The importance of quality when buying sex dolls

3 min readAug 20, 2021

Many people think that choosing a doll is as simple as choosing a condom, which is really deceptive.

Consumers must pay attention to the resources they use to make dolls, because the use, longevity and other adaptability in sex will depend on this.

Most models lack all the necessary elements to provide the lubrication required for a good orgasm or intercourse.

Those companies that have all the latest SSL certificates that quote all safety and comfort regulations will guarantee the quality of their products.

Although this is a detail, because in our catalog, you will find the best silicone dolls whose prices and offers should not be missed.

Why is the quality of sex dolls important?

Basically, the quality of dolls is an indispensable factor when they are used for sexual purposes and in direct contact with the genitals.

Keep away from sharp objects

The holes and inner body of silicone sex dolls should be kept away from sharp objects and any other materials that may cause adverse reactions to the user.

Many of these companies tend to use certain fragile materials when reducing expenses, causing the metal structure to fall off and possibly harm people.

No toxic ingredients!

The toxic substance is one of the frequent requirements in some dolls because they are externally hot, but when the penis is introduced, you will realize that it starts to get hurt.

Silicone and other materials can simulate inferior skin caused by allergies and other harmful conditions.

The most common lesions are allergies, acne, and other discomforts in the genital area.

Although there is no need to worry, these injuries will not produce other more serious or complicated diseases if treated in time, but they should also be observed.

“Illnesses caused by sex doll contact are almost always ambulatory, but it is very painful for the patient,” a doctor said on the health page.

Beware of highly flammable materials

Although it may not look like it, some manufacturers use highly flammable elements in their sex dolls to keep the finish more resistant, and the best thing you can do is to stay away from these types of materials. They are not recommended at all.

However, it is very important that when buying sex dolls, they have a note on the top stating that they can lock them in a closed room without injury or any problems.

Before buying one of these sex toys, it is necessary to evaluate and determine the main values, such as manufacturing conditions and real doll prices.

“I happened to buy a doll with an unreliable brand. When I had sex with her, it made me allergic and couldn’t touch myself for several days. It was terrible,” one of our customers told us. He had previously purchased this doll at another institution.

Many companies that manufacture sex dolls stipulate their license and nomenclature in one of the lower areas of the doll, and it is recommended to read them.

The current sex doll technology can be said to be very powerful. Now most of the silicone dolls and tpe sex dolls on the market are high-quality sex dolls, but some inferior sex dolls will appear on them, so many times We have to keep our eyes open to buy. Don’t try to buy some low-quality dolls cheaply, because that kind of experience is very bad, but it doesn’t mean that cheap sex dolls are not good. Some dolls are not good. The discount is done for the event, so their price will be relatively cheaper, but the quality is still guaranteed. The experience of buying a high-quality sex doll is completely different, and it feels very good. I recently purchased a Japanese sex doll from lovedollshops. She is very realistic and I like it very much. Their dolls are very helpful and there are many styles, whether it is a fantasy sex doll or a realistic curvy sex doll. Everything is there.

Buying a high-quality sex doll is the right choice, she will bring you everything you want.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.