Teacher Xiaobai and lewd girls

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In the winter, the school sent us a new comprehensive English teacher. When he came that day, I remember that I was the only one in the class wearing a pair of white pantyhose. The others were either black underpants or jeans, although their hearts were a little bit small. Happy, but still showing a silly and sweet look, and walked into the classroom chatting and laughing with the classmates. The new teacher Xiaobai always stared at me secretly when he came in. He stared straight at me when I was not watching him talking to classmates. Although he was used to the eyes of men a long time ago… but this Teacher Xiaobai is handsome. I am a girl with a strong sexual desire, so I often watch some small videos in the room and use some sex toys to satisfy myself. Recently I am going to buy a male doll on the Internet, which looks very realistic

“Hello everyone, I am your instructor. You can call me Teacher Xiaobai or simply call me Xiaobai. I hope I can spend a happy university life with you, and please take care of me.” He finished. I looked at me and smiled at me, but I turned my head blushing, and I was really not good at looking at me with people…

In fact, from the bottom of my heart, as long as I look at a man, I will think of the beast-like look in the man’s eyes that day when he stuck under me and strangled my neck… “Then everyone introduce yourself, by the way, and everyone Get acquainted with them too.” The students stood up and introduced themselves one by one. Some boys were funny and some were serious, and some girls were shy and some generous. Teacher Xiaobai smiled and nodded with them, but he always felt that he was always left behind. staring at me.

Finally it was my turn. I stood up, smiled at Teacher Xiaobai, and said: “Hello Teacher Xiaobai, my name is Zhao Yuanyuan, just call me Yuanyuan. I’m from XX city, my first time out Go to university at a distance, please take care of the teacher.” When I introduced myself, he kept staring at me, and I gave him a sweet smile.

“Who is the monitor in the class?”

“It’s her!” The classmates booed and pointed at me. I blushed and lowered my head. Teacher Xiaobai smiled and said to me: “Hehe, that’s great. There is a beautiful class leader to help me, I teach You also have the energy. You come with me when class is over, classmate Zhao Yuanyuan.” After class, watching Teacher Xiaobai walk out of the classroom, I immediately followed out. My roommate laughed at me as a idiot, and I kept my mouth shut. Who doesn’t like handsome guys, not to mention the benefits of having a good relationship with the teacher.

“Teacher Xiaobai, what can I do for help?” He looked at me seriously and said, “Well, I still don’t quite understand the school system. Later, you use my computer to help me sort out the students’ information. Also, I have counted the test scores, normal scores and test scores of my subject since they enrolled. Are you okay?”

“Yeah! It’s a trivial matter.” I said with a smile, and Teacher Xiaobai responded with a smile: “You are really not cold, I think you are the only one in the class who wears thin stockings, or white silk, hehe, really sexy .”

“Hehe, I’m used to it, sexy?” I held the textbook around in a circle, the pink skirt was raised a little, and said with a smile.

“Of course, you are not only sexy, but you are also beautiful. But it is cold now, so you should pay more attention to your body and go back to the dormitory.” I promised with a smile, and made a cute face to Teacher Xiaobai before leaving.

Back in the dormitory, I had a pretty good impression of this Xiaobai teacher, and it was much better than the old and mean old Mediterranean man before. There was no class in the afternoon. After dinner brought by my roommate, I lay in bed and read novels. Teacher Xiaobai called when it was about 7 o’clock. After thinking about it, he wanted me to count the results… “Hey, Teacher Xiaobai?”

“Well, Yuanyuan, if it’s okay, come to help me sort out the information, ok? I happen to work overtime to make something for the school, how about you just give it to me when you finish it?”

“Okay, anyway, it’s okay tonight, then where can I find you? The hospital office?”

“No, come to my own office, the innermost room on the fourth floor of the complex

“Well, good teacher Xiaobai, see you tonight.” Putting on a thin pantyhose, paired with a white pleated skirt, paired with a pink sailor suit, I feel like I’m in a cos anime The role in it. Putting on the coat, I still feel a little cold when I come out of the dormitory. Although I want to wear it warmly, Teacher Xiaobai seems to like this kind of flimsy dress. After all, it is not a bad thing to please the teacher. After all, my academic performance is average. , It is very important to have a good relationship with the teacher. When I walked to the complex building, from the outside, only the corner of the fourth floor was lit. It was scary to walk in the empty building… I hurried to the fourth floor, panting and knocking on the door. After a while Teacher Bai opened the door.

“Why do you pant so hard?”

I blushed and said embarrassedly: “Because…because…it’s dark in the building!” He smiled and handed me a pair of slippers. Soft carpet.

“If you don’t get used to it, you don’t need to wear slippers. My carpet is new.” Although he has always been gentle and calm, he can still feel that he has been looking at my black silk. He likes to see women so much. What about the child’s leg?

“Hehe, then I’m not welcome, slippers or something is unnecessary. But teacher Xiaobai, why do you have an office yourself?” “Returnees always have some privileges, don’t they?” He shrugged and said humorously. I also smiled and sat across from him.

“That’s the computer allocated to me by the school. There is a school system, so you can get it there.”

“Yeah, okay.” I picked up the information on the table and began to sort out the computer system. There were so many materials. I felt very tired when sitting. I habitually folded my legs together and shook my calf. The corner of my eye looked at the absent-minded teacher Xiaobai sitting opposite, always looking at my feet under the table, thinking that there would be no less meat to see, and I didn’t care about it. After finishing most of them, suddenly a large pile of materials on his desk fell to the ground, and they were all scattered. I hurried over to help the teacher tidy up. Kneeling on the white carpet with black silk in my bag, I lay on the ground and picked it up page by page. While sorting out according to the page number, I told Teacher Xiaobai that it was okay, but his hand kept touching my stockings. Feet, feeling the nervous emotions under his calm expression, made me feel a little bit contemplative. I smiled in my heart. Anyway, there will be no loss. Just touch it. Seeing him keep touching my feet, I moved my feet toward him mischievously, and then continued to pretend to be unknowingly sorting out the information, and from time to time I still turned my back to him, revealing the quilt. The round buttocks…

“By the way, Yuanyuan, I suddenly remembered something to tell you. Let’s take a look at this first. It is the handover material given to me by your former comprehensive English teacher.” After hearing his words, I sat up on the carpet. , Took over the materials he handed me. It turned out to be the attendance sheet and daily transcripts for the comprehensive English class this semester.

“Um…” Looking at my attendance sheet and daily transcripts “Well… Teacher Xiaobai… I did not learn very well this semester… There are also problems with attendance, but… Don’t worry, you are here now. Handsome teacher, I will definitely not be absent~” Teacher Xiaobai nodded favorably, “This is not a problem to worry about. You know, according to the regulations of our foreign language department, I can do it just for your attendance. You are not allowed to take the final exam. If the course of the Department of Foreign Languages and Comprehensive English fails…not to mention the degree certificate, it is a question of whether you can get the graduation certificate.” He seemed to say with earnestness, but his eyes seemed to be still Looking at my stocking legs and stocking feet…

“What’s more… You are still the class leader, how do you explain to your parents in the class?” He continued, but his eyes were completely fixed on my stockings legs.

Listening to his teacher’s words, I felt that there was something in the words. After all, I am not a kid anymore. I wonder if he can help me with his love for me, not to mention that he is still handsome. After a brief ideological struggle, I pretended to be tired from sitting in this posture, stretched my silk stocking legs, and just reached to his leg, and asked: “Teacher Xiaobai? What should I do then, is there any way?” Xiaobai The teacher swallowed his saliva and chuckled, “Is there a way…it’s not nothing…but…” His eyes fixed on my stocking legs, and he didn’t continue to say that I saw the teacher’s eyes, and seemed to understand something, I After weighing it, I thought, he just likes my silk stockings legs, as long as it is not too much, I should still be worthwhile “Little Bai teacher, is this okay?” I lowered my head and put the silk stockings feet on his legs. He immediately I grabbed one of my stockings and started licking it, and said vaguely: “Yes, Yuanyuan is reasonable.” It was the first time that my stockings were licked like this. It felt weird, but So comfortable…

He licked vigorously, not letting any inch of his tongue let go, separated the toes of the stockings, and licked the toes between the stockings. “Ah…teacher…um…itchy…” An electric current came from the toes, and the whole body seemed to be convulsed. It turns out that the unspoken rules are not unacceptable.

At this time, I saw that he had untied his pants, took out his erect cock, and licked my stockings feet while pointing at me at his cock. Seeing that he actually took the meat stick out, it was so big that he was fully erected, and reminded me of the memories of subways and alleys. Seeing him pointing at the meat stick, I immediately put my other foot on it. On his cock… The moment the stockings foot touched his cock, I actually felt his cock jump hard, the glans rubbed against the soles of the stockings, and the soles of my sensitive stockings were stimulated by the glans. move.

“Um…Um…” I am in a lustful posture. Sitting on the carpet, one foot is licked by him, and the other is on his cock. He can directly see the scenery under my skirt. He loosened the feet of my stockings that he was licking, and clamped his cock between my feet. My feet were pressed tightly on both sides of his cock with his hands. His cock was so big and hot, I could feel its temperature through the stockings…I didn’t wait for his order, I took the initiative I moved my feet, and the silk stockings slid up and down while holding his cock, and the water secreted from his glans had wetted the soles of my feet. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and yanked my shirt away, pushed open the bra, and kneaded my two chubby breasts with both hands…

“Ah! No! Teacher Xiaobai! Can’t do this! Just use your feet! Ah… No…” I protested feebly, but my body didn’t make any substantial resistance movement… Xiaobai seemed to have already Being controlled by lust, I ignored my protest and kneaded my breasts into various shapes with great strength. My breasts were sore by him, and my legs were pressed apart by his body. His strength was so great that I couldn’t push him away at all, “Ah…um…no…no…”

“You like this too, don’t you?” After finishing speaking, before I could reply, he put his hand into my mouth and held my tongue, kept stirring and kneading, while the other hand continued to be rough Playing with my breasts and nipples that have been hardened.

I lifted my head obediently and opened my small mouth slightly. Today, I also applied a special pink lipstick. Besides, my mouth is not big. Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel that my lips are the most satisfying place except for my eyes.

“Want to eat? A slut?”

Papa papa, his cock slapped on my cheek, he could shove it into my mouth at any time, but he kept teasing me like this. I don’t know why, so he kneeled on the ground with his head up and looked at the cock in front of me. I felt unusually excited, and my fear gradually faded. On the contrary, the excitement brought about by shame made me particularly unstoppable. Obviously it’s only the second sexual experience, even this can only be regarded as humiliation, not even foreplay, but I just can’t get excited. Am I really a born bitch…

The mirror on the side reflects my current appearance. Through the peripheral light, I can see that Teacher Xiaobai is taking pictures in the mirror, taking pictures of my front face from a different angle from time to time. In the mirror, he kneels in front of the man with his hands on his knees. He straightened up, opened his mouth slightly, and was slapped by the man on his reddish cheek with a cock. There was no fear in his eyes, only obedience and excitement, like a sex slave serving his master and waiting for his luck. , Revealing from the bones a sorrowful vigor, low and humble

Later, I discovered that Teacher Xiaobai is also a very sexual person. In order to prevent him from having a second chance against me, I told him about sex dolls and asked what kind of woman she likes. Later, he said that he likes to be mature. So I told her that I could choose to see a mature sex doll. It was very realistic. I didn’t expect that he would actually buy it and hope to satisfy his dissatisfaction.




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