around my head and pulled me towards her. We kissed for a while, and then we separated a little. Her eyes closed. I slid my finger inside, then slid into her lips and mouth. She inhaled, but suddenly her eyes widened.

“I…I…I want to kiss you…you…your cunt.” Susan stuttered. I kissed her and my tongue slipped into her mouth. I leaned down and put my hand on her drenched, enlarged cunt. She groaned, and my fingers slipped softly into her wet hole. I put my finger on my lips again, sipping her sweet and salty love liquid. I repeated the action just now, but this time I put my finger in her mouth and she sipped it. I held her strong ball in one hand and rubbed it gently and weakly. Her stiff nipples pressed against the palm of my hand. Then I moved back, my legs separated greatly.

She stared at me and hesitated again. “Susan, my dearest, I’m here. It’s all for you. Kiss me like you want your own sweet cunt to be kissed. Think about how you want others to kiss you, sip you, lick you, love You. Just do what you want. It’s that simple. Gentle. Soft. We have the whole afternoon, sweetheart.” She looked up at me and smiled, her smile wide. I waited for her to enter my body. She hesitated for a few more seconds, then stopped thinking about it, bent over and kissed my belly. Her tongue slid out to lick my skin, tasting my flesh. She looked up into my eyes and was smiling. She moved her hands to my legs and stroked them, soft and loving. Her touch is so lovely, I almost melted. She moved her body down and kissed my legs: first on the inside, then at the junction between the legs and the body. Her tongue left wet marks. She raised her head and smiled. I knew she was playing around with me, and now she knew what she wanted to do. She bent down and stuck out her tongue.

It was my turn to groan, and her tongue slid over my pussy from the bottom up, slowly and ecstatically. Her tongue quickly licked the bottom of my pubic nucleus, and licked it around the nucleus again and again, which made me scream. Her lips touched my pubic nucleus. At first she sucked weakly, and then more and more vigorously, her tongue kept licking my pubic nucleus, which was the pattern she wanted her pubic nucleus to be licked. Slowly Susan kissed, licked, and slurped my open cunt. I lay down and put my hand around her head and gently stroked her soft blonde hair.

My lower body couldn’t help but meet her sweet mouth. I felt her fingers slip into my body and slid carefully to the end. Those fingers explored in my wet and hot vagina. Her lips and tongue were concentrated on my clitoris. She gradually pushed my passion to climax until I screamed and my lower body took her mouth. My cunt was convulsing, squeezing her fingers tightly. She later told me that the most wonderful feeling was to know that she got me lost.

My orgasm is strong and long, and I haven’t been able to subdue it for a long time. I haven’t had sex with a man or a woman in a long time. When I woke up, I hugged her and thanked her very much. Her plump breasts and firm nipples pressed against my breasts and nipples. When I slipped a finger between her labia, her labia opened up and she groaned. “Let’s go inside, please.” I told her, “I want to have sex with you on a soft bed. I want to have a meal on your lovely body. The beach chair is too uncomfortable.”

She immediately agreed, laughing, and we almost ran into the house. She took me to an extremely spacious and well-decorated room with a big bed covered with a tent. She uncovered the sheets, revealing the silky padded sheets. She patted the bed next to me, and I sat down, then I lay down and pulled her to myself, we lay and kissed. I stretched my leg between her legs, and her Eros Hill slammed on my thigh and swayed gently up and down. Her warm body was close to mine, soft and slippery. I caressed her body slowly, then kissed her neck and the back of her ears, my tongue tasted her body wantonly. She turned me on top of her and spread her calves to cater to me. I felt her spreading dampness on my body. Our shame mounds touched each other. The mound of my goddess of love pressed down to stabilize her spreading dampness. She groaned when my soft flesh was pushing her wet flesh towards her, rushing into the hole.

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