Tips for couple sex

5 min readMar 15, 2021

Sex dolls are not designed just to be alone. Even if you fully embrace sex dolls in your sex life (we hope you did!), playing with these sex dolls with your spouse may be more exciting.

For specific reasons, the use of sex dolls between couples is still rare. You may have to accept the statement internally that a good partner must be “perfect” for you, without the need for a doll. With these beliefs, it is not surprising to see why many couples lack the confidence to introduce sex dolls to their sexual partners.

But that is not the case. If both dolls are curious, sex dolls can be an exciting addition to sex. According to the famous sex therapist, Dr. Rosara Torrisi, “Gender is a playground for adults; this is a place where adults can play and let go. With this in mind, please feel free to explore any What you want, including sex dolls. This is a playground.”

Here are some tips for using sex dolls with your partner.

Buy dolls together to increase curiosity

If you start using sex dolls together, it is best to have a little expectation and familiarize yourself with the various options available. In addition, this is a great opportunity to discuss your interests with your significant other.

Torrisi further said: “There may be a complete lack of communication between couples and their sexual fantasies. Using sex dolls together can solve this problem.”

“When a couple say,’Hey, I think this doll looks good’, they mean’Hey, this is my dream fantasy’ or’Hey, this is what makes me curious. Yours Your partner will understand your sexual needs better.”

They can shop online or in person. When you shop in a sex doll store, you not only have the opportunity to see but also feel these dolls, which may give you a better understanding of your love. There will always be a sales agent ready to answer your questions, and if you agree with something that both parties like, you can take it with you after purchase.

(Please pay attention to the people around-the pleasure of buying sex dolls with public partners feels great, but don’t be so clear that it distracts others)

On the other hand, online purchases can be private. It provides more space to comfortably discuss what attracts you and attracts certain dolls, and how you want to wear them, and you can get more details than in a physical store. Now, you can buy the best sex dolls on, there are many sex dolls for you to choose, choose one of the most beautiful sex dolls and take it home.

You may have to wait a few days for the doll to arrive, but remember that this expectation can also be sexy. Now that you have a sex doll, you can have fun with your partner in the following ways.

Tips for couple sex

Turn off the light

Darken your room. However, if you want to make the room feel erotic, please add a candle.


If you are looking for a complete fantasy with your partner, wear a blindfold. Then, you can explore your partner’s body and let yourself enjoy these moments.

Prepare your sex doll

The male doll will lie next to her partner, ready to accompany her with a vibrator and lubricant. The same is true when wearing female dolls. Make sure she is in place and ready for the two of you.


Add some music. This is a long way. The music eliminates of chants and avoids awkward silence. It also illuminates the atmosphere. You don’t need a playlist, you can find refreshing hour-long emotional music to play.

True trio

Once the rules are established and the rules are set, it’s time to try the trio. Give your partner oral sex and ask your partner to do the same thing.

For the male doll, let her ride on it. Ride on him while you kiss his body and suck his ass (he feels caught) until she starts to complain. This often leads many couples to orgasm.

Oh, on a perverted night, you can have anal sex with male dolls according to your own preferences. Double the fun! More ways to wear dolls: how about wearing dolls?

The same goes for female sex dolls. The only difference is that men must please women and sex dolls. You can research both at the same time to see who makes you faster. Make sure your imagination is as crazy as the trio; all fantasies will be moved.

As long as he wants, he can change his wrist and use you. Increase the fun, it feels so sweet.

It sounds easier because female dolls usually have a realistic appearance.

Couples can give the man oral sex first. Then, he can start having sex with the doll while the doll is exploring the body, and then she uses a vibrator to take off the image of a man with another girl. These sex dolls looked so realistic literally that they thought they were three people.

You can play with the dog next to the female doll with your female companion, and then take turns with each other (it feels great). You can switch and make fun of her when she begs you to move on, while she has been using the vibrator to play with her tits. It’s just blowing dumbfounded.

Why should couples explore with sex dolls?

You never know what you are missing before you try. Using sex dolls with your partner will add new ideas to your sex life and increase your love for your significant other. Sex dolls can also add luster to your marriage and improve your life. Anything that brings you and your partner the greatest pleasure will only increase mutual understanding and enable you to enjoy each other’s most passionate moments. Using sex dolls can help couples open up more space for each other.

Once a couple is confident enough to introduce realistic dolls into their sex lives, they will have the opportunity to explore each other’s happiness. This will establish intimacy and build trust, which can spread to other parts of the relationship.

After reading these, do you want to buy a sex doll? There are many high-quality sex dolls in our store. For example, you can choose mini sex dolls to facilitate your collection. If you think you want a more convenient one, we suggest You can consider torso sex dolls, but it is best if both of you are satisfied.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.