Want to try some ‘lady feel’ sex dolls?

3 min readFeb 22, 2022

While the word ‘lady’ may not be appropriate for sex dolls, many men in real life like ladies, especially for their girlfriends and wives.

In today’s post, we’ll be featuring 5 of the most feminine dolls in our collection so you can pick one to take home today.

Elu — The shy, elegant lady

Elu is a shy and elegant girl. She only shows her body to the people she loves. She also has a great triple circumference, from 27.95" / 19.69" / 30.31", 4'7" tall to 35.43" / 20.87" / 40.16", 5'7" tall, she is definitely the perfect companion for you.

Manuela — A lovely stylish lady

Manuela is a stylish beauty. She likes to open up to her lover only at night, but she moans so loudly that her neighbours complain every time she has an in-depth affair with her boyfriend. But she dresses well during the day. Maybe she’s just a naughty girl after all?

Here are her measurements for some of you who are curious.

30.7" / 22.04" / 32.67", Tall Eight: 5'4

Selena — the girl next door

Selena is your girl next door. She is outgoing, active and pretty. She loves to ride horses, bikes and ride on anything and everything, (clues, clues, clues, guys). She’s also in great shape, ranging from 27.95"/19.69"/30.31" (4'7) to 33"/20"/35" (5'7), perfectly proportioned and loves to hang out with confident people. Could it be you? I hope you are.

Selena is waiting for you to pick her up and take her home. You can get 6% off on Black Friday and Cyber Week, get it now before it’s gone!

Feeling like some Asian girl?

Reiko — cute little Japanese girl

Reiko is a cute little girl only 4ft 10 tall but she is a brave girl who always expresses herself, especially when she meets a man she is interested in, she will “take responsibility” and “grab him” .

Kaito — Big Boobs Lady

Kaito is very feminine like the Japanese sex dolls, because she has a great body and a beautiful face! With different sizes and heights, her body is perfect and I think every man would like her very much. Here are some screenshots of her.

Like Cato? Take her home!

If there are any of the above sex dolls that you like, if so take her home, if not it doesn’t matter there are more than just these dolls in the lovedollshops.com shop, there are many, many more on there, no matter what type you want, whether you want a full size sex doll or a torso sex doll, they will have it all on there and they will give you a satisfactory answer.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.