Ten benefits of choosing to buy physical dolls

4 min readJul 10, 2021

First of all, we must first know what a physical doll is

The physical doll is a solid bionic doll that simulates a human at a ratio of 1:1, and is currently the closest to a real person except for the wax figure.

Material: At present, there are mainly two kinds of physical dolls on the market. One is tpe material, which is a synthetic soft rubber, which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, which is more than natural rubber synthetic soft rubber. It is malleable and softer. The other is the familiar silica gel material. Silica gel is also a kind of synthetic rubber. It is currently used in a wide range of units, including food and medical treatment. It is also a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material.

Composition: The physical doll is composed of three parts. The first part is the skin. The physical doll mainly has tpe or silicone simulated human skin. The silicone simulated human skin is closer to the real human skin and can be refined to the surface of the human body, so it is more realistic ; The tpe material is used to simulate human skin, which feels softer and smoother, and the touch is closer to real human skin. Compared with silicone, the appearance of the two is more real, and the tpe material is softer and closer to the real person, but the authenticity performance is not as good as that of the real silicone doll. The second part is the skeleton. The solid doll has a built-in metal skeleton, which can assume various poses. The third part is head sculpts. There are three main types of head sculpts. Head sculpts made of tpe material, head sculpts made of silicone hair transplants, and head sculpts made of silicone wigs. The head sculpts made of tpe material cannot be transplanted, only wigs. of. The performance of the head sculpture made of silicone material is more real than that of the head sculpture made of tpe material. Since the head sculpture made of silicone material is harder, it cannot be tasted. Second, the head sculpture made of tpe material is softer, so it can be tasted.

Matching: At present, there are mainly three matching physical dolls on the market, which are all-silicone physical dolls, all-tpe physical dolls, and physical dolls with silicone head and tpe body.

Purpose: The physical doll can not only be used as an adult product to solve one’s own sexual needs, but also can be used as a figure to accompany oneself.

So what are the benefits of having a physical doll?

1. Very economical. Finding a girlfriend is a streamlined investment. The uncertainty, recurrence, and continuity of the investment amount is destined to be more expensive than buying a physical doll. Buy a physical doll. Only a one-time investment is required.

2. Very obedient. Girlfriend can’t get angry at every turn, it’s not easy to coax, break up all day long, and be very depressed, but the physical doll is not.

3. Physiological needs can be met at any time. Girlfriends are often emotional, and there are always a few uncomfortable days every month, which makes men craving and out of reach. Physical dolls are different, and physical needs can be met at any time.

4. Easy to carry. It is not convenient to bring a girlfriend for business or travel, but it is very convenient to bring a physical doll.

5. Men must have a sense of responsibility, and their girlfriends must be responsible if they are pregnant, and buying a physical doll will not cause these accidents.

6. Most men have a phobia of marriage, enjoy the love life, but are afraid of carrying the burden of the family, buying a physical doll can enjoy life without having to get married.

7. Girlfriends will age slowly with the passing of time, while physical dolls can maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance for a long time.

8. Buy a physical doll. Don’t worry about not coming home at night, and if you don’t come home at night, your girlfriend will interrogate you for a long time.

9. If there are conflicts and disputes between the two parties, the girlfriend will scold someone, or even make a big shot, while the physical doll will not retaliate or beat back (but you still have to take good care of the doll).

10. The consequences of breaking up with his girlfriend are very serious, but a physical doll. You can change to a new one at any time.

There are many types of physical dolls you can choose according to your needs. If you want a smaller and younger one, then you can choose the tpe mini sex doll. If you are an obsessive and anime lover then you You can choose anime sex dolls, or if you want to collect it conveniently, you can suggest you to choose a torso sex doll, they are all very good choices.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.