The main products sold are female dolls made by men

5 min readMar 10, 2021

Reflect on similar sex dolls and the objectification of women

Nearly 20 years later, I visited the sex doll headquarters as a reporter, and it felt like a pilgrimage. It was January 2017, and he said he was able to “catch” women with “cats” and then take the oath of office. I believe that the market for these inanimate objects reflects similar sexual rights and the objectification of women. The main sales offer is the “female” doll that men like, which only accounts for 10% of the sales, and is their “male” model. The company sells approximately 350 to 400 dolls each year, with prices starting at approximately US$6,000 each.

However, it is important for everyone to release stress-I found myself frustrated with the work before buying the doll. I am happier now because it has helped me reduce my loneliness and calmed me a lot. I am not surprised-it is no different from having sex with a human friend. Scott praised the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) dolls for making them feel like real people. He said: This is soft rubber with a metal frame. Therefore, when I watch TV, I feel like I am hugging someone. I live alone, so she helped me a lot during the lockdown.

Author Jenny Griman (Jenny Griman) wrote a book “Sex Robots and Vegetarians: The Adventures of Birth, Diet, Sex and Death”, predicting that we will continue to promote the development of WM dolls. We can expect some important The change. She said that sex doll robots will soon become so compelling that many of us prefer our company to real people. When it is possible to establish a relationship, the most important thing is half of the partnership, you can interact, the most important thing is what you want to do, what you want to do, and whether you are accustomed to the establishment of relationships between things without free will. There is no independent ambition, in-laws or friends that you don’t like, so it becomes more difficult to build relationships with people and use empathy.

ORDOLL TPE sex doll Sara

Historically, sex dolls are related to loneliness. Although fabrics and plastics have been replaced by ultra-real silicon models, this topic still exists. Some sex doll customers are married and are looking for a troika. There is no sense of confusion, but recently many other clients are single, divorced or widowed. McMullen said that some customers simply lack the social skills to maintain relationships. Many men show their names, personalities and background stories of their silicone dolls. Lovers’ message boards are full of romantic atmosphere, including candlelight dating, love stories and casual marriages. Sometimes, the owner of the doll shares wedding photos, takes pictures with the doll bride, and even exchanges vows when the doll girl appears.

When my sex doll journey started in the hall and entered the workshop, they made these shapes to meet people’s needs. I met dozens of silicone heads, sitting on sticks waiting for makeup: open eye sockets, loose mouths and Light powdery skin. On the table is a sparkling pink jewel color palette. Customers can choose from a rainbow of permanent eye shadows, lipsticks and nail polishes, although some people prefer their own doll makeup. The shopkeeper selects and shapes wigs, collects jewelry and accessories, and maintains a lively wardrobe, from fluffy pajamas to suits purchased in women’s clothing stores. I realized,

Desire to have ideals-and then have the right to enjoy them. When I walked into the basement of the TPE doll, I thought of the latter, with naked headless figures hanging from the wooden beam ceiling, wearing metal metal handcuffs. It’s hard to think of these dangling shapes as objects of awe, let alone romantic partners. I realize that this industry is understandable, but I don’t admit that some people think dolls are dominant.

Let’s take a look at the recent popular sex dolls

Jasmine — WM 163cm H cup European Face Full TPE Sex Doll

Jasmine is definitely your favorite BBW girl. You can see her huge breasts in a sexy jumpsuit. She has a fine figure and fine features. You know, she’s a beautiful girl many people want. Her breasts are perfectly shaped, her breasts are plump, and her elastic skin is beautiful, like an angel.

If you like this cute sex doll, try it!

Gynoid Model 9 150cm Curvy Sex Doll JingJing

Jing ‘s figure is perfectly proportioned, You can see her figure is like a supermodel, super long legs, ball-shaped chest, her limbs are very thin, but the chest and buttocks are very plump, blond hair exudes In the light of the sun, she is like an elf or an angel in the jungle. Hurry up and take your little angel home!

JY 125cm big breasts sexy muture sex doll Kirou

Kirou is a mature woman, both in appearance and sexual organs are very mature. Although Kirou is a mini doll and petite, she is indeed very good. She has perfect proportions, so you can’t take your eyes off. At the same time, the weight of this doll is very small. One of her outstanding advantages is light weight and easy to carry. Can bring the ultimate experience.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.