The type of life-size sex doll every doll collector should own

3 min readJan 11, 2022

We often invest our money in all sorts of things that help improve our personal happiness. Don’t you think that investing in adult dolls is just another way to increase your personal happiness and sex life? Over the past few decades, these realistic sex dolls have become the most sought after sexual tool for both men and women. However, for various reasons, men are more inclined to buy life-size life-size dolls than women. But we will discuss that later. The main points of discussion relate to the different types of sex dolls that every sex doll collector should own.

1. Large breasted dolls

Agree or disagree, but most guys like girls with big breasts more than they don’t. Therefore, this is a variety of big breasted erotic dolls that will not only satisfy your sexual appetite but will also be eye candy. You will see her beautiful breasts rise and fall as you move your penis in and out of her body. Visually appealing!!!

2. Black dollsBlack erotic dolls

The skin colour you may have different preferences, such as wheat, black, etc. The early colours are easily available in the market. However, other colours including black are very rare. So when you collect a black doll, not only will your collection become more colourful, falling in love with a black doll is also a unique pleasure.

3. Miniature sex dolls

This is another adult doll that you should have in your collection. Although he is small in size, his mouth, chest and other physical values are quite large. Therefore, you can rest assured that just like any other mini sex doll, these dolls will provide erotic sexual pleasure.

4. Luxury dolls

As the name suggests, these lover dolls are pricey, but still worth every penny. These are the most realistic dolls you can buy as they are handmade and very realistic in the finest details. The body items such as the vagina and breasts are beautifully shaped and lifelike. Not only that, but the vaginal lining and eyelashes also make this doll very realistic.

5. Elf Sex Doll

Elf sex dolls originated from European, American or Japanese anime elf characters. These elf characters have perfect faces and perfect bodies. They are different from humans and animals. They are the embodiment of mystery and a third species of being.

Anime elf fans often buy elf figures and other accessories. Some sex doll manufacturers have started to find prototypes of popular elf characters, replicate them through 3D technology and then create beautiful sexy elf sex dolls.

These silicone elf dolls feature smooth skin, lifelike faces, perky breasts and curved waists for great realism. These mini elf sex dolls are lively, mischievous and cute with lovely figures.

6. Japanese Sex Dolls

Japan has a booming porn business. Many Japanese pornographic films have high ratings. Japanese lover dolls can help recreate Japanese porn scenes, whether it’s hardcore gaming or the ultimate BDSM.

Japanese AV actresses are world famous, such as Eimi Fukada, Yuki Hatano, Arina Hashimoto, Moe Amatsuka and Momo Sakura, who are beautiful, sexy and gentle. If you want to have sex with sexy and beautiful AV actresses, Japanese AV lover dolls are a good choice.

Sex Doll Factory makes dolls that look like famous AV actresses. They also design many beautiful sex dolls including petite lolita Japanese sex dolls, pure Japanese sex dolls, huge breast sexy Japanese sex dolls and anime Japanese sex dolls. These sex dolls are available to meet the needs of different men.

What are you waiting for? Buying a sex doll is very beneficial for men. Therefore, every man should have at least one doll as the perfect sexual partner. Pick up your favourite doll and when you get home, you will see how much fun the doll will add to your sex life.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.