The difference between inserting a removable vagina and a built-in vagina

4 min readJan 22, 2022

Today, there are two options for vaginas for real sex dolls. One is an inserted removable vagina and the other is a built-in vagina. Do you know the difference between these two types of vaginas?

Generally speaking, sex dolls come with two types of vaginas: insertion removable and built-in vaginas (also known as integrated vaginas). A live doll with a built-in vagina looks more like a real woman, as this type of vagina is non-removable and permanent. Love doll lovers who choose an integrated vagina believe it offers the best realism and is somehow tighter than a detachable vagina.

But there are two things you can’t ignore; you can fit the vaginal tube inside the doll to create a full vagina and enjoy different sizes of sexual pleasure. And sex dolls with built-in vaginas are also more difficult to clean. You have to carry your real life doll around with you to clean your vagina after use, and if your love doll is heavy and large, you will feel worse. Once the doll’s built-in vagina is damaged and stale, you won’t be able to replace her with a new one.

Inserting a vagina into a real doll requires skill. When you put the insert in and take it out, you can damage the realistic sex doll. So how do you insert a vagina into your sex doll? If you choose a love doll with an inserted vagina, you should be well versed in the insertion of a removable vagina. Here are the steps to make it.

Real sex doll vagina

Step 1: Wash your hands

Because a real sex doll will be in direct contact with your body, you will need to maintain hygiene. To avoid getting the inside of your sex doll dirty, wash your hands first, and it’s better if you use a pair of disposable gloves to handle the vaginal insertion.

Step 2: Preparing your sex doll

For easy and smooth vaginal insertion, it is important to place the real doll in a sensible position. As you can see, when you spread your doll’s legs apart, she will be torn and her orifice will be enlarged, which will help her to receive vaginal penetration easily. How can you help your doll to adopt this position?

Lay your lover doll flat on her back and carefully lift her left leg towards the ceiling at a 90° angle, then gently push her left leg to the left; then in the same way place her right leg on the right. The vaginal hole of your sex doll will now be open enough to accommodate the insertion.

Step 3: Apply talcum powder to the vaginal opening and detachable vagina

Apply a thin layer of talcum powder to the outer surface of the detachable vagina and to the inside of the vaginal opening. The talcum powder will help the insert to slide easily into the hole and will also clean your real sex doll.

Step 4: Insert the detachable vagina into your love doll.

It’s time to complete the insertion. Gently open the doll’s vaginal cavity and fully insert the removable vagina. Place your doll in the initial position and check that the insertion vagina is correctly fitted.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to inserting a vagina over a fixed vagina. Firstly, it makes your doll more durable. Insertion vaginas are easy to replace and you can buy a new one once the removable vagina is damaged or deteriorates. But if you have a love doll with a damaged fixed vagina, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy a new real doll. Secondly, it is easier to clean and dry. As the insert is removable, the cleaning technique is carried out independently of the real doll — simply wash it gently in water and turn it inside out to dry. Thirdly, used real sex dolls with insert vaginas are more likely to sell out as buyers can purchase new vaginas for the dolls. If your love doll has an inserted vagina then she can easily be turned into a new shemale inserted shemale! Of course you can also choose a full size sex doll, depending on what you like, there are various types of torso sex dolls available nowadays which are also the choice of many people, it depends on what you want for yourself




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