Teacher, my lover

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By chance, my name is Zhang Zhen. I am 18 years old this year. I am a second year in a key high school in City B. When I was 10 years old, my father went to the sea to do real estate from a government agency. Four years later, my mother also resigned to help my father take care of the business. When I was 16 years old, my father’s business had become the largest real estate developer in City B and expanded his business to the north and south. Being able to enter the best school in city B is entirely due to my father’s relationship. Although he is always not by my side, he can always come up with the best things to make up for me. I just passed my 18th birthday, and he gave me my The name was filled in the company’s shareholder column. On the day I took the driver’s license, he gave me a Porsche.

Generally speaking, I am not stupid, and I can be considered handsome. Coupled with rich family resources, there is never a shortage of girls around, but the girls who have not fully developed yet can not satisfy me at all. They behave like in bed. It makes me feel bored like a dead fish. I could only go to the modeling agency in the society to find some peripherals in their twenties to play around, until I met Wan Shasha.

Wan Shasha is my English teacher. She is 25 years old and has just been assigned to our school as an intern teacher. Teacher Wan is a standard stunner, of medium height, clean short hair, exquisite small face, rugged body, especially a pair of tall buttocks, which is becoming more and more attractive under the outline of the jeans that cover the buttocks. When I first met her in class, I could no longer divert my attention, and I decided to get her.

Because my parents are always away from home, I am used to returning to the empty house after finishing my homework in the library, and then going to bed after eating instant noodles. As usual, I finished my homework in the library and prepared to pick up the car to go home. It started to rain outside. It has been more than two months since school started. The rain in late autumn was especially biting. From a distance, I saw a familiar figure outside the school gate looking out. After a closer look, it turned out that it was Teacher Wan, who was shivering with her shoulders. So I stepped forward to strike up a conversation: “Teacher Wan, why are you still not leaving?”

“Zhang Zhen, did you leave? It’s okay, the teacher is waiting for a taxi,” Teacher Wan replied.

“Oh, then I will go first, Teacher Wan, see you tomorrow”

“Well, see you tomorrow”

After speaking, I turned and walked into the underground garage to pick up the car and go home. When I made a circle and passed the school gate again, I saw Teacher Wan still shivering there. I stopped the car and said hello to her: “Teacher Wan, it’s not easy to take a taxi at this late hour, or I will give you a ride.”

Teacher Wan took a step back in surprise when she saw me driving an expensive SUV to greet her, and then pretending to be relaxed and replied, “No, it’s too much trouble. You go quickly. You have to get up early to school tomorrow.” .

“It’s okay, Teacher Wan, I remember that you live in the CY area, which way is when I go home, let me take you by the way” I insisted on giving her a ride.

Teacher Wan saw that there were indeed no taxis quietly around, so she hurried over and got in the car, “Thank you, Zhang Zhen”, sitting on the large leather heated seat, she appeared very careful, for fear of damage. .

“You’re welcome, Teacher Wan” I kicked the accelerator, and the car had already gone far.

The night neon lights in City B flashed, and all kinds of red men and green women laughed and cursed, portraying a bizarre scene. We were speechless all the way, until when we were about to drive to the ordinary ride, Teacher Wan asked me to stop: “Zhang Zhen, can you listen to the intersection ahead? I want to buy something to eat.”

“Have you eaten dinner yet? It’s past 9 o’clock.” Actually, I didn’t eat either. I just watched the actors on TV express their concern.

“Yes, you also know that I am a new teacher and I don’t know many things, so I have to work harder.” Teacher Wan smiled slightly, but it made me feel very comfortable inexplicably.

“Don’t tell me, Teacher Wan, I just didn’t have anything to eat, or let’s eat a little together” I suggested, “I know that there is a restaurant in front of the dish that is very good. The dishes are served quickly and they taste good.”

“No, no, no,” Teacher Wan hurriedly replied, “I just buy something to eat.”

I was a little angry and said, “If you don’t eat, I always want to eat. I treat you, it’s okay.”

Teacher Wan blushed obviously and stopped saying anything.

We turned left and turned right into the alley and parked in front of a yard. There were luxury cars of all kinds parked in front of the yard. It was like a luxury auto show, but it made my Porsche look a little bit angry.

The dinner was very rich. I specially ordered a Boston lobster and a Kobe steak in front of Teacher Wan.

During the chat, I realized that Mr. Wan’s boyfriend should have come to pick her up, but the company couldn’t work overtime temporarily, so I had to wait for the bus at the school gate and met me. With Teacher Wan accompanied me, I had a very happy meal.

It was 11:30 in the evening when I sent Teacher Wan downstairs to her house. I parked the car downstairs and watched her walk into the corridor. Then I turned around and said, “Thank you so much today. Zhang Zhen

“I should be the one who thanked you, Mr. Wan, I used to eat alone, and I am really happy today,” I replied, “Hurry upstairs.”

Since the party sent Mr. Wan home that day, I have deliberately delayed it every day. I also met Mrs. Wan several times. I gradually discovered that the number of times I met her was getting higher and higher, sometimes several times a week. As if she was waiting for me deliberately, I would naturally not let go of these opportunities, often changing tricks to take her to eat a variety of delicacies, and she was no longer trembling like the first time she entered a high-end club, and slowly became Get relaxed. Suddenly one day I received a call from Teacher Wan.

“Hey, is this Zhang Zhen?”

“It’s me, Teacher Wan, what’s the matter?”

“A few of our friends are going to KTV this weekend. Are you coming? I want to thank you for taking me home during this time. Please KTV.”

“Okay, I’m fine, just tell me the time and place.” I was very excited, but still pretended to be calm.

“Then I’ll let you know when we make a decision.” Teacher Wan hung up after saying that.

It’s hard to endure until the weekend. During this time, I always go to the girl who looks like Mr. Wan for a shot. Only when I shoot the semen into the womb of the “Ms. Wan” can I relieve my feelings towards Mr. Wan. Desire. Until the weekend night, I changed into my spirited clothes, sprayed some perfume on my body and drove to KTV. As soon as I entered the box, I saw several men and women of the same age as the teacher sitting together, talking and laughing, Mr. Wan Seeing me coming in, they introduced me one by one. These were her college classmates. The last one introduced was her boyfriend, a tall and thin boy who was very gentle and simple. Teacher Wan introduced him to me. My name is Feng Kai and he is a programmer. I politely greeted them one by one and then called the waiter. I ordered two bottles of 18-year-old McLaren whiskey and two bottles of gold cubes. This is a must for my friends and me. After the wine was on the table, I started to toast in turns. They were very restrained and resisted at first. They probably hadn’t been so karaoke before. Slowly, everyone got up and toasted each other. After a while, all four bottles of wine were drunk. It was clean, so I ordered another 4 bottles of wine and a fruit platter to tell everyone to be polite and open up to play.

Because there was Maiba singing, the few of us who were all right were drinking while playing Truth or Dare. Teacher Wan also played with us. Everyone drank a little deliriously, so we went too far. It was Teacher Wan’s turn. During the big adventure, someone suggested: “Sasha, do you dare to kiss your student tongue?” Then everyone started booing, Feng Kai sat there with a bitter smile in embarrassment.

“Just kidding, don’t mess around.” Teacher Wan raised his fan fist and hammered the student who was nearby.

“Oh~Sa Sa said that she would dare to do anything~” The friend continued to booze, “Would you like to ask your husband’s opinion first?” Everyone turned their eyes to Feng Kai.

“I play so-called.” Feng Kai shrugged.

“Okay, let you open your eyes this time!” Teacher Wan leaned over to me.

“Teacher Wan, don’t…” Before I finished speaking, Teacher Wan threw me on the sofa and kissed me. Her tongue was soft and moist, tumbling up and down in my mouth, I kept doing it, entangled with her tongue, and stuck my tongue into her mouth.

It took about half a minute before Mr. Wan sat up, and continued to take risks if nothing happened.

Playing crazy, so everyone was very tired. I checked out and sent Mr. Wan’s friends out. Everyone was drunk. I put them in the car one by one, and deliberately sent Feng Kai away first. He had already drunk. It’s unconscious. Finally, I returned to the private room and saw Teacher Wan, who was drunk on the sofa, turned on the phone and called the driver at home to drive.

It takes half an hour for the driver to arrive. I sat on the sofa and put Teacher Wan’s head on my lap. Looking at Teacher Wan who was sleeping, my head was full of wet kisses with her. I shook it. Teacher Wan, “Teacher Wan, wake up.” Seeing that she didn’t respond, I unconsciously lowered my head and kissed her vermilion lips. The temptation to get into the footsteps couldn’t be resisted at all. I took the courage to reach into Teacher Wan’s collar. She was wearing a nightclub dress with a deep V-neck and thin fabric. My hands penetrated her sensitive chest without resistance. What a superb stunner, her tits are not only moderate in size, but they are just too flexible to grasp with one hand, but they are also extremely flexible. I don’t know how much better they feel than the tits of the “Standby Wan Shasa”. I am really jealous of Feng Kai. You have to know This “Standalone Wan Shasha” costs me 2,000 yuan per shot, and it’s a blessing to be able to make this top-of-the-line genuine product for free. As I touched, Mr. Wan’s pair of nipples became hard. I opened her lips and turned to hold her nipples. Mr. Wan let out a groan softly,

Seeing that Teacher Wan gave up any resistance, I continued to move my hand down to touch her lower abdomen, slim waist, tender buttocks, to the private parts of the inner thighs. Teacher Wan did not wake up. I continued to greedily enjoy her tits and private parts without any estimate. I pulled her panties aside, and stretched out two fingers to rub her small nucleus. Teacher Wan’s moaning sounded more and more. The bigger, it is estimated that she is now having a spring dream.

“Ling~Ring~Ring~” My mobile phone rang, and the driver had already arrived at the door. I had to let go of the hand that was digging Teacher Wan’s hole, help her organize her clothes, and help her out of the KTV. We got out of the KTV. I reached Teacher Wan’s house. I helped her upstairs. It was Mrs. Wan’s parents who opened the door. The old couple invited me in and sit down. I lied and ran back to the car, claiming something was happening at home. The smell of Teacher Wan’s body fluid still remained on my fingers, and I couldn’t help sucking on my fingers.

I confessed that I did not see Teacher Wan for more than a week after that KTV. He said that something happened at home and took leave. He didn’t come back until the winter vacation. The night when Teacher Wan came back, I specially waited for her at the school gate, took her to dinner, and sent her back. Home.

At the dinner table, Teacher Wan suddenly ordered a bottle of red wine. After three rounds of wine, Teacher Wan said to me, “Zhang Zhen, tell me the truth, what happened that day?”

“Broken!” This was the first thought that flashed through my mind: “How should I explain?”

“I, I didn’t do anything.” I was a little embarrassed and wanted to find an excuse to stop it.

“Oh, isn’t it?” Teacher Wan seemed to be talking to himself in a very low voice: “I felt weird the next day…”

“Really not?”, she continued to ask.

“Really not,” I insisted.

“Oh,” she stopped asking.

After a while, I was trying my best to cut the steak on the plate, trying to avoid the embarrassing cold. Teacher Wan suddenly said, “Actually, in the private room, I was not drunk…”

As soon as she finished speaking, I understood everything. In the private room that night, she had acquiesced to my behavior and our ulterior relationship.

“Oh~” I nodded, “Quickly eat, it will be cold for a while.”

Seeing that I didn’t respond, Teacher Wan hurriedly finished the meal and asked to go home early.

The car stopped, and Mr. Wan walked out of the car door. I was a little confused and sat in the driver’s seat. I wanted to immediately pick up this stunner and put it on my already swollen dick, but after all, this stunner is my teacher. She still has the majesty of a teacher in class.

“Bang!” The door closed, and I watched Teacher Wan walk into the corridor step by step, and suddenly shouted, “Teacher Wan, wait a minute!”

She ran back to the car and opened the door: “What’s the matter?”

“Your bag is forgotten,” I mean the lady’s bag on the co-pilot.

Teacher Wan’s expression was obviously lost a lot: “Oh, thank you”, and reached for the bag.

I suddenly stretched out my hands, grabbed her arms like pliers, and pulled her into the car. At this time, I didn’t care that she was a teacher and I was a student, and we were in the community where she had lived for many years. . I hugged Wan Shasha’s medicine from behind with one hand, and put one hand into her bra to play with her nipples, and my mouth tightly covered her soft mouth, sucking her juice greedily. Knowing that I have much more experience than Wan Shasha, her body softened after three blows. I hugged her into my arms, facing me, riding two legs on my lap, hugging her tightly, and kissing her tongue.

I know this is the best time to pierce the window paper. I hug the teacher’s attractive back with one hand, and put the other hand into her A-line skirt to remove her underwear. I have taken care of this situation. Not to take off her panties, she just pushed her panties to one side, exposing the fleshy seam, and thrust the cock into it. Animals like women are weird. They resist in every way before you are ready to fuck them. Once you insert them in their vaginas, they will immediately soften and obey you. Wan Shasha was obviously tight. Although there was no lubrication of lewd water, she still sat down with all her strength, swallowing my cock by the root, and I almost shot it out.

“Your little cunt is so hot, it’s terrible…”, I have engaged many women before. Those little girls are all dry, and the little models are loose and loose. I didn’t expect Teacher Wan to be so hot for a while. Panic almost couldn’t stand it.

Teacher Wan embraced my neck with both hands, her buttocks moved back and forth proficiently, and she kept screaming, “Ah…ah…”, and soon I heard the sound of chirping from the combination of our bodies. It was heard everywhere that Teacher Wan’s prostitution had begun to overflow. Unexpectedly, the English teacher I have always respected started to show off so much.

Clamping my cock, the strength and frequency are many times better than those of high school girls. I couldn’t resist this new pleasure for a while, and within a few moments, I felt a warm current from my penis along my spine to my brain.

“No way…Teacher Wan…You are so awesome…I’m going to shoot…”

“Don’t shoot inside…I’m in danger…” Teacher Wan hurriedly tried to climb down.

How can I allow the most important moment to be unable to enjoy the teacher’s body? So I hugged Teacher Wan’s waist tightly, straightened up my dick, pressed her tightly, and shot the thick semen into the depths of the teacher’s uterus without any hindrance. Teacher Wan begged: “Don’t…please…I’ll get pregnant…”

Of course she will get pregnant, but at this time I have forgotten my reason and just want to pour semen into her body. As for whether or not she will get pregnant, that’s a woman’s business. After about 5 minutes, the dick that had completed the task slipped out of his elastic cunt.

“Hate, I told you not to shoot in. You want to shoot in. It just doesn’t make people worry.

Don’t tell anyone about today’s affairs.” Teacher Wan gave me an affectionate tongue kiss and walked into the dormitory.

Indulgence Ever since I completely ran my stunner English teacher Wan Shasha, I would find a reason to send her home every day, and then pour the semen into her uterus in the car. Time flies quickly. As soon as the final exam is over, I will invite my teacher to travel to Sanya. My father bought a holiday hotel villa in Sanya for family leisure. These days, this place has become our happy den.

Such a good life only lasted for a while. After all, happy times always go by very quickly. In a blink of an eye, I will go back to my hometown. So we didn’t have much contact afterwards. After all, everyone has a life they want to live. There is no way I can only rely on the sex doll I bought online to solve my physical needs, but the physical doll is not bad and very lifelike, which brings me a lot of happiness, because I prefer mature women, so I I bought a sex doll that should be mature. A friend of mine also bought a mini sex doll with me because she likes small ones. It can only be said to be very good.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.