The impact of sex dolls on society

8 min readMay 24, 2021


Before writing this article, I received a message from a potential purchaser in the store asking us if physical dolls are good for him in the long run.

This is a difficult question to answer. We are not an authority on the moral dilemma of sex dolls, nor whether it poses a risk to you or society in the long run.

After research, I came to the conclusion that, in fact, there are more reasons for the existence of sex dolls in our society than for the disadvantages. Although sex dolls are worthy of discussion and morally ambiguous, sex dolls can indeed comfort some real people who have real needs.

I decided to compose this article by looking at both sides of the argument from the perspective of moral dilemmas, the impact on our society, and personal reactions to the exposure of sex dolls.

Sex dolls can reinforce negative behaviors

Sex dolls are inanimate objects and have no personality. Just like games, movies, guns, and other things, the people who use them will define their relationship to objects.

On the other hand, some people believe that sex dolls will reinforce the existing negative behaviors they constitute. I conducted serious research and found some examples that can be debated

Sex dolls can generate unrealistic expectations

Some people do believe that sex dolls have a negative effect on people, especially men. A study shows that men who seek sex dolls for sexual gratification often lack compassion. It can be said that men who lack empathy may have harmful expectations of relationships with women through the use of dolls. Sex with a doll is irreversible, the user is always in control, and his only worry is his own needs. If the person engages in sexual activity with someone, their lack of compassion and expectations of sex can lead to greater problems, such as not being able to recognize the needs of their partner, or even worse, not being able to tell when their partner is uncomfortable.

Another belief of physical dolls is that men who use sex dolls love them because they obey. Obedience is a feature that men like because it makes them feel controlled.

Researchers and society as a whole are worried that if these men enter a real relationship, their expectations of women will be the same. This can lead to abuse because men have certain expectations of women’s behavior and will adopt toxic behaviors to control the relationship between husband and wife.

It can be said that most people make sense. As humans, we have the ability to understand and make conscious decisions about the world around us. As users of sex dolls, even if we lack empathy, we can easily distinguish between the two. In the privacy of our home, there is a huge difference between what happens to a doll and how we treat another person. Humans know the limits, those who do not make up a small part of our population. In the United States, only about 2.8% of people are subject to criminal supervision. Although this statistic is irrelevant, it is a good illustration of the proportion of people who decide to violate social rules. I don’t think this number will increase due to the use of sex dolls.

Sex dolls isolate themselves from society

Another popular argument against the use of physical dolls is that people who use sex dolls isolate themselves from society. Some people have social fears, which may be caused by a variety of complex reasons. Some psychologists worry that having sex dolls will further isolate the person and prevent them from seeking social relationships and finding the root cause of their problems.

Some theorists even link the increase in male segregation (MGTOW) with the increase in prostitution, pornography, and sex toys.

However, the problem with these theories is that they are generalized, not from a macro perspective to solve the problem, but from a simple method to focus on the cause. It is true that acquiring sexual fantasies can replace real sexual activity, but prostitution, strippers and pornography have existed for many years (prostitution is the oldest profession), and the family sector has survived and developed to this day. There are many factors that affect the number of men deprived of their rights and why more men decide to separate themselves from women.

In addition to the growing sex industry, there is also an increase in the number of women in the workplace and online dating.

Feminism and equality are good things, but it does have consequences. It makes women stronger in society. Many women are considered to have increasingly masculine characteristics and pursue male-dominated fields. Society elevates the role of women from a support role to a leadership role. This leads to changes in the dynamics of the relationship. In addition, after the homosexual movement, our society is addressing the problem of masculinity, which aims to protect women from a few men who engage in abusive behavior. This leads people to guess themselves again and protect themselves from potentially catastrophic interactions. On the other hand, the problem of hyperfeminization has not yet been resolved in our society. This means that although men must self-examine, women usually get a free pass for their actions towards men. This is because they still treat women as victims, just like women in their 60s, because they have weaker sexual desires. In modern society, women have more and more positions of power, college dominates, and more people enter the workforce than men. This is not the case. It is fair to say that some men do not want to deal with the increase in dominant women, but want to have sex with a sex doll. This is also a small part of men and should not be seen as a threat to women and interpersonal relationships.

In addition, the advent of online dating has brought new tensions to interpersonal relationships and men. People can find anyone by pressing a button. Usually, it reduces the value of the relationship. It is much more difficult today to find a firm partner who is willing to make real compromises and establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Many men and women have become more selfish, which makes many on both sides feel helpless to achieve the goal of happiness. It is not unusual for some of these people who have been deprived of their rights to establish safe relationships with sex dolls that provide consistent, stress-free relationships.

Individuals can get positive benefits from sex dolls

A man from Japan bought a sex doll to overcome his loneliness. He did this because he said that his wife stopped having sex with him and he felt lonely and rejected. The sex doll gave him a real reason to live a full life again. He felt company and happiness. He is less frustrated, and his overall view of life is more positive. His relationship with his wife deteriorated, but it was already poisonous from the beginning. The tpe sex doll had a real impact on his life, and it was getting better and better.

For sexual and health reasons, sex dolls are also beneficial. Another person from Lagos named Pretty Mike wrote:

“Many people say that she is a sex doll, but to me, she is more of a companion, a quilt and others. It has never disappointed” Instagram

For him, a sex doll is a relationship in which he can feel good about himself without worrying about the roller coaster of negative emotions brought about by certain relationships.

Sex dolls are also safe. Today, many people engage in casual sex online and sign with STI. Sometimes it is better for people to practice abstinence before finding a suitable partner. So why not use a sex doll to meet your needs at the same time. People with sex dolls did not participate in the exchange of bacteria, but instead reduced the overall spread in society.

Jessica Lexicus from Medium bought a sex doll and said, “It’s more ethical to talk about my sex with a doll than to get someone involved in a relationship that I don’t want to maintain. At the time, I just had to have sex. There was no dialogue. There was no date night. Just a beautiful body. Nothing else. No complications. The rest of me focus on a PhD. My writing career. My second job. I have no emotional feelings.””.

This further illustrates my point that in this case, a sex doll is a good object to use between relationships, so you can focus on yourself without causing many complications in random sexual behaviors and relationships.

Partners are often cruel, superficial and mean. On the other hand, sex dolls can provide safe interpersonal relationships for those with low self-esteem and social anxiety disorders. When sharing your space with others, this can be a good stepping stone to slowly help you integrate into society.

Another positive benefit that is often overlooked is that sex dolls can be used to replace lost partners. Sometimes it is very difficult to overcome someone, and it may be a good thing to ask others to help you overcome the difficulties. Not everyone can find a new partner according to their wishes, so sex dolls may be a good temporary choice.

No impact on society

I like what Jessica Lexicus of Medium wrote on this topic:

“So, all philosophical conversations about sex dolls and sex robots are not that important. Except for weeds, alcohol, guns or capitalism, porn doesn’t destroy our culture. Some men who buy sex dolls are misogynistic. They are misogynistic. They only regard women as sexual objects and are closely related to their behavior. However, many men fully respect their female colleagues and value women’s contribution to society. They think women are equal. They just know that they will never be with Megan. Fox has sex. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with Megan Fox, only a comparison with every other woman on the planet.”

To some extent it is right. People have many reasons to buy sex dolls, but most people do so because it allows them to find people who are not usually accessible. The fact is that there are so many people who blame things in our society, and this would be a destruction of it. People think that nuclear weapons will be the end of society as we know it. It is believed that the legalization of weeds will make everyone a drug addict. None of this happened. Sex dolls will never change the way humans interact with each other.

in conclusion

From an external perspective, it is easy to judge a person who has a sex doll and finds happiness and satisfaction in the relationship, which usually isolates them from their partner. But in the end, that person increased his sense of happiness. He woke up in the morning feeling better and wanted to go home at night. Why does this make researchers and psychologists feel threatened to the future of society?

Most people will continue to build relationships with others and have children. If someone does not want to be involved, what does it have to do with them?

There is no reliable research showing that men who get along with sex dolls will enter into abusive relationships, rather than women who use dildos and start having sex with their boyfriends. Life is not like that of work, there are more factors, and there is no special responsibility when the relationship deteriorates. It is a good thing to make people like their physical dolls.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.