The easiest way to tell your wife about your sex doll

3 min readJul 5, 2021

Many people around the world have bought a new sex doll, even if they are confused about what they have to do with the doll after they get married, and then there are different people who want to get a sex doll. Don’t know how to accurately communicate it to your partners. As far as the typical sex world is concerned, a lot of things happen on a global scale, and you need to understand these items. People all over the world are choosing dolls to satisfy their desires and then improve their sex lives as well.

Sex doll

Nevertheless, it is not easy to introduce a love doll to your girl, but when you understand that it is done in a specific correct way, you will not have much problem communicating it to your partner. So here are some handy ideas that can help someone show your partner the MILF linear dolls you own or want to buy.

Tip 1-understand girls to sex

Whenever you know your partner’s preference for sexual partners, you will get a doll that suits anyone or even her. The best thing here is that you can customize a sex doll according to the requirements of you and your partner, and then give your partner this idea on her birthday or anniversary to add interest to your sex life.

Stay away from each other and make sure you give it to your personal girl on time to make sure she feels liked and willingly accepts the gift. She may like this guy with ribs, or even a dreamy wonderland with a plump or petite woman, and if you bring her a good doll, you may not need to act anymore. Real lifestyle sex doll.

Tip 2-Explain that just buy a custom-made sex doll to surprise her together

Sex dolls are definitely beautiful, even the fact is that these young ladies love them more than folks do. Even if you suddenly bring a good sex doll to a woman, she will definitely accept the idea, because women have always liked gifts, the only thing is that people need to know how to give it to her. Seeing a doll is not a taboo. You are afraid to give this idea to your current lady. All you have is a good understanding of her views and feelings, and then you can. Japanese sex doll

Tip 3-About the threesome plan

When you have some kind of threesome, you can find new jobs that can be done. Well, anyone already understands who often gets the most fit in the third person, so it’s easy. Call your lady home, tell her that anyone has surprises with her, take her to your own bedroom, and introduce the woman on the sex doll you bought for the girl. When you start having sex, she will always be surprised by an action, and then she rarely involves a mature doll, and you don’t need to do anything.

How a person uses your love doll depends entirely on your taste and choice. However, the greatest happiness usually comes from the power to help remedy them like sex slaves, and if prospects are provided, men usually like this power. Using sex positions that cannot be replicated by a human partner can always be done easily with bbw sex dolls, because they are hardly affected by any role you might want it to play.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.