Wedding incest

10 min readApr 20, 2021


Xiaogang and Xiaorou have been together for three years. This year, May Day finally entered the marriage hall under the repeated urging of his family.

Xiaogang’s home is in the countryside. His father Li Cheng and mother Chen Fang are both cadres in the village. His mother Chen Fang is 47 years old this year. Although she has been in the countryside, her body is well maintained.

The wedding has been in trouble for a day and everything should be gone, Xiaogang and Xiaorou also want to go back to rest soon. At this moment, Xiaogang’s cousin Qiangzi had to finish making trouble in the bridal chamber before leaving. At this time Qiangzi’s father Li Wei and his mother Wei Wei, as well as the bachelor’s 30-year-old dog egg in the village, and Xiaogang’s The classmates and talented people strongly demanded to make trouble in the bridal chamber. There was no way. A few of them and Xiaogang’s parents also used best man and bridesmaid (Xiaogang’s younger sister and Xiaorou’s younger brother).

They came to Xiaogang’s wedding room. The layout of the wedding room was very simple, except for a two-meter-wide bed, pink sheets and pink quilts. There is only one dressing table. When they entered the room, they closed the curtains and turned on the headlights. The show began. First of all, there were mini games such as eating bananas. Then Goudan suggested that Xiaogang and Xiaorou kiss. Of course, there was no way. The two of them could only kiss in front of everyone, but Xiaogang’s classmates asked them to kiss. The tongues stick out in the air and the tongues of two people lick each other. So Xiaorou stretched out her pink tongue and entangled Xiaogang’s tongue. Everyone couldn’t help swallowing saliva after seeing this scene.

As the game progressed, everyone had even more demanding demands. At this time, Xiaogang’s classmates said: Xiaogang will have a bridal chamber tonight, I don’t know if Xiaogang will do it, everyone needs to check it. How to check it? That is to ask Xiaogang and Xiaorou to have sex in front of everyone. Of course, they didn’t really do it. They were on the bed. Xiaogang took off some clothes and pants and only wore underwear, while Xiaorou was in a wedding dress, so she didn’t need to do it. Take it off, just need Xiaorou to lie down and put it on and lift up the wedding dress. Xiaogang and Xiaorou just wear underwear and have sex in a traditional posture.

Because of the awkwardness, Xiaogang and Xiaorou seem to be very casual when they are doing it. At this time, Xiaogang’s cousin Qiangzi is not happy. He said that brother, you are making love, and the dog egg also echoed and said no, this must be your old man. Dad isn’t better. Change your father. Li Cheng, who has been standing next to him without speaking, dare not go out. Xiaorou also expressed firm opposition. At this time, everyone was having sex, and there was no way that Xiaogang’s father was dragged onto the bed. Xiaorou knew that she had no strength to resist by herself, and at this time Xiaogang was due to alcohol. I drank too much and didn’t talk aside.

Xiaogang’s father was taken off with only one day’s pants left, and he was pressed by Xiaorou’s side. At this time, Li Wei and his wife Wei aunt lifted Xiaorou’s wedding dress to the waist. At this time, Xiaorou’s white little girl The panties have also been exposed. Xiaorou knows that if she doesn’t satisfy them, this group of people will not give up, so Xiaorou closed her eyes and let someone separate his legs. Xiaogang’s father, who was still rejecting his resignation, saw that his daughter-in-law had acquiesced, so he did not resist. He knelt between Xiaorou’s legs and slowly moved his body closer to Xiaorou until their two lower bodies were close to each other. Together. At this time, since he was young, his father’s underwear can already see that his penis has expanded to the limit. At this time, his penis and his daughter-in-law’s pussy are so tightly in love with each other.

Xiaogang’s father drove his daughter-in-law in a white wedding dress and lay peacefully under him, and his penis was so tightly attached to his daughter-in-law’s pussy, he could even feel the heat coming from his daughter-in-law’s pussy. . He couldn’t control it anymore. Before everyone urged him, he was already squeezing his penis on the soft vagina, although the squeezing was not large, and no one even observed it, but Every time he squeezed, he exhausted his utmost strength. When his genitals were pressed tightly against Xiaorou’s pubic area, he turned his butt to the left and right, so that his penis would keep moving in Xiaorou’s pubic area.

Xiao Rou was stimulated by her lower body and used alcohol. The body was also slowly changing. Although she knew that facing her father-in-law had a reaction, it was shameful, but no matter how she controlled her body’s reaction, she still felt that the inside of her vagina was getting hotter and hotter, and even began to feel a little bit hot. Wet. At this time, Goudan spoke again. He said: It is not enough for Xiaogang’s father to bark. Xiaogang’s mother Chen Fang should also teach Xiaogang.

So under everyone’s noise, Chen Fang could not help but took off his pants, wearing only a pair of black briefs and a white T-shirt on the upper body. She also lay next to Xiaorou like Xiaorou, and Xiaogang did his mother Chen Fang through his underwear like his dad. Chen Fang asked her son to do it. Although through the underwear, she was ashamed and irritated. He had to close his eyes, and Xiaogang was very uncomfortable when he saw his wife being fucked by his father in this way. He wanted to end it all quickly, but he watched his wife being fucked by his father. Very excited, he even hoped that they would take further action. At this time, he looked at his mother under him, the pleasure of incest made him completely give up resisting, he began to enjoy it all, and he started to treat his mother in the same way as his father.

At this time Goudan proposed again. He asked them to take off their underwear and let each other’s genitals next to each other, but not to insert them. Just rubbing outside. Although Xiaogang and his father both wanted to take further action, they were still embarrassed to face so many people, so someone suggested that they could put on a quilt and go under the bed.

None of the four people on the bed objected, so everyone covered their lower body with quilts, and the parts above their shoulders were outside. At this time, everyone coaxed and asked them to take off their underwear. They didn’t take it off, so the dog had to come forward and help them take it off. Xiaorou saw that someone was coming up, and quickly said that we would come by ourselves, so Xiaorou glanced at her father-in-law, Xiaorou. Just as his father thought he understood something, he stretched out his hand to take off his underwear, and then reached out to take off Xiaorou’s underwear. At this time, Xiaogang was also taking off his mother’s Chen Fang’s underwear. Because the movements were not light, both his father and son When I took off my mother’s and daughter-in-law’s underwear, I lifted the quilt a little bit. This is what makes everyone see the pubic hair of the two women whose underwear has been removed. At this time, everyone can be sure that their lower bodies are naked at this time.

Then Li Cheng acted first. He pushed his butt up. At this time, the room became very quiet. Everyone vaguely heard the “pop” when Xiaogang’s father hit Xiaorou’s lower body when he was pushing. Xiaorou received this sudden stimulus, and a hot meat stick was suddenly attached to her already wet pussy. This stimulus was even more unbearable than real penetration.

At this moment, Xiaogang’s father began to rub his cock on his own genitals back and forth. Xiaorou couldn’t help but let out a slight gasp. Although the voice was very weak, Xiaogang’s father heard it really. Coupled with the warm and moist stimulation of his daughter-in-law’s lower body, Xiaogang and his father’s movements became more and more loud, and even the mattress made a squeaking sound. The whole scene seemed to everyone to be making love.

Xiaogang saw his father doing his wife so hard, and he started to do his mother. Although Chen Fang was ashamed of her son, she knew that she only hoped that it would end soon. Xiaogang rubbed his mother’s vagina with a meat stick. Although he could not see the mother’s vagina, he could feel the mother’s vagina. He felt that his mother’s genitals were compared with his wife Xiaorou. Although there was no softness of Xiaorou’s genitals, his mother’s genitals were very full. Although his penis was not inserted into his mother’s vagina, it was due to the fullness of his mother’s vagina. Almost his entire penis was covered by the mother’s two thick labia, which gave him an unprecedented sense of satisfaction, and Chen Fang felt the way his son’s cock moved, and tried his best to push his lower body to cooperate. The friction of the son.

At this time, when Li Cheng’s meat stick was sliding on his daughter-in-law’s genitals, when he inserted it down, the glans would slide upwards from below Xiaorou’s genitals and close to the anus until the entire penis was attached to the daughter-in-law’s genitals, and then lifted. Lifting up his butt, this is his glans sliding from top to bottom of the soft vagina. He moves back and forth like this. Every time when Xiaogang’s father inserts his penis down, when the glans slides to the vaginal opening, Xiaorou would involuntarily let out a gentle gasp. Xiaogang’s father also felt Xiaorou’s body reaction. When he felt the glans inserted in Xiaorou’s vagina, he would increase his strength to make the glans penetrate deeper. Somewhat, Xiaorou felt her father-in-law’s intention. When Xiaogang’s father tried to insert the glans deeper, Xiaorou would slightly swing her hips, so that Li Cheng was asking about the glans inserted in Xiaorou’s vagina. Divide it down again. Although Xiaorou is trying to avoid the worst scene, she can’t control her body’s reaction. Her vagina is constantly shrinking and expanding, and there is more and more lewd water in the vagina, so her vagina is becoming more and more. lubricating.

Of course, Xiaogang’s father can feel the changes in Xiaorou’s body. He no longer works hard but instead inserts the glans into his daughter-in-law’s vagina, but instead gently squeezes it. Xiaorou feels that her father-in-law is not inserting it into the vagina. I’m not swinging my hips. Xiaogang’s father felt that Xiaorou had put down his defenses, so he adjusted his posture again, and slowly moved the glans close to Xiaorou’s vaginal opening. When he felt that half of the glans had entered the vaginal opening, he turned his mind. Push down firmly. Due to the lubricating effect of the kinky water, Xiaogang’s father’s whole cock was inserted deep into Xiaorou’s vagina. When the cock suddenly entered the warm and humid daughter-in-law’s vagina, he felt as if he had entered another world. Because of the strong stimulation, he almost couldn’t control the ejaculate. He immediately stopped the action, one is to control the desire to ejaculate, and on the other hand, because of the sudden entry, he wants to prevent him from being discovered.

And Xiaorou, when her vagina suddenly entered such a hot meat stick, the sudden entry caught her off guard. Instinctively issued: ah. The voice was very small under her strong control. It is estimated that no one has noticed, but all of this has not escaped the ears of her husband Xiaogang who is doing her mother beside her. Xiaogang knows that his father’s penis has entered the vagina of his wife who was originally a person. Because she saw that the moment her father entered Xiao Rou’s body, Xiao Rou’s hand gripped the bed sheet tightly. Xiaogang watched the movements of his father and his wife, her lower body was still rubbing her mother’s vulva, and her mother’s vulva was getting deeper and deeper into her penis. At this time, his father’s body was stiff, and he felt that his wife, Xiao Rou, who was lying next to him, was also trembling.

After a short stay, Li Cheng faced such a sexy daughter-in-law under him, not to mention that his penis was now inserted in his daughter-in-law’s vagina, so he began to slowly pull out the penis, Xiaorou felt that the father-in-law was pulling out the plug. When she had the penis in her vagina, she thought her father-in-law knew it was wrong, but she did not expect that when her father-in-law’s glans was about to slide out of the vaginal opening, the father-in-law pushed it down again, and the father-in-law’s whole cock was inserted again. Her own vagina. She finally understood that a more crazier thrusting was coming, and this time Li Cheng started a piston movement in her daughter-in-law’s vagina. The frequency of thrusting is not fast, but every time he thrusts into Xiaorou’s vagina as much as possible. Whenever the glans topped her heart, she would bite her lips tightly, not letting herself make any noise, but the instinctive gasp still came out of her nose.

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