What are the most popular sex toys

3 min readMay 6, 2021

As a serious and Chongming privacy report, the report shows that 20% of the people who buy adult products for both sexes belong to couple users and 26.2% belong to family users. In other words, there are as many as 46.2 people who have fixed partners and buy couples’ sex toys. %.

This is something that many people never think of. Why is the phenomenon that sex toys are purchased by both sexes? It is also analyzed that a large part of the reason is the progress of contemporary people’s concepts. Their understanding of sex toys is no longer limited to “masturbation”. Supplies”, but gradually realized that adult products for both sexes can be used to assist both sexes in their lives.

Therefore, adult products for both sexes are particularly helpful for promoting the relationship between couples and lovers.

At the same time, another analysis pointed out that among such products, the most popular products are vibrators.

Take the current popular brand ADAM&EVE in adult products for both sexes. The two best vibrators sold by ADAM&EVE are not only the choice of single women, but also the first choice for couples and couples to create a pleasant sex life together.

Through analysis, we can know that this type of adult products for both sexes usually have a softer material design. After all, modern people pursue a realistic feeling, so the choice of material is not sloppy at all. For example, the ADAM&EVE luxury G-spot vibrator and the ADAM&EVE green rabbit ear double-headed G-spot vibrator are made of light and soft silicone.

This material is not only non-toxic and harmless, but also recognized as the most comfortable, safest, and harmless product among adult products for both sexes. Experiments have shown that even if it is accidentally licked with the tongue, it is completely okay. The usual cleaning is also very simple, accompanied by a special detergent for sex toys.

What’s more special is that the adult products of both sexes now adopt a charging design. Generally, after charging for 2–3 hours, they can be used continuously for more than an hour. It can easily meet the needs of different groups of people. The design can be recharged repeatedly and is particularly environmentally friendly.

In addition, ADAM&EVE luxury G-spot vibrator and ADAM&EVE green rabbit ear double-headed G-spot adult products have multiple modes to choose from, providing different sex life experiences for different people. Generally, dual motors are used. The design, this kind of switching between different vibrations, will give people a sense of shock that is very close to the real.

And this kind of adult products for both sexes are small and compact in appearance, very suitable for use out, and suitable for business trips or outings, so that you can be refreshed anytime, anywhere!

What needs to be reminded is that the materials of adult products for both sexes are generally healthy and non-toxic. If you are worried about safety issues and do not understand these, then you should try to choose a formal and large adult products store to buy, so that the quality can be guaranteed.

And there are sex dolls that are very popular recently

She has solved the physical needs of many single men and reduced the crime of rape. There are many types and styles of her. You can choose the body you like. There are good curvy sex dolls, big breast sex dolls with big breasts, and There is a famous brand doll wm doll.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.