sexThe sex doll robot is made using AI software

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Love doll is more than just a fun game

Some of his sex doll robots were created using AI software. This is described on its website: it has a modular head system with multiple drive points, allowing the doll to express expressions, move its head and talk to you. The eyes can also move and blink, so as to get an unprecedented doll experience. It is designed to be used with customizable dolls with AI software that allows you to create a unique personality and control the robot’s voice.

Many realistic sex dolls have been made, and there are already three varieties. The company even allows customers to use different head, body and makeup styles to create their own WM dolls. Last month, it launched a male sex doll wearing a sleeveless vest, short hair and a strong chin. He shared a photo of this future plastic enthusiast and wrote: Create the strongest jaw since the 90s! But are you a stubble or a beard?

I don’t think people will appreciate everything born in this world and show you the world you live in. I think no other species on this planet can make a worse contribution to the environment and cross-cultural management. This simple silicone doll is programmed to have basic conversations with those who like their limited company, even if she is in a bad mood.

Add synthetic sex AI or sex dolls to your life and live an unprecedented life. We should all be happy. Taking a different route may not suit you. Love sex dolls are more than just fun games. In the unfamiliar world “born by love”, it is difficult to determine what is important and what is not.

The male doll replied: Wow! He is beautiful! He didn’t look like Johnny, Michael, Nate or any other newcomers. Which model is he? Company account reply: This is a habit! We never limit the creativity of our customers! According to her personal data, the lover of the hippie doll appears to be a married American, and her photos show that she is wearing a bizarre male sex doll. In an interview, she claimed to be in a polygamous relationship with three doll brothers and their human husbands.

Sex doll nessa

She had a sex doll with her favorite comprehensive partner, Larry, and added: I plan to put my son in a suitable body in time until he goes to school and keeps telling stories. I never intended to get a full-size adult love doll like my son did. That’s funny. This happened after the communicator of the sex robot allowed curious bystanders to experience his life.

When we talk about the rapid development of technology, it is inevitable to mention artificial intelligence.

It carries too much imagination about the future, and among all the robots that connect with people, there is a very attractive type, that is, the “robot companion”.

Have you ever thought about falling in love with a robot?

Perhaps in limited human-computer communication, this matter is still more difficult to imagine, but various robot companions have appeared in sci-fi works, from which we can also glimpse the human imagination of the future world of love and sex:

Samantha, who is the perfect match for the heroine dubbed by Scarlett Johansson in the movie “She”,

Ava, a sexy stunner based on the male protagonist Caleb’s preference for women in “Mechanic Ji”,

Bianca, the doll in “Inflatable Doll Love”, let Ras eliminate the fear of communicating with others,

In “Blade Runner 2049”, Joey who once deeply comforted K but also broke his heart…

Figure / “Blade Runner 2049” Figure / “Blade Runner 2049”

In the great sound of technology, human beings are constantly thinking about the possibility of physical and emotional connection with what they have created.

And all this is not just illusion, in real life, “sex robot” is the first step of exploration.

Use of sex robots

At present, there are already some companies in the development of sex robots, the most well-known of which is the American company Abyss Creations. The company has been manufacturing sex doll Realdoll since the end of the last century, and now it has launched Realbotix, an AI-driven sex robot, driven by technology.

The founder McMullen hopes that in the future, these robots can use their “senses” to feel and act, and they can accompany users not only physically, but also emotionally.

When we talk about robot companions, we are essentially talking about individual loneliness and loneliness.

This year’s new crown epidemic has opened up the distance between people, and it has also given birth to individuals’ desire for intimacy. Data shows that during the epidemic, the number of users of adult websites has increased significantly, and the sales of sex robots worldwide have risen by 75%.

In the first episode of the documentary “Before Tomorrow”, “Robot Companion”, several sex robot/doll users initially used it because they were frustrated in the real intimate relationship, so they tried to find comfort from the virtual partner.

“Because with them, you can get whatever you want.”

“(Getting along with it) is the physical feeling, but also the psychological feeling. You know she will be there the next morning, and I can live in the world I built.”

Undoubtedly, sex robots are “saving”, and we no longer have to bear the troubles caused by interacting with people. All the uncertainty about a real individual has been resolved, it is controllable, accept your arrangement.

According to a survey in the United States in 2020, 22% of Americans said they would consider sex with a sex robot, while 42% believed that sex with a robot is safer than sex with a stranger.

In addition, sex robots are thought to be used to comfort special groups of people.

Nancy Jack, a bioethicist at the University of Washington School of Medicine, believes that sex robots can help the elderly alleviate loneliness and provide a reasonable way for the disabled to have sex.

Of course, in addition to sex dolls, there are many silicone dolls and tpe sex dolls that can help people solve some problems and provide people with a lot of convenience. There are many types of dolls that have mature sex dolls and big boobs. Sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls and other real sex dolls.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.