What did the sex doll factory learn about male desires?

3 min readMar 11, 2021

Sex dolls are real human customers

What I learned about male desire from sex dolls. When we look at it carefully and compassionately, male desires are much more complicated than most people think. I picked up rows of heads fixed to the wall, and my first impression was that I was going to the hunting lodge-just those trophies with high gloss lip gloss and provocative hair. Her static eyes have been trained at a medium distance, and only a face that looks like Angelina Jolie remains, which seems to be staring at me. I laughed awkwardly, as if saying “hello”, and then quickly walked away from his lifeless gaze.

Lonely singles spent £1,100 on Janet Jackson’s “like” sex dolls. Scott Pearson, a 53-year-old kitchen porter, said it was difficult to maintain a relationship due to short working hours, but he now prefers the rubber version of Janet Jackson. During the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, a bachelor bought a sex doll for £1,100.

The sex robot is such a real human client that the AI doll becomes his girlfriend. Sex robot experts asked their 50,000 followers what their latest work should be this Halloween-a die-hard fan said it was too realistic, and he hoped it could become a partner. Nowadays, sex robots are so realistic that some people can easily mistake them for living people. AI company shared photos of WM dolls surrounded by Halloween materials. A message in the account said: “What should Nova wear during Halloween?”

Head style of piper doll

But then my guide gave me a surprise, a sex doll with warm eyes and a smile. She said that customers sometimes adjust their faces to suit the facial requirements of their deceased spouse. She waved to me quickly, but I stopped and stared at my head. The sad husband is not what I hope to find here. Maybe I should understand better. I am a news reporter who writes about sex, and my work often complicates stereotyped assumptions about heterosexual men’s sexual behavior.

Of course, when teenagers are watching HBO, I encounter many predictable metaphors, but I find that people more often ignore the appearance of men and have no emotional desires. Whether I’m interviewing men about men’s personal lives or answering readers’ questions in a sex counseling column, I often encounter tenderness, vulnerability and fear. My interviews with Gutdoll’s silicone dolls also prove this, and almost always emphasize the sexuality of straight men.

She is the third doll I have ever played-the other two let me spend Christmas. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have-it’s hard to celebrate today! Despite being called “perverted” by strangers, Scott showed his relationship with TPE dolls online. Sex dolls are no secrets-all my friends and colleagues know these, which is why I post pictures on the Internet and laugh. But I will never show them publicly-if someone touches them, I will feel frustrated. However, some people are very self-righteous and call me an unfair pervert.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.