The young woman is just a passerby

10 min readMay 12, 2021


“Let’s go there to rest, okay?” I didn’t dare to say the word “go to open the house” because I thought it was straightforward. Besides, I think she understood the meaning of the word “rest”. But my heart is still fluttering, although I have experienced this kind of thing before, I am just worried that she will hesitate or refuse.

She looked at me, her eyes quickly flashed hesitation, and quickly disappeared, her face was a little bit shy, her mouth whispered, “Where to rest?”, my heart immediately brightened, since she asked Just agreed.

“You come with me.” We held hands, and she was still a little hesitant. I dragged her out of the ballroom door, and then separated my hands at the door. I took a car and drove straight to the electric hotel near the overpass (I have stayed in this hotel before, 50 yuan / 3 hours hourly room is very cheap, still a standard room). When the car arrived, we got off. She turned her head and looked at the back. I don’t know what she was looking at, as if she was watching if anyone was stalking. I know: we are a pair of extramarital lovers after all. A good family is a good family, not as open as the girls playing in the society.

Entering the hall, she stood at the top of the stairs, and I came to the front desk to open the ticket. Fortunately, the occupancy rate was not high during the Spring Festival (this hotel is called the power system training guesthouse to the outside world, sometimes full of trained power system workers), I paid Deposit, holding the red bill, the front desk told the waiter to open the room. In Room 408, we went up to the 4th floor holding hands. I didn’t see the waiter, so I came down and asked the front desk: What’s the matter, there is no waiter. The front desk asked me to call myself, and the waiter might be in the boiling water room. I went up again and called the waiter loudly. The waiter pushed the thermos cart over in the corridor, took a look at us, opened the door of the room, and the waiter helped us turn on the air conditioner.

I closed the curtains. The weather was good during the Spring Festival, and sunlight leaked into the room. I sat on the sofa and took out a cigarette from my pocket to lighten my mood. She is sitting on the bed. Take off the red down jacket, throw it on the sofa, turn on the TV and watch the show. The air conditioner may need to be repaired. The heating speed is too slow. She was sitting there watching TV. My eyes were fixed on her breasts. She was wearing a black sweater. She was really a mature woman. The sweater wrapped her big breasts and stood proudly.

The cigarettes are finished, and the air conditioner is heating up. I took off my jacket and pants. She glanced at me and laughed. I asked her “What are you laughing?” She pointed to me and said, “Look at you there.” I bowed my head. Look, haha, my little brother stiffens and makes the cotton trousers bulge.

I sit over and turn off the TV. Sit next to her, let her stand up, sit on my thighs with thighs apart, digging, so heavy, I raised my head and kissed her, “Do you like me?” “Nonsense, do you like me and jump with you, I don’t like to come here with you”, she smiled and pouted my ears.

Don’t say, a woman is a woman, and she is as charming as returning to a girl’s time in front of a lover.

We kissed. I pressed my hands on the black sweater and touched her plump breasts. She looked down at me.

“Would you like to take a look?” Damn, such a provocative sentence popped out of the quiet room, exciting! !

Although we are close to each other every time we dance, I have not seen her breasts. She took off her black sweater, the sweater made a “pop” sound (static), and then took off her underwear. Inside was a silver-gray bra with a deep The cleavage appeared in front of me. She opened the bra button from the back. The bra was loosened and slid down on the bed.

My eyes lit up-so familiar breasts! Well cooked! The towering breasts like Yuanbing stood up close in front of me, and the cyan blood veins, the brown areola and a few milk hairs were clearly seen on it! Two nipples that look like pencil erasers used by children (hehe, exaggerated, that is, they are very large). Because of the contrast of the indoor temperature and the contrast of the indoor temperature, she has goose bumps on her breasts, which are more firm. I saw her face blushing, she moved a bit and pushed her breasts up, the breasts were right in front of my eyes.

“Touch it,” she put her hands on my shoulders. I thought to myself: lewd! ! !

I covered her breasts with both hands. Her breasts were shaking like waves. It was visually exciting! ! Plump and firm breasts! I moved my mouth up, holding her nipple, licking/biting, and she patted me on the shoulder.

“Don’t bite!”

I am putting on my nipples, saliva is flowing in my mouth, and my body starts to get hot. Her breasts have a very good smell and taste. In fact, every woman has a different body odor. She is the unique body odor of mature women. How do you compare it? Ha ha.

I stick out my tongue and lick my breasts up and down. She began to twist, leaning back, keeping her chest as tall as possible. He was breathing heavily in his mouth, “Well,,, ah,,,,,,”. My mouth was licking my breasts, and I walked down with my hands. Her fat belly, because she was sitting on my thigh, squeezed out the “little meat slope”, which was limp.


I helped her take off her underwear. Ouch! ! There is a scar on her belly, which should be the scar left by the planing of the baby. There are obvious stretch marks on both sides of her belly. “Are you a child from planing?” “Yes!” Was it painful at the time?” “General anesthesia, no pain. But the incision will hurt in a few days.”

It’s time for us to go to bed. The temperature in the room is about the same now, so the quilt is half-covered and half-naked. I lay on her, spread her thighs (M position), we kissed, I kissed her big breasts, my fingers touched her pussy, my fingers were teasing up and down the vaginal opening, and I touched her urethral opening. Smaller — the clitoris, I pressed there with my fingers, she began to twist her body, her facial expression was very drunk, and moaning “Silk…oh…”, I provoked her clitoris while kissing my breasts. Water came out of her. I got up and separated her thighs. She put her hands on her vulva, “Don’t look, it’s so ugly.” Her blush was flushing. Maybe the air conditioner was hot, maybe excited, maybe she was a woman with strong sexual desire.

I smirked and pushed her hand away, what a plump pussy! Bulky, dark pussy. The pubic hair covers the “hills”, and the pubic hair is wet. The dark brown labia majora is open, and the labia minora is exposed like a skin tube. There is body fluid under the vaginal opening, and egg blue-like body fluid accumulates in the vaginal opening. I opened her vagina, the crimson vaginal wall was like a small mouth, calling for desire, calling for my entry. I was like kissing my pussy, think about it, forget it.

Damn it! That’s cool! There is no collision of teeth. Her lips and the tip of her tongue were rubbing / teasing my JJ. It was really comfortable. It felt like JJ was soaking in a hot water bottle. It’s very pleasant. She stuck her tongue out and licked on my glans. The coolness of my head arched back aroused my excitement.

A group of oral sex, I was afraid that I would ejaculate, I pulled her up.

I turned over her body, picked up the pants that I threw on the sofa, and took out the cover. Durex’s, 3 pieces; there is also a fragrance.

I was just about to wear a cover, and she said, “Why do you wear this?”

“Why, don’t you need it?”

No, idiot, I’m on the birth control ring.” She smiled at me, this kind of smile is a mature woman’s confidence in sex and charming sensuality.

what! Go in! I moaned quietly! She moaned “Ah”! The sound is loud enough! Hehe, we smirked each other.

I inserted the “three shallows and one deep”, the “three shallows” rubbed at the vaginal opening, and the “one deep” poke forcefully, hitting the deepest part of the vagina. I started to slow down, slowly accelerating, my ass arched, her legs dangling, two hands stroking my back. This action is a bit like a “piston”. She started to twist her butt, which also catered to my JJ thrusting. I said, “My husband…Silk…Ah…comfortable.” Hearing calling me “husband”, I was excited. The frequency of my penetration is getting faster and faster. I feel her vagina is slippery and there is so much water! ! !

I was afraid that I would ejaculate soon, so I changed my posture. I asked her to lie on her stomach and asked her to sit on me (the “Guanyin sitting on the lotus”). She knelt her legs apart and lowered her head. One hand opened her own genitals and the other held my penis. I look at this posture, the visual experience is particularly exciting. It’s the same as in the A movie, ha ha. She sat down, “Ah…”-she groaned. Two hands pressed on my fainted belly, adjusted my posture, twisted/plugged back and forth, left and right, and the two breasts were like hanging winter melons, swaying from side to side. I reached out to grab it and played with it. Although her ass is big and full, and there is fat on her belly, it does not affect the range and strength of the movements. Her ass sits together with a “slap” sound, and the “squeaky” vagina and penis are soaked in kinky water. the sound of. It’s just like the A movie I’ve watched. It’s a movie, and it’s a real scene now.

After a bit, she lay on my chest, “Husband, I’m so tired.”

“so tired?”

I want her to get up, roll up the quilt, and ask her to lie on the quilt, and make her butt stand tall. Seen from the back, her vagina is wet. I hold her buttocks and insert it when I look at it. This “back court” posture is the most exciting and enjoyable, and it has a kind of thrill of conquering. Watching my JJ go in and out of her big ass. Pushing her big butt with some irritating spots, her tits swayed like a bell in the twitching process. The scene was so exciting and comfortable, it was truly a beautiful scene.

She groaned, Hearing this, I can’t help it. I feel her vagina is like a child’s mouth, sucking on her nipples desperately. Hold my penis tightly and loosely. I know that this woman is about to climax. I thrust in forcefully… She was lying there, one hand was free, and she actually stretched out to touch my testicles. Maybe my posture was very irritating to her, and she still grabbed my testicles with a little bit of strength. The penis was inserted, and the testicles were played with by this woman, it was so irritating! ! ! She was stuffed in the pillow and moaned loudly, “”Ah…ah…oh…husband” I quickly inserted, I stood up, half-squatting and half-standing, with two hands hanging down. Big tits, sweaty!

I really want to burst her breasts, maybe I tried hard. She seemed to be crying (actually the woman’s heightened excitement, her voice changed) and said, “My husband…the pain…put me…”.

When I thrust her violently and quickly, I felt the back spine force. She groaned loudly and muffled her voice with her pillow. I shot.

My body softened instantly, and I lay on the bed in an “X” shape, she got up and lay beside me.

She took a small towel and tucked it between her thighs. She was lying in my arms, and my breasts fell together. I see a little more time. We spread the quilt, lay down, and enjoyed the quiet after orgasm.

“Is it comfortable?” I played with her hair.

“Comfortable, you are amazing.”

“Do you have an orgasm?”

Yes, I have a lot of water, I haven’t done it for a long time.” Her face was flushed, and the pleasure of the orgasm made her complexion beautiful. We kissed, and I touched her breasts and lay and rested. It’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we checked out, and we went downstairs holding hands, and we separated our hands on the first floor. I called a taxi and she went home.

Looking at the shadow of the taxi going away, I thought to myself “I have completed the task.” This is a passionate Spring Festival afternoon. On the way home, I was thinking: Are I crossing the swamp of desire with her? May be very passionate, maybe we will fall into it.

Regardless of her, the good show is still to come! ! ! !

We broke up three months later, for a simple reason: we are not lovers, but partners. Liang’s family will return to the family after all, and I am just her passerby.

During the time I was with her, I was a little addicted to this kind of thing. Many times, I couldn’t control myself, but since she left, I can only rely on pornographic videos and use my hands to solve my needs. I felt that it was far from satisfying my heart’s desire, so I searched for sex toys on the Internet, and accidentally found a physical doll. When I saw it for the first time, I was a bit surprised because she has everything so I thought it would It won’t be a fake. Later, I searched for this doll and found that she is real. She is a very realistic sex toy similar to humans. She can help us solve our sexual needs, so I couldn’t help but buy it later. A mature sex doll, there are many other dolls on it, young sex dolls and so on, but I am still obsessed with young women, because they have always brought us different happiness. I hope this doll can help me solve my sexual needs when it arrives.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.