The time spent with you by the doll

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When it comes to inflatable dolls, we always label such fetishists as “unsocialized otaku”, “pervert”, and “freak”. The sexual minorities who have been stigmatized, their love is hard to express, and their sexual pleasure always carries a sense of shame. It is this avoidance hidden in the dark that explains the stigma. exist. When we look at the nature of stigma, it ultimately comes from our fear and anxiety about the unknown and difference.

Anxiety hiding in the dark

And the photographer from Copenhagen Benita Marcussen chose to use the lens to gradually deconstruct this stigma, capturing the men who have lived with inflatable dolls for a long time in a way that does not look strange.

At the beginning of the shooting project, Marcussen found the fetishes of these inflatable dolls through private forums on the Internet. This is a secret that cannot be exposed to the sun. They are afraid of being scrutinized by the colored glasses of society, so they can only hide in private. The forum discusses with each other. Here, they can speak freely and show pictures of their dolls. There is also a virtual market where you can buy and sell dolls.

These private communities are afraid of the intrusion of outsiders. “If the public knows, women will think that we are disgusting, and if they stay away from us, we will no longer be able to establish normal intimacy.” They told Marcussen this way after six. After more than a month of private contact, Marcussen gained the trust of the fetishists and was willing to let her take a camera to uncover their story with the inflatable doll.

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The real emotional needs behind the stigma

The “Men & Dolls” series are gentle images taken by Marcussen. She hopes that more people who reject doll fetishists can see the true emotions of their underground edges.

Some people criticize that these fetishists only need a fantasy partner that satisfies their desires, and they have maximized their stereotyped imagination of women’s beauty. Because human women are flawed and have their own thinking ability, men cannot control like inflatable dolls at will. Real women, so they can only choose to transform the doll’s appearance into the ideal woman in their minds, and use these inflatable dolls as a purely venting sexual tool.

But when Marcussen captures the picture, he does not only focus on the sexual relationship between men and dolls, but also wants them to show their passion and struggle at the bottom of their lives through photo narratives.

Sex is the language of desire, and love is the language of relationship. In the emotional dialogue between men and dolls, in addition to sex, there is also a language of love.

We have an unknown fear of atypical erotic practices, so we think that doll fetishists are the same “sexual perversions”, and can’t explore the subtle loneliness and thirst, so Marcussen used photography to document the innocence and transparency of ordinary people. In this world, it is difficult to look at “love” directly.

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The story of a man and a doll

“These dolls have their own distinct personalities based on the different fantasies of each fetishist.” Marcussen said that there are unique stories between men and dolls.

These inflatable doll lovers, some are married, some are divorced, some are unmarried, some have their partners died young, and some have never established a relationship with women in the real world. Although they have different externalities and backgrounds, they still yearn for love and understanding in their hearts.

They also take care of the inflatable dolls with the same care and gentleness: gently combing their hair, buying clothes and cosmetics for them, taking care of their daily lives, and talking with them. These fetishists know that they are not just living in delusions. Here, but a woman who soberly and truly loves the phantom. The existence of each doll not only provides a channel for venting primitive sexual desire, but also satisfies emotional psychological needs.

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This is reminiscent of the beginning of the movie “Air Humanoid”, an ordinary man came home from get off work and talked to a beautiful inflatable doll. This man is like any lonely modern person-he is eager to be understood while closing himself, so he derives skilled acting behavior. In this dusty world, men loyally give meaning to fantasy women, and fill the fractured faces of life with emotional details.

Psychologist Ji Jack said: “Fetishes make us avoid the lack of being.” We think that fetishists are sleepwalkers living in the illusion, but in fact, fetishists understand the suffering of reality better than anyone, so they chose Use alternative fillings to offset the impact of reality. Fetishists are no different from ordinary people. Like ordinary people, they are afraid of loss and look forward to hugging.

It is not brave to be able to yell in front of a huge fear. The true bravery lies in the ability to withstand the disappearance of possession and find the power to settle one’s hesitation. In this scarce world, the duplication of stigma is like using some stereotyped characters, events and warnings to reveal all weakness and sorrow, but everyone has their own hell, and in the practice of the flow of love and eroticism, May we be free no matter what.

The man in the photo bought the doll after his wife died of cancer. He designed and named her after his wife’s appearance.

After the birth of his first child in 1986, Chris’s wife petitioned for divorce. This shock caused him to get along with real women. He had two inflatable dolls and accompany him to sleep at night.

Everard likes to take Rebekka and June to the backyard to take pictures, when his neighbors will hide in the house.

Custom-made inflatable dolls are not cheap, and the price is between $6,500-$50,000. The Phil in the photo had to quit smoking for a year before buying Jessica. Phil’s friends knew about the existence of Jessica, and he said that he didn’t care what others thought of his own habit.

In many people’s impressions, an inflatable doll is nothing more than a toy that satisfies bizarre fantasy, but some fetishists treat her as a life partner, just like this man shares a wardrobe with his three inflatable dolls, and the latter Occupies most of the space and drawers.

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