The ultimate shopping guide to male sex dolls in 2021

5 min readMar 4, 2022


Male sex dolls have grown rapidly in recent years, with the market growing at a compound annual growth rate of over 25%. Why so fast? One, with the advancement of technology, sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic, two, the material of the dolls has been upgraded, the touch and user experience has become very friendly, and three, artificial intelligence technology in sex dolls, which gives the dolls emotions. Let’s get people out of loneliness!

Although male sex dolls are one of the few sex dolls, their cute look will fascinate women too. The well-made male dolls are unique in their temperament. They offer comfort and affection when you need it most.

The sex dolls of today bear little resemblance to the dolls of five years ago. This is partly due to the new technology and materials that have made them realistic. Today, these dolls look almost indistinguishable from real people.

We’ve even seen dolls that incorporate artificial intelligence into the doll’s brain. Now, these ideas may be more expensive than most can afford and, to be fair, they are not great conversationalists, but it does show you the level of development in the sex robot industry.

However, the most interesting thing is that adult sex dolls have changed over the last few years. five years ago, you wouldn’t have admitted you owned a doll. It was a shame.

Generally speaking, if you depicted a male sex doll owner, you would imagine a man that no one would want to date. But as men and women have become more interested in improving their sexual experience, things have changed dramatically. Now, sex doll owners proudly show off their toys. And it’s no longer just a question of. You can now easily find the right sex doll for women. In the past, women had to be content with dildos or torso dolls. But now, doll manufacturers are beginning to realise that women want a full male sex doll, partner or boyfriend too.

Some couples are even starting to allow dolls into their homes. It makes sense, therefore, that lover dolls are becoming more socially acceptable.

There are several reasons why we may choose a doll.

I’m tired of dealing with the drama of romantic relationships

I’m not in a relationship, but you need a company

I want a sexual adventure

It’s too hard to meet a dream lover

I don’t want to put myself at risk of an STD

You have 100 reasons to say no to a silicone sex doll, but if you want to have it, you only need one reason, and that’s that you’re willing to try. Isn’t that right?

What is a male sex doll?

A male love doll is a sex toy. It contains all your fantasies about men. From the eyes to the toes, these dolls are anatomically correct.

You can customise a male doll to suit your interests and the accuracy of the customisation depends on the doll brand or manufacturer. For most styles, it can be used for both anal and oral sex.

Whether you prefer a full body realistic sex doll, torso or dildo, you can easily choose the exact model that will meet your needs and desires. In addition, some male dolls have removable body parts, such as the penis, to simplify cleaning and improve ease of use.

How big you want your sex doll, its functions and features depend on how much you pay for it. Consider all factors involved, including materials, size, customisation, price, features, flexibility and other factors before making a purchase.

Types of male sex dolls

Male sex dolls are available in different weights and sizes to meet the varying needs of the global market.

Initially, there were few options available and a large number of manufacturers developed dolls only for women. However, now you can quickly and easily get the male doll of your dreams.

From full size dolls, torsos, mannequin dolls and dildos, you will be overwhelmed. So here are some common types of male sex dolls.

Full body male dolls

Full body male dolls are the closest thing to an ideal boyfriend. For starters, their bodies are anatomically correct from head to toe.

Male dolls come with a penis, a butt hole and realistic oral sex. However, most manufacturers allow you to customise the doll to your liking, including choosing the size of the penis and other variables.

Full-body dolls are also more expensive than other dolls because they offer a higher level of fidelity and functionality.

Male Torsos and Penises

Although torso sex dolls are primarily designed for the novice, torsos are like your favourite full body dolls, but in a smaller size.

Of course, you won’t get the same features as a full size male love doll, but torsos can do a lot of things.

They are very lightweight and convenient for travellers. While it is possible to change some of the functional parts and pieces to a portable size, the torso has an internal skeleton to hold the pose during play. You can also select the features you want on the sex doll torso and keep the ones you don’t want.

Blow up male sex dolls

Blow up male dolls are probably the most convenient option, especially for the average traveller and those sharing space with a partner.

Why? You must be thinking. Firstly, they are very lightweight and easy to use. Secondly, to use them, you simply blow the air out and then release it for storage.

Inflatables are not as realistic and good looking as other love dolls. From facial appearance to functionality, there is little to praise, especially when realistic sex dolls turn you on.




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