tpeThe most important thing about sex dolls is what you want to do

4 min readMar 10, 2021

With the development of society, the sex ratio between men and women has become imbalanced. In this world where there are more men and fewer women, women are becoming scarcer, and many men cannot find a girlfriend. So the emergence of sex dolls at this time has helped people To solve the physiological needs, tpe dolls and silicone sex dolls are very popular in the market now. I believe that everyone has some understanding. From the inflatable dolls at the beginning to the current physical sex dolls, the functions and experience of the dolls It is getting better and better. In order to give people a better experience, doll manufacturers are constantly improving.

People want warm sex doll skin

If you are used to a relationship that does not have to compromise and do not have to consider other people’s ideas, then for a sex doll robot, the time spent with certain people is much longer than the time spent with the robot. . You will be with real people because people are more difficult to get along with, and you need to be compromised and compassionate. “She continues in the book”, if we can have a baby without having to have children, eat meat without killing animals, have ideal sexual relations without compromise, and have perfect death without pain, then sex dolls How will it be changed permanently? Without our consciousness, human existence is being redefined in a way that no one can determine or control.

Scott, who lives in Brighton, East Sussex, said: I really don’t like to call them “sex dolls”-I prefer “love dolls or partners”. I am not ashamed of owning a doll, and I think I have done something wrong. I have been married for ten years, and the ending in 2001 was very painful. At least I don’t have to experience heartbreak anymore. He said: I also work for a long time, and I love my space to keep a little calm. But the important thing is that everyone should release the pressure-before buying a doll, I was frustrated with work.

A sex robot equipped with AI eyes can follow people in the room. Work is currently underway to install AI eyes in sex robots that can track other people in the room. These sex dolls sell for as much as US$10,000 and have already attracted many customers. It explores sex robots that can track people with eyes driven by artificial intelligence (AI). People in the doll world want warm skin, so I will try to invent some sensors in the skin to increase the temperature. Silicone may burn quickly, so I tried to do this safely.

Sex dolls are no secrets-all my friends and colleagues know these, which is why I post pictures on the Internet and laugh. But I will never show them publicly-if someone touches them, I will feel frustrated. However, some people are very self-righteous and call me an unfair pervert. I did nothing wrong-all sex is always in a secret room-just like any other relationship. Before I got the doll, I just missed myself. Now I have other people who want to buy clothes, wigs and eyelashes. It’s like buying things for a real woman-only she can make her own clothes. I like sex dolls very much, but I try to give them a perfect picture. “

Sex doll models can be dialogue and can be displayed visually so that they can recognize people’s works. When a relationship is possible, the only thing that matters is half of the needs of the partnership. Where to interact, the most important thing about male dolls is what you want to do and what you want to do. If you are accustomed to building relationships with things without free will, have no independent ambitions or laws, or you don’t like friends, then going out to build relationships with people and use empathy becomes more difficult.


The metal skeleton of the sex doll is clearly visible under her silicone skin, and there are jagged gaps in the silicone skin. It looks like a mess. “He competes with Abyss Creation, which leads the field through elite sex robots that can really engage in dialogue. When a relationship is possible, the most important thing is half of the partnership. Small sex dolls can interact is what you want The most important thing to do and what you want to do. If you are used to not having free will to establish relationships with things, there is no independent ambition or law, or you don’t like friends, then go out and build relationships with people and use empathy It becomes more difficult.

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