What are the ways to restore a sex doll

4 min readSep 15, 2021

The skin of a real doll is the same as human skin and is very fragile. If not properly maintained, it can damage the physical doll. Many customers ask us how to take care of their love dolls, how to keep them clean, or how to repair the dolls to prevent the TPE from being cut or torn. Please refer to the following instructions.

How to properly use TPE adhesive to repair love dolls

Improper use can easily cause cracks, wrinkles or even damage. If a doll’s skin breaks during use, stop using it and repair it with TPE glue.

If our real doll is broken and damaged in a small area, how to repair in this case? If it is a small area of breakage, prepare the TPE glue to the prop to repair so as not to dirty and affect the beauty, and then apply a clean layer of the broken surface evenly at the two cuts. Apply a thin layer of glue, and finally apply it to the surface, and let the glue dry after 30 minutes.

If it is a larger fracture area or if you are not sure, you can contact oksexdoll customer service to return to the factory for repair.

Several ways to use TPE sex dolls

1. When the physical doll arrives, check the packaging, check if the doll is intact and move to a relatively open place to avoid contact with sharp objects.

2. Physical dolls are not troublesome to clean. Remember to take a bath and rub oil once a week.

3. Usually dolls can wipe their bodies with a wet towel if they accidentally run into dirty ones.

4. wig cleaning does not need too vigorous, foam just right.

What are the requirements of the doll storage environment?

Can be used for a long time, to protect the doll, there are specific requirements for the placement environment. Good storage environment can prevent the doll’s inner skin cracking and aging, greatly maintaining the doll’s performance and extending the life of the doll. Avoid direct sunlight, solid dolls exposed to long-term sunlight will make your skin more prone to skin roughness. The surface of the doll is sticky and electrostatic, so it is easy to get dust, avoid dust.

Avoid humid environment, solid dolls are made of alloy material in the inner joints, and the soft rubber surface has a certain degree of water absorption. Avoid the use of dolls placed in water for a long time. Room temperature should not be too high or too low. The doll should not be placed in too high or too low environment for a long time to avoid long-term temperature abnormalities cause gel changes.

What if your sex doll is dirty

As long as the people who have used real dolls know that the cleaning of the doll is not so easy, in this case, if we buy some soft silicone material sex dolls, then how to maintain it? In particular, many people have been worried that love dolls dirty how to do?

Realistic silicone sex dolls

Now many manufacturers are using platinum silicone. These platinum silicone are made of imported raw materials with two-component plus molding vulcanizing agent. It actually has more advantages compared to traditional vulcanizers. For example, it is very environmentally friendly, and for example, it is very hygienic. After the product is made, the product is also more transparent, and the appearance of the love doll looks whiter. Another most important advantage is that it comes with a dustproof function, and a lot of dust does not easily get on it. Then this caused a lot of people to clean. Never mind that much. For lazy people, it’s really good. Adult sex dolls dirty will not have to think about how to deal with these problems.

Full body silicone sex dolls can be disinfected

Of course, if we really do not believe that we encounter such problems, then we might as well clean and disinfect the real life dolls. First, we can use some disinfectant spray to disinfect, or use 95% alcohol. Use medical alcohol to disinfect the venom, after the poison must be cleaned with warm water doll, and wipe the face or guts with a dry towel, let it dry naturally, do not put in the sun, otherwise, it will lead to aging. If we usually do enough in these steps, I believe we will keep the sex dolls very clean.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.