What is the purpose of buying a realistic sex doll?

4 min readMay 5, 2022


“Sex dolls are just sex tools, right?” Many people think so. Sex dolls are also known as love dolls and are only considered to be dolls that deal with sexual desire. But sex isn’t the only way to use sex dolls. People who enjoy role-playing games or costumes can buy them. Surprisingly, many people buy it for reasons other than sex.

Uses of real sex dolls

The first thing I want to tell you is that the uses for the most realistic sex dolls are endless. In particular, some people use them for purposes other than sexual activity.

Sexual activity

The most typical use is for sexual acts. Arguably, this is the recognised use of erotic dolls. The appeal of realistic sex dolls is that they are women with the ideal body. It has the shape and beautiful appearance that everyone desires.

It can cater for your preferred habits such as Japanese, white, large breasts, small breasts and teenage girls. Above all, the propensity to have sex with Lolita also satisfies the reality of crime and is very appealing.

In addition, most reality dolls have three types of sex: vaginal, anal and oral. It’s safe to say it will satisfy all your needs.

Sex dolls

Role play role play role play has become a popular way to use realistic sex dolls. If you visit websites that sell realistic sex dolls, there are even pictures of sex dolls that have been made into anime role-playing games. You will find many people who like to have their pictures taken with their favourite role-playing games.

There are also women playing sex dolls. Because they are erotic dolls with ideal bodies, it is fun to play the role.

Sex doll photography and

Model photography In some cases, it is used as a model when you want to sell your own clothes and accessories online. In many cases, love dolls look better on the clothes you make than on mannequins, and some people use them instead of mannequins. More women than men shop this way. This can be a surprising use.


together Missing a woman for many years, lonely because she can’t make friends

There are many such people in the world. Such people use realistic sex dolls as sleeping partners to combat loneliness. Everyone has a lonely night, and some people have problems that others can’t talk about. Some people are comfortable sleeping.

Sex doll statues/collections

Although rarely used, mini love dolls are sometimes purchased as figurines. This is called a collection. To be honest, this use of sex dolls is extravagant and rare.

However, some people are fascinated by the beauty of petite sex dolls and purchase them as figurines or collectibles.

Many of the realistic sex dolls are as tall as real women, between 150 cm — 160 cm. Nevertheless, there are still miniature sex dolls that are 100 cm or smaller. She can be placed on a small shelf, making it the perfect sex doll for your collection.

The real reason to buy a real sex doll

Many people would be surprised at how many uses there are for sex dolls. However, once you understand the real reasons for buying realistic sex dolls, you will appreciate the appeal and value of realistic sex dolls.

Is there a psychological reason or illness that prevents you from having sex with the opposite sex? This phenomenon exists. Some people are unable to have sex with the opposite sex or find it difficult to have realistic sex. These people are unable to be around people normally because of trauma and do not want to hurt the opposite sex because of it. So some people buy sex dolls to take away the trauma of loneliness.

People with physical disabilities, for example, are vulnerable to discrimination by normal people, have low self-esteem and do not get along with normal people. They have mobility problems but still have normal sexual desires. They want their desires to be addressed and realistic sex dolls will really help these people.

For example, if a person with a certain disease works with ordinary people, it is easy to transmit the disease to them. And sex dolls are not contagious. This is why realistic sex dolls are very attractive to them.

Will realistic sex dolls heal your heart? Here is an introduction to the use and background of sex dolls. Because of this, there are many uses and reasons to buy them. What many of these parts have in common is that rather than dealing with sexual desire, they deal with the heart. If you too would like to have such a sex partner who will listen to you and keep you company, then get on over to the lovedollshops.com shop, which also has a good selection of anime sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls and large breast sex dolls




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.