What are fake dolls and how to avoid scams?

3 min readAug 26, 2021

What is a fake doll, and who is behind the scam?

There are many small corner factories that produce sex dolls at very attractive prices. Due to lack of sufficient manufacturing equipment and knowledge or cheap and toxic materials for production, they cannot produce good quality sex dolls. For some of them, they intend to produce cheap and low-quality products to maximize profits. Some customers even found metal or sharp objects in these cheap love dolls. Buying these products will harm your body. Some customers paid the original brand price and still got those cheap and poisonous fake dolls. To help you identify these scams, we invite you to read further.

How does the scam work?

In order to survive, these small factories will start by buying hot-selling authentic dolls from original doll manufacturers so that they can steal designs. They copy dolls by making low-quality molds to make replicas or fake dolls. From a visual point of view, a well-made replica may look similar to the original, but you will only feel that something is not quite right. Take Sarah in Kita doll as an example, they all look similar. However, when you start to compare them with each other, you will find that they are different. Compared with real sex dolls, fake ones are obviously not that charming.

From a health perspective, these fake dolls are made of harmful recycled TPE or toxic materials that may cause health problems. They have not passed any quality tests or safety controls. They will ruin your health and life. Therefore, when you want to buy cheap sex dolls, please expect that you will not receive real dolls. Sometimes, you may receive something completely different from the photo. Some fake dolls do not even have a vagina or anal canal.

Where should you avoid buying sex dolls?

We definitely recommend that you avoid buying sex dolls from AliExpress, Alibaba, Ebay or even Amazon. These platforms are full of fake dolls that seduce you at attractive prices. Some AliExpress sellers mix real and fake dolls in order to give positive reviews from the beginning and hide negative reviews to continue the scam. Real premium brands will never list their products on platforms that specialize in selling a large number of the same products with little or no customization possibilities. High-quality brands value customer intimacy, customization, and customer satisfaction. They will always sell their products through suppliers such as My Robot Doll. It is similar to Hermes or Louis Vuitton bags. Normal people will not buy from AliExpress or Ebay unless they are looking for a copy.

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