What kind of people need to use homemade sex toys

7 min readSep 1, 2021

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Humans have been performing tasks. When we are not curing cancer, addressing global climate change, or fighting for basic human rights, we are busy seeking the best climax that anyone can achieve. We have been doing this for thousands of years, and it seems that things will not change anytime soon. To be honest, if you pay attention, this trend seems to be heading in the opposite direction. The important work we have done as a species has now improved the sex life of the average man, so that outdated sex is no longer suitable for his requirements. mission completed.

The invention of the first synthetic male sex toy was an important part of this natural process, inspired by homemade devices floating around bedrooms around the world. Its creation opened a new stage of human development and debauchery. Fortunately, it prevented many of us from slapping our own happy products together in a dirty kitchen. However, some people still try to make homemade sex toys for men, and it is always fun when they do. After all, it is this ingenuity that allows us to walk out of the darkness.

Unfortunately, too many people still live in the dark age of self-pleasure and couple games, some of whom either don’t have the sexual experience they really desire, or don’t know how to realize their fantasies without causing too much sensation. Brave people continue to create their own toys at home, some of which are actually cool. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not cool to use one of these things without first being properly educated about the pros and cons and choices. So, we are gone.

What are male sex toys?

To put it as simply as possible, a male sex toy is any synthetic or homemade device that can be used for sexual arousal and/or stimulation. These items are particularly beneficial to the penis, glans (ball), perineum and prostate. In fact, sex toys specifically for men often have specialized features and functions, not to mention excellent manufacturing, durable structure and additional safety components to improve user-friendliness or versatility. Unlike past entertainment products, today’s devices are more complex and often enjoyed, without the stigma that existed in the past.

Male sex toys are now available in various shapes and sizes, the size is suitable for every level of experience on earth, and the colors, materials and textures are suitable for all tastes. Gone are the days when you had to make your own sweet surprises at home unless you wanted to. Modern markers have something for everyone, which may be why so many people choose to buy their toys instead of making them themselves. Either way, one thing is still very clear: men want better orgasms and they will send them into hell or orgasm.

Who uses these things?

Everyone has always said that male sex toys are very popular, but this is not always the case for untrained people. Research has revealed the truth about male sexual behavior and habits, but millions of men are still unsure whether it is okay to use tools or toys to twitch in private. Let us clarify the facts once and for all: it is completely natural for a man to masturbate. As long as it is safe and legal, it doesn’t matter what he uses to do it. This is where male sex toys, whether synthetic or homemade, play a role for most modern men (and women, if we are honest).

Unless you look for it, you won’t hear much about these toys, because frankly, they are products for very personal matters, and this is not the kind of thing you talk about at the table. Our business behind closed doors is our business, but it also makes it difficult for us to find information when looking for new things in the market. But no matter how these things are made or chosen, male sex toys are most commonly used for the following purposes:

Pure pleasure

First of all, the purpose of sex toys is to provide the human body with sexual pleasure, so it is not surprising that they are most commonly used for this purpose. In fact, the vast majority of devices on the market today are designed for this goal. Even though we now have a better understanding of the male anatomy and its response to stimuli, there are only a few toys made for any other purpose besides pure and pure fun.

Physical Training

Slowly make the impression of the industry is the existence of the current training unit for endurance. These usually basic devices are our first attempt at fulfilling our collective desire to get better in bed. Their peculiar design and specialized functions help us improve sexual endurance through techniques such as nerve desensitization and forced ejaculation-these two things rarely make homemade toys that can be achieved without causing pain, injury or worse. The most important thing is that some endurance training equipment is equipped with automatic motors to achieve hands-free “learning”, of which Autoblow AI is the most aggressive.


When you want to have fun but you are going to do things with a partner instead of yourself, it is important to bring the right equipment. Male sex toys, whether made in the factory or at home, can greatly enhance the experience of both parties, because they bring new elements to conversation without the need for a third party. This is especially useful when one or more related personnel have inexperience, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety and/or mobility difficulties.


Some men think about very specific things when making love and/or masturbating, but only because we all have our own unique ideas about what feels good and what feels bad. Kink is a well-planned taste and desire that can only be satisfied in extreme or unusual ways. Therefore, using a well-structured male sex toy is usually the best (and only) way to experience this kind of thing, without having to spend money to hire a prostitute or tear your penis into pieces in the process.

Fetish satisfaction

Whether he wants to admit it or not, every wobbler on this planet has one (or two) fetishes. It can range from seemingly harmless things, such as appreciation of the feet, to more intense compulsive behaviors, such as cuckolding and refusal to orgasm. Usually, some kind of sex toy is used to ensure that everything goes according to plan and no one gets hurt. Think about it: Achieving fetishism is a delicate thing, which means it requires patience, perseverance, open mind and a bunch of ass kicking equipment.

Pornography experiment

You don’t have to be a virgin to enjoy some porn research. Hell, even porn stars like to try new things occasionally, so it goes without saying that ordinary people also like spontaneity. Generally, these types of adventures will only begin when synthetic and/or homemade male sex toys are included. Look, it’s one thing to have fantasy, quirks, and fetishes that you want to explore, but it’s another thing to have the proper tools to accomplish all of them.

Sexual relations Any brand or model of sex toys can improve relations in many ways. In fact, the original name of sex toys was “marriage aids”, so it makes sense that they are usually used by couples to enhance play. Today’s market even offers high-tech options with interactive features and motion sensing components to make remote relationships stronger, while supporting face-to-face unions. However, home-made devices can achieve these exact goals through the use of the right hands and/or in the right environment.

Natural curiosity, in the final analysis

Many male sex toys are bought or created because of simple human nature. Our tendency towards the unknown and insatiable curiosity brings us to this point in history. Men who are curious about their body, sexual orientation, or the boundaries that exist in their relationships tend to have the best experience with synthetic and/or homemade pleasure devices. However, this is not to say that men who feel confident and satisfied with their sex life cannot (or don’t) ask questions.

Men (and women) who use sex toys, whether synthetic or homemade, obviously have good reasons to do so. On its own, this fact is the reason the industry has become so large in the past few decades and the taboos surrounding it have long been eliminated. Therefore, regardless of our habits, perversions, and engineering skills (or lack thereof), as long as humans enjoy orgasm, there will always be more room for happy devices. At this point, the only thing we can do is to understand as much as possible the main difference between the two types.

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